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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 17 2011

17 June 2011 at 12:32:48 PM

Some stuff that caught my eye today.

Hotel Soap-neat idea.


Rick Perry to have minor back surgery-one wonders if a little botox will get snuck in for all those wrinkles on his face.

Idiot Senator from Arlington, TX

Silly lawsuit of the day-when a model is NOT photoshopped;)

Ahnod reviled in California. Well, YEAH. He's skeevy. I've seen his movies on Zune and Netflix as suggestions and have been crossing them out of the list. If I never watch anything with his mug in it again, I won't feel I missed anything.

Guess what! School students have FREEDOM OF SPEECH when they post stuff OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL on, say, Myspace or Facebook. It was appalling to read that this was even a lawsuit in the first place.

In the majority opinions for Layshock v. Hermitage School District and J.S. v. Blue Mountain School District — two simultaneous opinions filed by the entire Third Circuit in Pennsylvania — the judges held that administrators are limited in their ability to restrict student speech that occurs outside of school.

The Third Circuit becomes the highest court in the nation to draw a clear line establishing what school districts are legally permitted to do to control student expression on the Internet.

Advocates for student free speech said the rulings were among the most significant to come down in recent years.

“‘Landmark’ is the only word that can be used to describe these rulings,” said Adam Goldstein, attorney advocate for the Student Press Law Center. “The school districts here were arguing that being a student is an impediment to your civil rights, no matter where you are. Today, the Third Circuit stood up and told them ‘there’s a line, and you’ve crossed it.’”

Would you really want smaller nuclear reactors in more places, buried in the ground???? :)

What exactly does it mean, besides teacher cuts, that teachers would have *furloughs?* Is that a euphemism for going part time so that full time benefits don't have to be paid? Who watches the children when the teachers are on *furlough?*


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1 - charley   17 Jun 2011 @ 7:02:26 PM 

Thanks be to Chris for having the courage to stand up to an obvious partisan, paid political hack. The speaker was trying to illustrate his point, but it is wrong to make a mockery of our legislative process to show off his position. If the man can speak English he should do it! I certainly would not expect Mexican courts to humor me, if, after many years in their country I didn't address their legislature in their native Spanish. 

2 - salon   17 Jun 2011 @ 9:16:03 PM 

Whether the man is a political hack or not isn't the point. I suspect a lot of people who testfiy before various Texas Legislature committees are hacks (at least the ones who do it publicly and not in the hallway or behind closed doors). Here is the Ft Worth Star-Telegram on that.

At one point, a man with the Austin Immigrants' Rights Coalition testified in Spanish with someone else translating his comments into English. The man mentioned he came to America in 1988. After about 2 minutes, Sen. Chris Harris, R-Arlington, interrupted him.

"Why aren't you speaking in English?" Harris asked.

The man, clearly flustered, explained that he was more comfortable testifying in Spanish, his first langauge, since it was his first time delivering testimony.

"it's insulting to us," Harris said. "It is very insulting. If he knows English, he needs to be speaking in English."

Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, was quick to add in that, just like witnesses, "Senators are also entitled to speak their personal point of view and may not be speaking for everybody as well."

The man finished his remarks in Spanish.

So far as I know, English is not the official language of the US, nor of Texas. The man brought a translator so it's not as if the senators weren't able to understand what he was saying. If the man felt more comfortable speaking in Spanish, who cares? I am not aware of any rule at the Texas Legislature for either body that requires that testimony can only be given in English.  The man giving testimony might be hampered if the translator doesn't fully express his sentiments, but that's the option that man is taking. Harris overreached and it was completely unnecessary. (On a related note, I've read lots of immigrant stories where parents and grandparents continued to speak their native tongue and some never learned English despite living here for years-that would be German, Polish, etc-the children were more quick to learn and assimilate the language. I think it's a shame that then so many children lost their bilingual skills.)

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
3 - pharper   17 Jun 2011 @ 9:37:15 PM 

There is a United States Marine Corps billboard headed South from Fort Worth to Granbury. It is in Spanish ONLY, maybe the gripers should start with the Marines, who seem to think it is ok to speak Spanish when recruiting people to defend our country.

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4 - humanbeing   17 Jun 2011 @ 10:38:46 PM 

In my few trips outside the country, I've always been impressed with how many from other countries speak our language and embarassed that so few Americans can speak theirs.

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