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Jerry Jacene Planning to Come to Glen Rose With His Hands Out for Money (Dec 2010)

13 December 2010 at 12:31:11 PM

Wow! I just saw the rest of the article that was on the Kingsport, TN site about Jerry Jacene. You know, Jacene. The one who wandered behind the Comfort Inn on HWY 67 and saw, although he definitely was not the first to discover them, some dinosaur tracks. We have already said that Jacene has a habit of going for the easy money that comes from government in order to fund his own business. What we didn't know was this (from the Kingsport TN paper, Matthew Lane was the writer)

Larry Smith, the owner of the property where the tracks were discovered, said he would like to see excavation work take place and a museum created on the property. Smith said he has signed a formal contract with  Jacene  to be the site foreman on the project.

“I’m letting him take the lead. Some final decisions will be up to me, but it’s pretty much in  Jerry   Jacene ’s hands,” Smith said, noting he was not aware of the tracks until  Jacene  contacted him in October and had never met  Jacene  before the discovery.

Okay. So Smith knows nothing about Jacene. So he probably doesn't know THIS.

Before coming to Kingsport in January,  Jacene  operated the Highlands Prehistoric Museum in Cookeville. According to Putnam County court records,  Jacene  owes his former landlord in Cookeville nearly $25,000 in unpaid rent. Court records show Rebecca Ting, the property owner, received a default judgment against  Jacene  in May 2010 for $24,800 in unpaid rent for July through December 2009.

Court records state the 60-month lease on the property ran from June 2009 until May 2014 — $2,800 a month for the first year, increasing $100 a year for years two and three and $3,100 a month for the final two years.

Reached by phone this week, Ting said  Jacene  had not paid on the judgment but was planning to after the first of the year.

Let's see. He didn't pay his rent in Cookeville and the matter had to go to court to get a judgement against him. He didn't pay his own rent nor moving expenses to go to Kingsport because, for some reason, the city decided to fund him. And now that the rent runs out in March, Adios, sez Jacene! Yuppers, Larry Smith didn't know him before, but didn't he even LOOK into Jacene's past before signing a contract with him? Guess not.

Guess where he's coming NEXT to ask for money. After the first of the year.

On Friday,  Jacene said he is not moving to Texas but plans to make a proposal to Glen Rose officials in January on the future of Smith’s property, suggesting the city or county purchase the property in order to protect the dinosaur tracks.

Because If You Can Get Suckers To Pay for You, And Have Been Successful, You're Gonna Keep On A-Doing It. One wonders how Larry Smith and his plans for a museum on that site would factor in. Since he didnt have money to put in a water park, does he have money from independent investors to get money for his museum, or is he going to be standing next to Jerry *Never Found Any Free Rent I Could Turn Down or Pay For* Jacene?

Heh. have to laugh about this. Who would want someone who can't even run his own business successfully without handouts, who didn't pay his own rent (no wonder he left Cookeville) and had to be taken to court over it, and who is abandoning the city that paid for his move and his rent in March because then the rent subsidies are over.


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1 - LanceHall   13 Feb 2011 @ 5:20:38 PM 

On Friday,  Jacene said he is not moving to Texas but plans to make a proposal to Glen Rose officials in January on the future of Smith’s property, suggesting the city or county purchase the property in order to protect the dinosaur tracks.


Funny, I suggested basically the same thing on this blog a full week before he announed that.  Great minds must think a like.  :P

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
2 - LanceHall   11 Apr 2011 @ 5:02:21 PM 

Well I had a little chat with the guy at the Glen Rose Visitor's Bureau and he assures me the City nor County have anything to do with the excavation and that's it's all between Jerry and Larry. 

I had to call him because they decided to put out a press (not sure when) release (implying, but not stating at least) that  Jerry is the original discoverer again. (ug!).   

The press release was also copied to an online magazine here:

Now, the Visitor's Bureau was in fact one of the groups I ORIGINALLY reported the tracks to in January 2010 so I'm obviously irritated they couldn't have chose a neutral position.    Of course I was compeled to break my silence and complain a bit to the guy that runs it but I realise it's pointless.  He wanted me to call him.

For whatever reason Mr. Huckaby was completely combative all the way through the call and refused to let me talk and say anything longer than a sentence all the while labeling me a "childish" and "petty".  (Naw dude, just frustrated and skeptical) .  He kept saying "I don't care" anytime I started to make a point about the history of these tracks.  He also kept parroting Jerry Jacene's bogus BS assertions that we were "tresspassing".  I started to correct him with facts and tried to explain how Jacene was not truthful about that but he just kept talking over me.  I tried to mention Tom Dill's discussion with Jacene and Smith and he wouldn't hear of it.  (That is where  Tom got Jacene to admit he knows he can't be throwing out this bogus  "trespassing" charge because Jacene would have been "trespassing" also.).

I tried to mention the link in my email to the long list of serious professional people that knew about the tracks early on and he said he doesn't care and that he just  deletes my emails anyways. According to him I "screwed up" because I didn't  alert the newspaper and land owner (which I agreed with in hind sight). I let him know that the newspaper is not the arbitor of scientific discoveries so that's why they were not informed.  He also had the impression (or was told) I was presenting myself or posing as some sort of paleo professional which is preposterous.  (Naw dude, you got me confused with the other guy).  So where and when did I do that??  OK.  No, I'm just a guy with a high school education with a passion for North Texas paleontology and geology and documenting it.  That's it, nothing else.  He wanted to know what I did for a living (construction I guess is the term) and if I get paid to do this. (Naw dude, actually I lose money driving to places to collect worthless fossils.)  He wanted to know if I belong to any groups (yes, Dallas Paleo, just one member of 400).  I don't represent anyone but myself.  I'm not speaking for them I just think "(anonymous) DPS members" is a good thing to split credit for the discovery with Jacene because it's factual and leaves our names off anything.  Yes, I'm willing to meet Jerry halfway here, always have been in fact.  He's not though, that's the problem.   

Mr. Huckaby asked me multiple times what the point of all this was (where has he been?) and I finally got to tell him "just so everyone knows the truth" and he actually agreed that  yes, everyone knows but that I was going overboard by continuing (which I agree at this point).   I was very civil and tried to present simple facts about the earlier  discovery  but he wouldn't listen at all and eventually just hung up on me.  

Its funny how someone that claims to not care takes such a hostile one sided view.  This guy was just combative jerk and he wasn't interested in actually discussing anything of fact or trying to understand my legit concern and issues (and yes they are legit Mr. Huckaby and Miss Jones).  There was nothing he tried to throw at me that I could not have refuted totally but he wouldn't let me do it.   Ok, well then why did he want me to call him and discuss this issue if it's something they are not involved with and issues he doesn't care about?  I guess he just needed to call me  "childish" and "petty" which he did.    Well, trust me, there was only one adult in that phone call and it wasn't him.  

I'm still waiting for any of these people (even Larry Smith) to sit down with Jerry and discuss things like adults and just tackle the issue and end it.  All Jerry has to do is to admit in whatever fashion (or even the newspaper on it's own) that other people discovered and reported the tracks before him.  He can't effectively screw everyone else who knew for his own exclusive aggrandizement just because his story is prettier.    Glen Kuban himself thinks we've been screwed by this guy and he says it happens a lot.   I honestly don't think Jerry gives a rat's ass, he's not looking for respect from local peers anyways. 

You notice that NO local paleo people are participating??   Not SMU.  Not UTA. Not Tarlton.  Not FW Museum.  Not Dallas Museum.  Not Dallas Paleo Society.  Not Arlington Archosaur Site.   Maybe they've been invited and I just haven't heard anything through the paleo grapevine yet.   

So when all is said and done with Jerry World I guess the 400+ members  of the Dallas Paleo Society and all these professional paleo people in Dallas and Fort Worth we reported to will get to turn on the TV and see Jerry being interviewed about "his amazing discovery".  Then all these people will talk back to their TV and say "What the Hell??  We knew about those tracks way before Jerry did.  DPS members first reported those!   How can this happen? "  


Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
3 - LanceHall   11 Apr 2011 @ 8:58:39 PM 

Oh, also Mr. Huckleberry called me "unstable" because I said one positive thing about all this in one email then some thing else not positive in the recent email. OK, yes I did.  But, they were about two completely seperate things.   

The positive thing is where I said I support the excavation of the track site and development.  Regardless of the "discovery" issue I can still support the excavation even if I don't care for the person doing it or other seperate issues surrounding.   I guess that makes me crazy? Hmmm.  OK. 

Guess what people, these tracks are greater than Jerry Jacene (shocking!).   You people around Jerry,  you know you have ability to say "Hey buddy, we are thrilled and grateful you are doing this..." and at same time say "But, hey buddy, but you gotta bend a little on discovery."  Isn't this what intelligent problem solving adults do??   Why won't anyone around Jacene do this?  Are all the people around him just ignorant blind supporters like Huckleberry or cheerleaders like the newspaper?  Evidently.  Trust me, there's nothing that special about this guy.   He's just a person, like you and me, no better, no smarter.   Someone around him that cares need to pop that inflated ego a bit.  When you instantly threaten people with bogus trespassing charges to go away instead of discussing stuff then clearly you have issues don't you??  Again, no one will take him to task for his actions. 

Well if it was yourself or your child in the middle of this you'd have a radically different opinion.  Huckleberry actually said he wouldn't care if Jerry got credit for his own discovery or even his child's.  Incredible! 

I've been amazed in all this to watch people's reactions and how they deal with controversy.  It's only either hatred toward me or totally avoiding the issue and not talking to me at all.   

I've always supported the excavation just not the other thing that screws us.  I can compartmentalise different issues and praise someone in one respect and slam them in another.  They are two seperate things.  Evidently this is foreign concept to Mr. Huckleberry.  Had he given me the time on the phone I would have tried to dumb it down to fit his obviously limited intellect.  He must only have two mental light switch positions:  1. angry  2. not angry.   All I saw was the angry close-minded position. 





Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
4 - humanbeing   11 Apr 2011 @ 9:48:03 PM 

It's all about OPPORTUNISM, Lance. Simple. Making a buck. If a private landowner wants to mismanage important historical findings on his property, then he has the right, here in Texas, to do it.

Unless that owner is enlightened and choses to go to the trouble to exercise responsible stewardship and seek to enhance what's there instead of destroy it, the greater good will be lost. One only has to get stuck at the red light at that intersection to see how mismanaged and mangled that property is. It's so devoid of any natural character or life that an insect couldn't survive there. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jacene are just hoping some fool will come invest in the next, failed scheme. They don't care about Palentology or history and neither does our number one promoter, Mr. Huckabee, especially if it's not his idea.

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5 - LanceHall   12 Apr 2011 @ 1:43:29 PM 

I'm just really surprised Mr. Huckleberry  went down the path he did.  I actually thought he wanted to learn something or help work out a solution with the "discovery" issue.  You'd think someone with the City would take a neutral position in all this. 

I didn't know Huckleberry was the "number one promoter" as you say.  I guess he's the guy responsible for all the stuff in the media I've been having to challenge for 5 months now.

See, it's this blind hostility that makes me wonder what the Hell is going on with all this and who knew what when.   I mean whether people think Jerry is the original discoverer or the co-discoverer what the heck does that have to do with the continuing excavation and development of the Park.  It doesn't affect any of that.  See what I mean?  Maybe Huckleberry is just exceedingly obtuse, I don't know.   It's an irrelevant side issue that affects noone but  Me (and Roz) and Jerry really.  

Could I have enraged him because I asked if the records of who they deal with is public information?  I just wanted to know if they had any previous contact with Jerry prior to his discovery (Oct 17, 2010).     


Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
6 - LanceHall   12 Apr 2011 @ 3:23:13 PM 

(OK, I see an earlier post was removed and I can guess the reason so I won't repeat that info)

I tried to extend the olive branch to Jerry Jacene but Larry Smith put a stop to that because Huckaby sent Smith my emails wherein I take the Visitor's Bureau to task for their recent press release giving Jerry discovery credit again and also detailing some of the other stuff.  I don't know why Larry Smith would give a darn about my squabble with Huckleberry anyways.   Not getting others on board only hurts Jerry really.   

I am officially banned from the site we discovered early on and reported to the local scientific community.  Oh well, not that big a deal to me really.  It's not like I was going to help excavate anyways.  Besides I could not afford to drive down there.  I wasn't trying to weasle in there to excavate or sponge off the project in the first place.   

Everyone know the truth anyways and my info will out live Jerry's PR  :-)

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
7 - LanceHall   12 Apr 2011 @ 10:08:20 PM 

So Huckaby's wife is good friends with Kathryn Jones editor of the newspaper.  Kathryn Jones knows Larry Smith well also...  

Nick Patel the hotel owner learned of the new tracks in January 2010 because I told his girl at the desk.  Patel knows the land owner Smith (at least his contact info) and presumably told him about the brand NEW tracks quickly after.

Huckaby was the one of the original people I told about the NEW tracks (not the old ones) in January 2010 athough not precise location but he would have quickly learned through all the others.

Wow, what a tight little web we have here.  If one person knows anything they all would know wouldn't  they?

10 months later Jacene (who?) stumbles into Glen Rose (he later admits Make a Wish nor the family even knew he was coming which is bizarre), makes an amazing "discovery" right off the bat and Jones (or Huckaby) writes that story that makes him look like a cross between Indiana Jones and Mr. Rogers. 

(The million dollar question is is there a connection between Jacene and any of the people mentioned?  I know Jerry is originally from Dallas.  If there is and someone knows please tell me.)

Neither of them (nor anyone at the City or the County levels for that matter) bothered to even contact ANY local north Texas paleo people to see if anyone else had reported the tracks or otherwise knows about them.  Otherwise they would have quickly found the truth.  Whoops!  You don't announce discoveries in the newspaper for that fact alone.  Newspapers are NOT the arbitors of scientific discoveries kids!   Any genuine "paleontologist" will tell you that and also they advise AGAINST going to the media on things like dinosaur tracks because it puts them in danger of every dumb ass in town running out there the next day trying to hack them out as souveniers.  This very thing happened to the dinosaur tracks in Grapevine a few years ago and it's why I was proper in not telling the newspaper at the start.    My only mistake in any of this was not telling the land owner Larry Smith.  But knowing what I know now it's likely he quickly learned someone had found new tracks on the edge of his property anyways.  

Without adhering to common sense guidelines and proper reporting you would just end up with chaos and controversy right? Well, well kids looks what's happened solely because Jerry's stupidity and ineptitude.  You'd think Jacene knew this.  It's called professional courtesy and doing your homework.  

I don't falsely purport to be a professional like you know who but I am damn serious about north Texas paloentology and geology and have spent every weekend for 7 YEARS collecting and documenting on my website all that and I don't make a penny.  I lose money doing this in fact.  I take my hobby VERY seriously.   My reporting of this new trackway (to local paleo people) was infinitely proper and professional.  Jerry's reported to noone local except the newspaper (which doesn't count) and one guy out of state.  

Jacene instantly whips himself up a development deal with Smith who he's known maybe one month at the most.  Smith is quite trusting isn't he?

I hear of his front page story and inform Jacene he's not the original discover and then he just proceeds to throw out bogus "trespassing" claims (debunked by Deb Harper) to shut us up, claims our discovery is somehow invalid (laughable) under S.V.P.  "guidelines" (he is not a member of S.V.P.),  and basically tells us to shut up and go away about all this (unethical by any standard).  He does this in not one but two emails and yes I think in that anonymous blog post also but that's my opinion. 

Jerry, sharing discovery credit does not in any way take away from your own independant discovery and honoring Joanna and developing the site.  In fact we've never EVER wanted to be named on anything but only as anoymous "members of DPS".  All the people I've mentioned aready know this!  I've been saying it for months.  Saying the tracks "were discovered DPS members and Paleontologist Jerry Jacene" damages noone and only helps you Jerry by placing you as a peer in the local paleo community doncha think?.  Why can't you or any of you other people undertand this?  I'm baffled at you people's infinite obtuseness on this.  All I've ever asked for is the previous discovery not be swept under the rug by the City and Newspaper and Yourself.  You people (Huckaby, Jones) simply have no right to do that.  You are supposed to be impartial.  Well, the Citizens of Glen Rose deserve better I say.  

Huckaby, Jones, Jacene and others spend the next months just forwarding all my emails to one another in a circle jerk and to Smith and laughing at my folley.   Huckaby (who is supposed to be a representative of the City) is just a combative bully while the rest just ignore me and will not refute or debate anything for 5 months.  In 5 months not one of these people even attempt to discuss anything at all or try to work out a solution to this mess that Jerry created. They don't want to for some reason and they won't even bother to state.  It's like they have made a pact since day one that no other story will be presented to Glen Rose except Jerry's.  Huckaby in fact just comes across as Jerry's body guard on the phone metaphorically shoveing his chest in my face for 10 solid minutes (wasted phone minutes thanks Billy).    

Then after 5 months I finally say let's call truce and go with "co-discovery" and end this mess.  I decide to meet Jerry halfway about "discovery".   At the very same time Huckaby sends my recent emails to Smith who get's pissed at what I wrote to Huckaby (why does Smith even care what I say to Huckleberry??) and then Smith just pulls the rug out from under my honest attempt to end this mess by banning me from the tracks site property. 

Oh yes, Citizens of Glen Rose, the Dallas Paleo Society may have been about to be on board with Jacene and come down and meet with Jacene.  We  were all gonna sing 'Coom By Ya' and smoke the peace pipe and all that stuff.  Jerry then says "You shot yourself in the foot. Goodbye."  No, Jerry and Larry, you shot yourselves in the foot. 

And during all this some people in Glen Rose wonder why I'm so angry and skeptical about all this?  Yeah, I'm the crazy unstable petty child here just because I'm trying to defend our honest discovery.   Jerry, let me tell you something, I have a g*d damned right to defend our side and you of all people (ex military) should know that and respect it!  Your "discovery " is not going to come at our expense or anyone elses!  My story is going to be around a lot longer than yours just given our ages.  The internet is already saturated with our story (my website, a blog site, multiple fossil forums) so you can't fool anyone anymore that has a computer.  All you can do is play up your Mr. Rogers persona and deflect the negativity you brought on yourself with kids.  Stop hiding!        

You claimed to me you've discovered other dinosaur tracks and species but didn't get credit.  How convienant there nothing in the literature to prove that either way.  Your name appears on nothing in S.V.P. publications indexed at JSTOR.  You are a paleontological nobody as far as I can find.  Jerry you've never discovered anything good at all except someone else's discovery.  I've come to cold hard  conclusion in this whole affair that you are in fact a pathological liar, that's my opinion. 

Well, still, I'm still willing to go with "co-discovery" here if Smith and Jacene can pull their heads out of their respective rumps.   It maybe take the whole City of Glen Rose this time to yank them out though.

Otherwise, I will continue to do what I do on the weekends and likely find something else good or important in the future.  If I (or my friend Roz) finds any more tracks again or another new species like "Aetodactylus" I will make sure nobody will hijack it this time.  Lesson learned!  

I guess you can tell I am really really mad this time.  Good!

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
8 - LanceHall   12 Apr 2011 @ 10:25:53 PM 

@Human Being,

It's all maddening and baffling because all Jerry had to do was right after I first emailed him was simply to  realize there's other people here connected to the tracks and say "Hey, let's go with co-discovery on this" (instead of kicking us in the groin) and there would have been no problems at all.  It would have been annoying for us to share credit with someone that was a whole year late but that would have been the neccessary compromise.

I guess when your ego is as big as a T-Rex you just can't do that.

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
9 - LanceHall   13 Apr 2011 @ 10:33:16 AM 

Hey, did y'all hear about the recent dicovery of Mammoth remains near Sherman.??

The fossils will eventually go on display at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science after they are radiocarbon dated and measured and preserved properly.  Tusks are prone to sudden drying out and falling apart after being uncovered.  There will probably be some sort of report of something written in the scientific literature. 


Well did y'all also hear about Glen Rose's OWN mammoth (or mastodon?) discovery last year?  No??  The newspaper didn't tell you? You didn't see it on TV?  Or that  Jerry Jacene himself was involved with excavation?  Hmmm.

Well it seems that while Jerry was done here in late October he ALSO (Man, Jerry was busy!) helped a land owner excavate a Mammoth (or Mastodon) tusk from a creek !!.  Pretty cool huh??  Unfortunately the tusk after extraction was donated (or sold) by the owner to the preposterous Creation Evidence Museum where nothing proper will be written about it.  There it will get the joy of collecting dust and never be displayed in proper paleontological and geological context.  Awww.  It'll never be carbon dated which would probably prove it to be 10,000+ years old.  Remember Creationsists only believe everything is less than 6,000 years old!.     It'll sit right next to Carl Baugh's cartoonish fake Human foot in the same limestone as a dinosaur track and maybe under a poster of Jesus riding a T-rex.  Thanks Jerry for your part in a negative contribution to real science.   I wonder why Jerry doesn't mention this??  (Information from Kathryn Jones and Tom Dill, thanks!)


FYI.  This is not a slam against Christians or people of faith, just the Creation Fundamentalists.  I have two paleo friends who are also regular church goers.  A belief in a higher power does not in any way conflict with paleontology or vice-versa and never did.  Paloentologists/Evolutionists don't make up the million years dates anyways, it's atomic scientists measuring isotope decay rates that do that produce the same basics results through multiple methods of dating stuff tied to the geologic record.  Anyways...

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
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