Top 50 Posts of 2010 for Year- Somervell County Salon Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Top 50 Posts of 2010 for Year- Somervell County Salon

27 December 2010 at 9:00:26 AM

1. Review: 2010 GOP Primary --- Propositions (2/3/2010(11432)

 2. Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 2 2010 (7/2/2010(4623)

 3. Hooters Not a Topless Joint-So It's A-Ok for City Employees To Eat There On the Glen Rose City's Dime (7/25/2010(2412)

 4. Hooters! Eating Out on the Taxpayers of City of Glen Rose's dime (7/9/2010(2037)

 5. Ew! Moose Whitfield, in Charge of Oakdale Park, Has a Criminal Record That Includes Exposing Himself - August 2010 (8/20/2010(1827)

 6. Pecan Plantation- CR 1174 or FM 1120- UPDATE there WAS a gas pipeline explosion in Hood/Somervell/Johnson line today (June 7 2010) (6/7/2010(1674)

 7. *Fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections* (8/4/2010(1621)

 8. Congress Gives Itself a Raise (1/3/2010(1406)

 9. Election Results for Somervell County Democratic Party Primary (3/2/2010(1364)

 10. Energy Future Holdings- Leveraged Buyout and Junk Bonds Performance (May 2010) (5/29/2010(1358)

 11. Interesting Texas Government Salary Database from Texas Tribune (2/20/2010(1352)

 12. Why Texas Governor Rick Perry is NOT the choice of most Texas voters (6/18/2010(1346)

 13. Video-City of Glen Rose and Darrell Webb- Chris Bryant Motion to Fire Webb (6/15/2010(1238)

 14. Kip Averitt (Texas SD 22) Campaign Contributions from January 2010 Report (1/30/2010(1227)

 15. Texas Governor Rick Perry is a Scoundrel, Liar and Coward (9/4/2010(1207)

 16. Dwain *Moose* Whitfield Has Been Fired - October 8 2010 (10/8/2010(1206)

 17. Judge Reinhardt's Dissent On the Under God Pledge Decision- Historical Background Of the Pledge (3/14/2010(1185)

 18. Michael Sneed of the Somervell Expo Center's Indictment (1/22/2010(1183)

 19. 10th Court of Appeals Rules Against Joelle Ogletree's Appeal (Glen Rose) (February 2010) (2/11/2010(1161)

 20. Texas May 2010 Special Election for Senate District 22 - David Sibley-Brian Birdwell RUNOFF (5/8/2010(1150)

 21. Somervell County Firefighter believes that he is allowed to park in Fire Lane while he exercises (6/8/2010(1115)

 22. Election Results for Somervell County Republican Party Primary (3/2/2010(1099)

 23. Only Glen Rose ISD Has Partisan Prayer To Start Their Board Meetings-No Other Local Government Entities Do That (2/10/2010(1089)

 24. Certified Firefighter, among others, parking in Fire Lane at GRISD (5/31/2010(1085)

 25. More on Community Hospital Corporation that Somervell County Hospital Authority Board Went With (March 2010) (3/2/2010(1079)

 26. Video- You Can Lie On Your Job Application and Be a Supervisor at Glen Rose, Texas-The Mayor and 2 Councilmen say so! (8/26/2010(1073)

 27. Tech Info on the Nuclear Power US-APWR-The One Comanche Peak Would Propose to Use (1/9/2010(1019)

 28. Ryan Isham of Rainbow Killed in Rollover Accident in Stephenville (3/28/2010(1002)

 29. Video-Jaw Dropper-Air Evac Glen Rose Wants To Make Memberships MANDATORY for all Glen Rose Citizens (Feb 2010) (2/23/2010(992)

 30. Walkthrough at Oakdale Park by Glen Rose City Council and Interested Parties-January 2 2009 (1/4/2010(983)

 31. Job Description for Director of the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) (3/18/2010(971)

 32. Introducing Gov. Rick *Toll Roads & Eminent Domain* Perry (3/9/2010(965)

 33.  Lone Star Transmission Lines (6/4/2010(961)

 34. If they don't get you on the first try; try try again. (6/4/2010(958)

 35. New Credit Card Statement: You will never pay off the balance shown on this statement (3/5/2010(952)

 36. Texas Attorney General Rules that GRMC Cannot Keep Salary Information Secret (5/28/2010(945)

 37. Carla Jones of Glen Rose Was Killed Friday- Funeral TODAY (10 am at First United Methodist-Aug 30) (8/29/2010(942)

 38. Was Cindy King of Oakdale Park Fired? (August 2010) (8/20/2010(930)

 39. Opinion: Why I Believe Mike Ford Is Not the Best Choice for Somervell County Judge (Feb 2010) (2/14/2010(925)

 40. Somervell County Salaries for Fiscal Year 2009 (1/16/2010(922)

 41. Somervell County Hospital Authority Check Register for January 2010-Glen Rose Medical Center (2/28/2010(922)

 42. Despotism Lives! Actions of a Few Derail Glen Rose City Administration Interviews - From May 24 2010 Town Council Meeting (5/25/2010(921)

 43. Video-Land of the Dinosaurs Pitch to Glen Rose Town Council Feb 2010-Part 2 Questions (2/11/2010(917)

 44. What a Treasure We Have in Barnard's Mill & Museum in Glen Rose (3/10/2010(900)

 45. Texas Democratic *Debate* on KERA (Public Broadcasting) Station is a SHAM (1/31/2010(891)

 46. Larry Shaw violates Texas Government Code 552.222(a) (1/10/2010(881)

 47. Glen Rose City Council having illegal meetings in email? (4/22/2010(869)

 48. Why Doesn't Rick Perry Just Push To Have Texas Secede from the Union Already? (Nov 2010) (11/6/2010(861)

 49. Mygnonne Thomas Passed Away Yesterday (April 11 2010) Glen Rose (4/12/2010(853)

 50. Video from 4b/GREDC -(Glen Rose) Purchasing the Palace Theater Pros and Cons Part 1 (1/7/2010(827)


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