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Texas sonogram bill shows its true color

7 March 2011 at 8:38:08 PM

by Peter Stern

Okay, so we now see how quickly state legislators can move idiotic bills like the anti-abortion bill through the House and Senate.

Now, we should query why the heck they can't do the same thing with the REAL and urgent issues. Guess the real reason is that they just don't want to. Why else would our problems continue beyond a decade without any significant positive change.

Back in high school during the 1960's we had a word for these types of "do-littles". We called useless people "hooples". It's not dirty name-calling, but it makes the point rather well, even now.

Guess it must be more fun to drool and salivate over a bill that will change absolutely nothing except to intimidate young women who are considering abortions. Abortions that in REALITY concern no one but themselves and their families.

However, our "hands-off Texas, Obama" legislators have absotively NO PROBLEM whatsoever to stick their collective irrational and special interest powered proboscises intrusively into the daily lives of the average woman and man, like a bull ravaging in a China shop. And I say that if Texas legislators continue to play this double-edge sword, then Obama should come down to Texas and go for it. Him and his Washington "hoople" Democrats should come on down and screw with us the way our legislators are screwing with our personal lives.

Voters allow legislators to do so since these self-important, almost useless, bureaucrats get reelected again and again.

 So, c'mon Texas legislative "hooples," why don't you do something to really help us?  In fact, what have you done for us lately???


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1 - Louis   11 Mar 2011 @ 7:53:20 PM 

I would think that those who are “pro-choice” would support a bill that requires a woman to have more information before making her choice.  And I fail to understand how this bill serves to “intimidate” young women, unless they would be intimidated when they realize that what some call a fetus is really a baby with a heartbeat.  It seems that any bill that attempts to save human life has some merit regardless of the motives of those who passed it. 

2 - humanbeing   12 Mar 2011 @ 8:42:48 AM 

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is the solution to the problem. The information a girl or woman needs to have in order to make this devastating choice usually is based more upon what that person's ability to provide for this unwanted child for the next twenty years might be, not what the fetus might look like.

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3 - republican platform   13 Mar 2011 @ 12:42:23 AM 

Shouldn't the father of the child required to be present at the sonogram?  If all life is sacred, shouldn't we outlaw the death penalty?

4 - humanbeing   13 Mar 2011 @ 8:09:12 AM 

...only if he promises to have a vasectomy first.

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5 - pstern   13 Mar 2011 @ 1:21:46 PM 

What you fail to realize is that it is NOT the government's job to tell us what to do.

Gov. Perry and Texas legislators don't want Obama to tell them/us what to do here in Texas.  I agree with that.

HOWEVER, by the same grace it is NOT up to Perry and legislators to intrude into our daily lives no matter what THEY may believe is right for the majority.  They do NOT have the right to tell us what to do.

That is across the board on ALL issues.

Regarding the issue of this sonogram bill, women and/or men do need to be educated regarding what an abortion actually is and what it does to the mother and fetus; however; this bill is NOT an education.  It is an infringement on our rights as free citizens.

It is a bill that bullies people to bow down before the whim of the government and the religious right and other anti-abortionists. 

While I am not a pro-abortionist per se, I respect the right of individuals to determine their own direction with the help of their families, doctors and if they opt for it, their church leaders.

Government needs to stay out of our daily lives.  I thought THAT was a major platform of the GOP???


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6 - silenceisgolden   13 Mar 2011 @ 10:05:54 PM 

Our government has done nothing but to make our lives worse off than what they were.  We have to deal with the high gas prices and our imsurance going up do to the Medical Reform or whatever it is.  I can say for myself that the medical reform has and is going to make my life miserable.  Because now if you are over weight, smoke, have high blood pressure, etc.  my insurance carrier is going to raise my health insurance rates in 2012.  Which that sucks for everyone that I work with.  It's not right that the government can do what they do and sit back a enjoy all the mess they have created.  I think that they should have to be like me and worry if Social Security is still going to be around when I get to retire.  Whenever that might be, which looks like never at the rate it's all  going.

As for the sonograms.  The GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES and stop telling everyone what they should or shouldn't do.  It should be the womans choice to have or not to have an abortion.  The dads should have been wearing a condom in the first place.  All the crap started with the shot that now all girls are requred to have, whatever.  Mine is not getting it because our government says so.  Our government should be doing all this stuff that they are saying we have to do.

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7 - humanbeing   14 Mar 2011 @ 8:31:35 AM 

Silence, it's not the government nor it's recent failed attempt at health insurance reform that is making health coverage impossibly unaffordable. It's the five or so private mega-corporations who control all our private insurance and whose primary agenda is to make money for its investors. America is the only developed democracy in the world that allows for-profit corporations to control health care for its citizens. Wall Street controls your health care, not the government, unless you have Medicare or Military coverage.

The other part of the problem, of course, is that these corporations plow mult-millions of dollars into buying off our legislators.

Government run health care, which by the way is already around 60% of existing plans with medicare and military, spends 6% on administration of their plans while private companies are much less efficient, requiring 30% of your premium dollars just for administration of your plan.

Give me a universal, public option like medicare any old day over what I now have.

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8 - pstern   14 Mar 2011 @ 10:22:35 AM 

HB, while I agree with your assessment on the big health care companies, government also has a hand in this due to ongoing cutting of Medicaid and other social services for the poor and also by taking a pro-illegal immigrant stance, both of which increase the costs of medical and health services for Americans who are paying the highest costs of health care in the world.

Regarding Medicare.  While it is a faily good system, don't forget that Medicare onlys pay 80 percent of total costs, which may be catastrophic for patients who have long hospital stays and/or extensive procedures.  Anyone having Medicare is foolish if they rely solely on this plan.  It is very prudent to also buy a secondary or supplementary health care plan so that generally 100 percent of all medical and health services approved by Medicare are paid for.

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9 - curious   15 Mar 2011 @ 4:04:54 PM 

Let’s see, what is next? Perhaps having men sit through all those sonograms before they have a vasectomy? We certainly don't want to deter sperm that might result in a baby. And this bill is declared an "Emergency"? 

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10 - pstern   15 Mar 2011 @ 4:35:40 PM 

Well, it's also like that idiot Perry wanted ALL young women to get the HPV vaccine.  There is no proof that the vaccine works on all women or that it is needed by all women.


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