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Power Line Relief
Celebrate Somervell !

11 November 2010 at 1:58:29 PM

PUC yesterday made the final decision on Lone Star Transmission Lines. They are going south of Somervell County. Much procedure, much funds, and much care by the peoples of Chalk Mountain and those that want to preserve that part of the county....to you congratulations today. Particular care was taken to follow procedure; proper channels for protest, legal requirements were followed; and this all paid off for Somervell County. A caring crop of individuals, here un-named, you know who you are.....thank you from all of Somervell County.


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1 - salon   11 Nov 2010 @ 2:18:26 PM 

WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Adding my thanks as well to all who fought on this issue:) Thank YOU, SomervellSally for repeatedly talking about this and giving it attention.

Wondering, do you know what the route will be? I assume Bosque County, yes?

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2 - SomervellSally   11 Nov 2010 @ 2:48:28 PM 


Retrieve Filings

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However, yesterday's ruling is not listed yet.

There were many possibilities on location; the preferred route of Lone Star was through the heart of Somervell County and would have slicked a 100-150 feet wide and 120 feet tall swipe out of our county.  Scarring the land & Chalk Mtn in particular forever.

The line will go through southern Bosque County. The people there were not organized until after the deadlines; relyed on people with only credentials and no foot work, only air-y words, no substance to backup their reasons for not having the line. There were some visionary people in Somervell that got on the ball; did the leg work; the phone work; followed procedure and won out. There are people in this county who can get the job done.

Now onto the continued need to stay on our toes to conserve what we have in Somervell County for the next generations.

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3 - salon   11 Nov 2010 @ 2:55:42 PM 

I found an article about the lines going south of Clifton.  Since George Hallmark is mentioned in the article, I think it's going to be about here.


I'm with you that the people here are very organized. I hope for that same reason that the Save Chalk Mountain people win against Tommy Davis.

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4 - SomervellSally   11 Nov 2010 @ 3:45:29 PM 

Clifotn Mayor , all due respect, had not a clue as to procedures or what to expect at the PUC meeting. Homework was not done. The people went for a day trip. Clifton is 5 to 10 miles from the lines and were not intervenors so really had little to say per the law about the lines. Plus they waited until the last of the last of the last opportunities to do anything. This was the last , the final , proceeding. Of course, the minds were already mostly made up , Mr Mayor, go to the PUC website and read about 30,000 pages of testimony, evidence, pleadings, maps, personal testimony, expert testimony, and literally several million dollars worth of efforts that went into deciding who/where this line would land. This procedure has been going on for months and months and then he shows up at the last minute and acts like no one has bothered to consult him. ...a rather small town comical slap-stick situation. I do feel for the people there, but as the Commissioner said; everyone wants power, no one wants power lines.

It is a forgone conclusion that power line fights will go on as long as there is a demand for power. And let it be noted this set of lines is ALL about wind power getting from the turbines to the people; this is green energy and it will still cost our landscape with lines and our pocket books with cash.  CONSERVE PEOPLE !

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5 - humanbeing   11 Nov 2010 @ 7:30:10 PM 

This is good news for us but bad news for others. Our properties are no more valuable or precious than theirs. Destoying more ecology for our extravagant needs will not benefit anyone. Just how many people do you know who are actually reducing their imprint and their needs?

The fact that this power line will transmit a greener form of energy is good. However, most Texans are still cultivating their delusion that they will be able to continue their kind of lifestyle forever. Forget it, folks, the party is over. Changing the way we live is the order of the day now. We won't have a choice, not much longer, anyway.

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6 - SomervellSally   12 Nov 2010 @ 7:23:23 AM 


Exactly right; it's a foregone conclusion we are destroying the planet for the sake of more energy. Until this hits average Joe in the pocket harder, much harder, he won't get it...or perhaps until he has only power from say 7AM to 2PM and then again from 5PM to 7PM and then it's lights out. Many third world countries live on a schedule similar to that now.

The lines at the pumps in the 80s because fuel was not available was exciting; but only lasted a short time. Now we use the fossil fuels gained with the blood of our sons so we have fuel and pay less at the pump.

Latest Blog Post by SomervellSally -Celebrate Somervell !
7 - humanbeing   12 Nov 2010 @ 8:31:39 AM 

That's right, SS. I recommend everyone read The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler, for a sobering wakeup call.

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8 - salon   12 Nov 2010 @ 8:59:52 AM 

Reminds me. I'm going to write about this after I get the URL to where this is. At the city meeting the other night, a guy from United Cooperative Services was there because he was wanted to make sure some plans the office on 67 is taking weren't going to be affected by CPAC. That office has gotten a business grant from DOE to make it SOLAR!!! I was so impressed and went down the next day to ask about whether residential people could get in on that. I was told that there are federal recovery funds for this, and also that United Coop has a $500 spiff for wind and $1000 for solar, described on their website. I looked and looked and could not figure out where the descriptions were, either place. So I'm going to either go down or call them back and ask them to send me the links. Anyway, I feel pretty good about the fact that, at the very least, solar is coming in our own backyard.

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9 - citizenB   12 Nov 2010 @ 8:11:49 PM 



I think this is the link.

10 - citizenB   12 Nov 2010 @ 8:52:11 PM 


11 - salon   13 Nov 2010 @ 7:44:51 AM 

thank you, citizenb!!! Yes, that's the page for the United Coop grants. Energy Smarts, with all the details of how to apply. The man I spoke with said they're going to probably be offering these for next year, but check. Anyway, it's so sunny down here and so windy that if someone can at all figure out how to add solar, AND get some money off......

Latest Blog Post by salon -Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
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