Natural Gas Leaks at Oakdale Leading to Conversion from Gas to Electric (City Glen Rose Nov 8 2010)


Natural Gas Leaks at Oakdale Leading to Conversion from Gas to Electric (City Glen Rose Nov 8 2010)

9 November 2010 at 8:48:52 PM
1 - enadaze   9 Nov 2010 @ 9:35:04 PM 

Wow! I have to admit that I am not very well versed in what is going on in this community, specifically with Oakdale Park, but from the 11 minute clip that I just watched, it appears that no one is prepared to deal with the issue at hand.  Although this appears to have been specifically intended to be a discussion about the cost of converting from natural gas to all electric and the approval of funds to do so, the presenters appeared to have nothing to support their request for an additional 100,000.00.  And when it was brought up that the council wanted to see proof in the form of an itemized statement, the presenters actions and remarks reminded me of those that would come from my toddler when she does not get her way.  And in the end, it ended up being a discussion about replacing a heating/cooling unit in the main office?  Wow! 

I understand that Oakdale has some issues that need to be addressed.  It had issues to be addressed 15 years ago when I was excitedly waiting on the end of the school day so that I could go to "splash day".  But I am of the opinion that if the powers that be can not come to some sort of a consensus as to what needs to be done and handle things like mature, responsible adults, Oakdale Park will forever be a burden on this city. 

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2 - salon   10 Nov 2010 @ 5:03:07 AM 

@enadaze. With you. I think Chris Bryant needs  a pat on the back for asking for itemization and justification for the funds.

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3 - citizenB   10 Nov 2010 @ 12:21:13 PM 

Most contractors give FREE estimates... get a few estimates and then go back to the board.  Sheesh this isn't rocket science.

4 - salon   10 Nov 2010 @ 1:13:55 PM 

@citizenb-see, this is what I don't understand. To my knowledge, none of the people who are doing work at Oakdale as city employees are electricians.

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5 - enadaze   10 Nov 2010 @ 1:14:36 PM 

@citizenB - I agree with you completely.  But from judging from the reactions, is this how they have always transferred money to oakdale?  Just say well i think i need this much for - you know - expenses and stuff?  In my opinion the council should require them to prove what they need money for and not except any excuses for why it is not done.  It also appears from the video that the council has asked them for itemization and justification for the funds before, but perhaps that was seen as an idle threat.

I do not know what needs to be done, but that exchange looked to be more like a "gimme, gimme" than anything else.

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6 - salon   10 Nov 2010 @ 1:46:11 PM 

@enadaze. Yes. It is only recently that the city went to an open bidding process. They used to do a lot of their conversations in executive session, improperly. No one, to my knowledge, was doing a critical overview of the receipts for what was being spent at Oakdale-I went down one time and found that they were spending money on stuff like Hooters. There are no city superintendent reports that detail exactly what work is being done, by who, hours,etc which is presented to city council which the public can also read. The city does not do paper inspections. In fact, Oakdale has not passed inspections, including fixing the swimming pool ; I don't think they have fixed all the outets for RVs that Billy Huckaby said could electrocute people.

the basic problem is that the city bought a business but is not running it like a business.

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