Jerry Jacene of Kingsport, TN -Where Is He Now? (March 2011)-Updated March 25 Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

He Just MAY Be in Glen Rose With a Backhoe!

Jerry Jacene of Kingsport, TN -Where Is He Now? (March 2011)-Updated March 25

19 March 2011 at 12:39:25 PM

I haven't read any local news at all since January 1st (taking a much needed mental break from sludge), but wondered the other day whatever happened to Jerry Jacene, unofficial paleontologist (as am I). When last I looked, Jacene, after getting free rent and subsidies to move his museum from one location to another, said goodbye to the freebies and was packing up.

What happened to his museum? An association in Kingsport were going to buy all of  his exhibits, including a T-Rex dinosaur. Well, they were going to, until they, ooops, found out that the T-Rex dinosaur exhibit is part of a federal lawsuit. One company that deals with fossils apparently lent another company some specimens. The lawsuit claims that the second company took castings of the fossils without permission, including the T-Rex skeleton.. and Jacene must somehow have purchased one of those allegedly unauthorized castings. Here's more from the Rapid City Journal which article says that the castings were sold to at least 5 other museums, including, apparently, Jerry Jacene's.  It's not clear to me if the museum association in Kingsport bought all of Jacene's exhibits except the T-Rex.

So where is Mr Jacene? Could be that he's here in Glen Rose with a backhoe! 

Dinosaur Dig - Glen Rose Texas - March 19-26, 2011
More on the dinosaur tracks found at Glen Rose, Texas In the quarry, behind the Comfort Inn, in Glen Rose, TX, three sets of tracks were found in the mud turned to rock. They were going different directions so Jerry Jacene said that this must have been a “prehistoric intersection.”
“The first set of tracks had three toes and claws that belonged to a meat eater.” Jacene said. Jacene believes that these tracks were made by the predatory Acrocanthosaurus.
Another track looked like a big round mud hole. It was made by a Sauropod, a four-legged vegetable eater with a long neck and long tail, Jacene said.
The other track appeared to have been made by an Iguanadon, a large, plant eating dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period.
Source: Glen Rose Reporter, October 20, 2010
We have been invited to join Paleontologist Jerry Jacene to help uncover dinosaur tracks found in Glen Rose, Texas. He plans to have a backhoe take off dirt down to within 4-5 feet of the rock and uncover the rest by hand.
That’s where we come in.
Imagine being the first person seeing a dinosaur track, they say was made millions of years ago.

Update: I noticed an article in the Central News Now  about Jacene and Glen Rose, written by Britney Glaser. Jacene is apparently still not telling people that neither Make A Wish nor the little girl's parents knew he was coming to Glen Rose; he continues to infer that he was in Glen Rose at the behest of the Make A Wish foundation. Also, his story has changed about how he found the tracks. In the article in the Glen Rose Reporter, he said that he went out and explored and THEN told the Comfort Inn Manager.

"I was walking around there and I found those tracks and I'm looking for a sign to explain the site", Jacene said. Soemone's got to know about this". Jacene went into the hotel wher ehe was staying and found Nirav "Nick" Patel, the general manager. "What do you know about these dinosaur tracks back here?" Jacene asked. "Are you kidding me?" Patel responded.

But in this story, he said.

Jacene chose to stay at Comfort Inn & Suites, which has a cliff and creek bed directly behind its property.  Looking out his window, Jacene got a hunch about what could be lurking on this land.  "What I did," says Jacene, "is when I talked to the front desk, I asked if I could come back here and look around."

What Jacene found was a paleontologist's dream.  "They're dated about 110 million," says Jacene, "give or take a week or two!"

Why the difference? Might be because, when Jacene found out that someone else, Lance Hall, was saying that he had discovered the dinosaur tracks previously, he accused Hall of trespassing, which he himself had done.

Jacene has a charmed life. Not a degreed paleontologist, but as much of one as I am, he got the city of Kingsport to subsidize him and his failing museum for a year, and then, when the rent ran out, gosh, here he is in Glen Rose, with some varying stories that don't match.

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1 - LanceHall   21 Mar 2011 @ 9:06:44 PM 

I find it sad that no local paleontological or university group is involved initially.   Jacene stated to me he was gonna get local paleo and univeristy groups involved, maybe later I hope.  Instead, he has to coax an out-of-state "gem and mineral" group 540 miles to be the first to break dirt.  I just hope they know what they are doing.  I would think some of them have some excavation experience though. 

I'm slightly uncomfortable hearing about letting the general public wack away at the dirt above the tracks.   I hope the people that show up to "Dig for Dinosaurs" as it was advertised realize they are really just there to remove excess dirt. 

I suspect the tracks actually start in the softer clay layer ABOVE the harder layer.  The harder layer would be what's called an "underprint", like an old-fashioned carbon copy.  If that's the case then that's something that needs slow and thorough excavation.   

One of our senior Dallas Paleo folk said he may come down briefly to "gawk at the spectacle".

Dr. James O. Farlow will be down here in May with his students to do some study so that'll be the first time a real paleontologist has visited the site.  :-)



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2 - Danielle   20 Jul 2011 @ 8:43:57 AM 

The Kingsport Museum Association bought most of the exhibits that Jerry "owned". We did not buy the so called fort peck rex, as it was illegally casted by Jerry himself.

The Mystery of Natural History Mueseum is now in the buliding, with more exhibits and even living animals. The musuem is expanding as well.

3 - salon   20 Jul 2011 @ 8:52:58 AM 

Yup, that's what it says in 2nd paragraph, that the Kingsport Museum association WAS going to buy it until they found out it was the focus of a lawsuit.

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4 - salon   20 Jul 2011 @ 8:57:04 AM 

Here in Glen Rose, the Profit Machine is gearing up.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
5 - lancehall   4 Aug 2012 @ 1:49:08 PM 

I've heard from an online source that Jerry is gonna build a new musem in GR which was predicted here last year.  I've had interesting messages from two separate people regarding Jerry and the museum. 

From source 1: 
" ***** was hunting with Mike this spring (At "my" spot), and he found a Pteronodon wing.  Mike told ***** that he couldn't keep it, and he would take it and donate it to the museum his friend is working on down in Texas.  I'm guessing Mike and the "self taught palentologist" are starting a museum. 

From source 2:
"  Yep I ran into Jerry out in Glendive Montana, he had attached himself to a local museum.  I found that he and they were still sneaking into ranches where they had been banned.   That is when I saw his true nature.  I was actually going to help him and local museum but encountered their deceitful opperating methods and just did not help any longer. "


Latest Blog Post by lancehall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
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