GR city employee (in city truck) intentionally runs over my 2y/o sons dog and kills herSomervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

GR city employee kills dog

GR city employee (in city truck) intentionally runs over my 2y/o sons dog and kills her

16 January 2011 at 9:04:02 PM


I give no disclaimer… This is what it is!

A city employee (in the city truck) deliberately ran over and killed my 2 year old son’s dog!

Friday night/Saturday morning about 1 am, Greg was bringing in Beckie, who is a sweet and harmless, 18 year old dog who's almost blind/deaf and all the dogs got out of the fence and ran off. Greg went looking but couldn’t find them; the two other dogs returned, but she did not.  So Greg started looking for her again about 8am Saturday morning.  Our neighbor who was downtown called me about 9am and asked me if our dog was out? I told her yes, and that Greg was out looking for her now.  She told me that Beckie was at the courthouse; so I told Greg to go there.  A few minutes later my neighbor called me again and said to tell Greg to come towards the bridge and that it was not good.  I called Greg and he drove up there.  Our (husband and wife) neighbors, who are very good honest Christians, were there with our son’s dog who’d been ran over.  They said they’d stopped to help catch her so Greg could come pick her up and that a city truck drove up and Beckie was walking in front of the city truck and the truck slowed down and appeared like he was about to stop and then gunned it and ran over our son's sweet old dog and then he sped away really fast.  Two other extremely distraught ladies witnessed this act as well. Yes, she was out, but that doesn’t give a city employee the right to do this.  He should be here to help, not hurt or destroy the situation.  I’m sure this will be “swept” under the carpet… but no, not with me it will NOT be!!! I will do everything that I can ~ I will not just walk away! I will go all the way to the top and above if something is not done! This is nooooooot going away… We are radial animal rights activists and an “Oooooops, I am soooo sorry” will NOT be ok with us!!!!! Even if they offer that, which I don’t think he/city will even do!!  Our 2 year old has asked several times where his dog is… SOOOOO, you just thought I was a pain in your neck about Oakdale...



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1 - humanbeing   16 Jan 2011 @ 10:49:03 PM 

I'm so sorry about your precious dog. I know this is devastating for your family. I do hope this was some kind of terrible accident and not an intentional thing. Perhaps the driver killed your dog by accident but couldn't face up to it once he or she realized what had happened and fled the scene. I don't know.

Surely this person will contact you and try to make amends by taking responsibility for this mistake.

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2 - silenceisgolden   17 Jan 2011 @ 12:08:38 AM 

I am so sorry about this.  I know that your family is in alot of pain.  We were told of this Saturday afternoon by my son and his girlfriend, which is your cousin.  We saw the after effects when the 2 witness's were stoped and the patrol car and saw your dog.  My heart sank.  We will keep your family in our prayers.

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3 - pharper   18 Jan 2011 @ 3:58:13 PM 

hold the city of glen rose accountable!!!

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4 - GR resident   19 Jan 2011 @ 2:03:40 PM 

I am so sorry about your dog and how it happened!! Another sad example of why GR needs to do a good house cleaning and replace many with  strong dedicated leaders/employees  more so than the "good ole boy/girl/friend/family" system. There is no integrity, honestly, nor true committment to do what is best for GR. Laws/rules/regulations just doesn't seem to be even considered here and definitely are applied only if it helps one city employee or elected official and is convenient at the time. Where did this "we are above the law or do as I please" attitude come from?  It may destroy this town before eyes are opened and belts tighten for doing what is truly right - legally and morally.

 When you work for a city, county and/or school, the job requires a strong sense of "service" to help the city/county/school  meet the needs and to provide a quality product. It is not a "me" type job but many only focus on getting a paycheck with no pride in what they do. Hopefully and sadly, there should be one more GR city employee looking for a new job effectively immediately. Hold them accountable.

5 - Somervell Resident   29 Jan 2011 @ 2:17:48 AM 

I would most definetly have to agree with "GR resident" in saying that this city/county could use some good house cleaning!!! I have recently herd that the "SHERIFF" has been involved in some illegal fishing (no evidence or proof to back it up YET) and has also been witnessed at a local bar, that has since been shut down, hanging out and drinking with individuals that have a history of drug use and other not so savory bits of history in their past! I ask you, is this the type of person we want running our law enforcement agency?

6 - Also Somervell Resident   1 Feb 2011 @ 5:17:55 PM 

Are you really bashing the "SHERIFF",  can you not recall the absolute disaster of a sheriff's department it was before he took it over, I have nothing but good things to say about our current "SHERIFF" and our currnet Sheriff's Department.  As for the fishing, well, what exactly is illegal fishing, and why would you post it if you really do not know if he was doing it or not?  Now, let us speak of the hanging out and drinking at a bar with these horrible individuals, when you say history of drug use, do you mean last week or 10 years ago?  I know most of the people Mr.Doyle hangs out with, and for the most part I would say they are local business people and large contributor's to the community, and don't most people have some sort of not so savory bits of history in their past. My hat is off to you Mr.Doyle I think you are doing a great job and I will vote for you if you run again. I think you are absolutely the kind of open minded, non-hipocritical, non-judgemental person running our local law enforcement.    Thank You,  

7 - Also Somervell Resident   1 Feb 2011 @ 6:04:16 PM 

Are you really bashing the Sheriff, does anyone recall the absolute disaster of a department it was before he took over? I think Mr. Doyle has done a great job in cleaning that place up. What exactly is illegal fishing, and why would you post something like that without knowing if it was even true? As for the hanging out with people with a history of drug use, were they using last week or 10 years ago, or is that one you really don't have proof of either? Do you have a perfect past, do we not all have some sort of un-savory bits of history in our past, and again is it last week past, or 10 year ago past, people do change. You kind of people wear me out, that is a mighty tall horse you're sitting on looking down at everyone(JUDGING)!! I have seen Mr. Doyle on several occasions around the community, golf course, etc. and most of the people I see him hanging out with are local business people, and for the most part, large contributors to the community. I did not realize that being a Sheriff meant you could not drink a beer. I think Mr. Doyle is exactly the kind of non-hypocritical, non-judgemental, open minded kind of person we need running our local law enforcement agency, and would like to see more people like him run for more positions in public office. My hat is off to you Mr. Doyle, I will certainly vote for you again, if you so choose to run.

8 - Concerned Citizen   4 Feb 2011 @ 4:37:59 AM 

I was intrigued by the 'Somervell Resident' comment. But was quite humoured with the response by the 'Also Somervell Resident' . Very interesting topic of discusion, even though it has little to do with this post. I think more "Resident's" need to voice thier opinions about our current elected official. Even though there is currently no substantial evidence against the Sheriff for those allegations, it still makes me wonder what is really going on in this community sometimes. Remember that Sheriff Greg Doyle is an elected official who relies on votes. He's just another politician who puts on a good smile and waves at all the ingnorant citizens passing by, who just won't give the man a second thought. I too have heard about the issues that the 'Somervell Resident' mentioned, from more than one person. A professional is expected to abide by the code of ethics of the field. I'm not sure if drinking with known criminals meets the "code of ethics". What does "Judging" have to do with any of this? Come on. Get out of your fantasy world, where the the grass is green, where children are playing in sprinklers, and everything is just as savory as can be. And I don't think the 'Somervell Resident' is saying that drinking is bad. You're missing the point. A concern I have with the Sheriff's Office, along with several of my friends and other resident's (word of mouth), is that many times there is one only officer on patrol after late hours. I called the Sheriff's Office not too long ago, requesting thier help one night, only to be told "Well, we only have one officer on and he's tied up on another call and when he's finished, I'll have him respond to your place". That's comforting to know. Of course I can't fault the officer for that and I'm not. Again, I wish more people would voice thier concerns. For the life of me, I don't see how "Mr. Doyle" has made it this far. Maybe he's running with the "known criminals". But wait, I don't know if that's true or not. So I should keep it to myself and stop "bashing" ; )

9 - Also Concerned Citizen   4 Feb 2011 @ 11:11:23 AM 

I do not comment much, but i have to on this one. I have been here a long time and this is by far the best our Sheriff's office has ever been. Greg is a great guy and cares about what is going on. He donates his time to the community and for him to be "bashed" based on hear say is ridiculous. I agree with Also Somervell Resident that it is easy to judge and until we have walked a day in someone's shoes, we should assume the best in people, NOT the worst (hear say). I also say, that if someone has an issue with a public official that they should not post anonymously, but confront our elected officials, not THAT is accountability. I DO know how Mr. Doyle has made it this far, because the real citizens of this community do not live on "hear say" and we base things on the job done and how good the person is. As for your comment about "ignorant citizens", not all citizens are ignorant, just the judgemental ones.

10 - You must be a Baptist   5 Feb 2011 @ 8:49:53 AM 

I have never posted on here, but this talk about “SHERIFF” has really gotten under my skin.  First of all, why is it in quotation marks?  He IS in fact the Sheriff.  He IS an elected official, people DO vote for him.  I think many of your time would be better spent coming up with a solution to what you see as a problem, than sitting around discussing the Sheriff’s violation of the “code of ethics”.  Speaking of “code of ethics”, did you write these?  Is drinking against them?  Is hanging out with less than perfect individuals a violation in YOUR rules?  I would be willing to bet that your friends are less than ideal.  I mean if we’re going to crucify Sheriff for having a drink, then we should ban all teachers, doctors, nurses, police, basically anyone with a job from any place that sells alcohol. This self righteous, more holy than thou attitudes by some “concerned” residents/citizens has got to go.  Take a break from the computer, gossip monger.  Go be a part of the community.  Go to ANY event, you’ll see Sheriff there.  Visit with him, get to know him, I promise your attitudes will soon change. 


As for the “only one officer on duty”, let’s check with the newly elected county judge on distribution of funds and see if we can spare some money from the hospital and give us more deputies at night. 

11 - Somervell Resident   6 Feb 2011 @ 12:50:50 AM  I would like to apologize to Trena for railroading off of her topic and say that I also feel that the city employee responsible should answer for his actions! As for the topic of the Sheriff, I have to wonder on what basis is the opinion of the current Sheriff's administration being the best in a long time based on? Is it because you see him out shaking hands or at events or playing golf??? How do those things make you a good Sheriff? Yes that may very well may play a part in communicating with the residents but I think more time should be devoted to actually upholding the laws that he is sworn to uphold! I also have to wonder how much you really know about what goes on or how that administration is actually ran? After this conversation began I made contact with one of the Deputies that has since taken up employment with a different agency and asked them if they would post on here so that we can get information first hand from someone that has seen it for what it is. I can tell you that the ex Deputy made it very clear to me that Roger Hill was much more interested in the Deputies doing there job even when the general public (citizens of GR) was concerned and that on more than one occasion it was made clear by the current Sheriff and his admin staff that they were more concerned about being voted back into office! And no I did not right the code of ethics nor do I pretend to believe that I am better than the Sheriff by any means, my point was only that as the Sheriff, Greg Doyle as well as the employees under his direction should be held to a higher standard than the general public!!! Other than possibly being a liitle too strict with the letter of the law at times I can't recall ever hearing about Roger Hill or Steve Prichett being out at a bar carrying on or not being interested in the job being down without regard for "Losing Votes"!! But I will give you that each individual interprets things differently, I personally would rather have a Sheriff that made less appearances or did less hand shaking as long as they were a bit more interested in the job being done as it should be!!

12 - Concerned Citizen   9 Feb 2011 @ 11:47:53 PM 

Is it blasphemy to speak negatively of Greg Doyle and/or the Sheriff's Office in this county? As if I was trying to bring down God almighty in some form or fashion. For your information, I have visited with Greg Doyle at events around town. And I am active in the community. But I do not care for the man, obviously. Nor do I believe the Sheriff's Office is acting out their roles and responsibilities as they should be. Such as giving "verbal warnings" to people speeding over and over again. I mean how many "verbal warnings" are you going to give someone. I certainly do not have a problem with cutting someone a break every now and then, but come on guys. It seems like everyone in this town knows they can get away with speeding and running stop signs, even when Deputies are right there observing it. And if they do get stopped, they'll just get a "verbal warning". I know someone who was recently pulled over for driving over 60mph through town, only to be given another one of those "verbal warnings" by a Sgt. Steven Gibson. I would like to see the radar detectors installed in their fancy Dodge Chargers put to some better use than giving out "verbal warnings". Remember that we as taxpayers help provide the equipment for the Sheriff's Office. I truly believe its being run by the Three Stooges on a black and white, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. So, how is this for fun? Sheriff Greg Doyle as; Curly Howard, Chief Darrell McCravey as; Moe Howard, and Detective Tony Yocam (Detector of young married women) as; Larry Fine. I would say that Greg Doyle among the others mentioned have truly underserved good reputations in this community. And I do believe they are hiding some evil behavior behind that veneer of a good reputation, and that veneer needs to be stripped away to protect society.

13 - Also Concerned Citizen   14 Feb 2011 @ 9:20:36 AM 

It is what it is. I am glad that concerned citizen has not been made the "judge of good people" in Somervell County because they just named 3 great people and called them the Three Stooges???? Sad, sad, sad. Luckily i know a great majority of the community and i would say that 90% of the community thinks a great deal of these people and i agree. I don't really know anyone that has ever spend time with Mr. Doyle and not liked him, so that is easy to figure out that he is not the problem. Keep doing a great job Greg,Darrell, and Tony, you guys have the support of 90% of the community, and just remember that some people cannot be made happy.

14 - Somervell Resident   17 Feb 2011 @ 5:34:01 PM  Well obviously some people are oblivious to the problems in the way the Sheriff's Department is ran and somehow just being a "Good Person" qualifies you as being a good Sheriff! As I have said before each person is entitled to his or her own opinion! However I can not count the number of times I have heard statements about how the youth of this town, and some adults for that matter, think that the deputies are a joke and won't do anything to you if they catch you speeding thru town and who knows what other subject matter they apply that to! As I have stated, it is my opinion that this community deserves a fair but strict law enforcement agency! And I can't help but think that if ever "also concerned citizen" or any of his "90%" ever has there house or some sort of personal property vandalized or stolen by some local kids and all that they get is a slap on the wrist (so that there parents will still vote for them)that they may change their way of thinking slightly! So I would strongly encourage all of the residents of this city/county to actually attempt to truly find out what goes on and how things are handled and base your opinions on that instead of just saying "I have met him and he is a good guy"! I welcome the next election and I truly hope that there will be other candidates to choose from! So hide in your little bubble and go on believing that all is well and in the mean time I will be out here living in the real world where I truly believe there is room for much needed change!

15 - humanbeing   17 Feb 2011 @ 9:18:23 PM 

I've lived here for almost 27 years and have nothing but respect and high regard for our Sheriff's Department and its staff. Maybe I'm 'oblivious' to internal problems (and what work place doesn't have problems?) but what i know is this: on the occasions I've had to call them, they've been there to help and support me.

I can certainly imagine that it might be a difficult call, as a law officer, when it comes to youthful shenanigans and a decision as to how hard the punishment should be. Perhaps the parents should be paying more attention to what their children are doing?

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16 - Also Concerned Citizen   18 Feb 2011 @ 7:50:37 AM 

Very well said humanbeing. No place is perfect, but i would hope that "somervell resident" and "concerned citizen" would look around at communities around us and see that we are much better than surrounding areas when it comes to crime rate, etc. I think some things come down to budget. It is simple, we pay for the best teachers in this district and therefore we have great schools. Has anyone bothered to look at the Sheriff's office budget? They don't get enought to work with, a starting deputy is in the low 30K range. Would you do it for that? Thanks to all those guys and their families for risking their well-being to protect us, and doing it with very little benefit. You get what you pay for. I also notice when i go to other areas that their police cars are nicer, newer, etc. I even saw a new camaro in San Antonio for their Sheriff to drive. I commend our Sheriff and his people for doing the best with what they have to work with. And yes, my bubble, says to go easier on the locals (for speeding, etc./non-serious crimes) because we all live in a small town to have a family/everyone know everyone/friendly atmosphere. So the Sheriff is a GREAT guy, and does a great JOB. thanks for everything.

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