So... The Committee For Hiring an Oakdale Park Manager Was Using a Job Description They Altered Themselves


So... The Committee For Hiring an Oakdale Park Manager Was Using a Job Description They Altered Themselves

8 November 2010 at 7:13:55 AM

NOT the one that was voted on before (You know, the one that had been tweaked with *particular* job experience) . Heh. And this one  was backdated.  This particular job description was apparently based on at least one of the other job descriptions and had been tweaked itself to make it more conforming with other HR standards-a noble goal, but shouldn't they have WAITED until getting town council approval?

Um. Think it's OKAY for appointed committees that are supposed to be following the DECISIONS of the city who have VOTED on items to IGNORE those decisions and do what THEY want, including interviewing people according to the newest job description before receiving approval from town council? Guess, so, because despite the fact Tom Osborne brought it up as peculiar, he's the one that VOTED TO OKAY THE NEW DESCRIPTION instead of jumping up and down and saying THIS IS THE WRONG THING TO DO.

Someone did bring up that maybe they could have come up with a job description BEFORE PUTTING THE JOB OUT THERE.

UPDATE: Here's link to that newest job description. (Thank you, Peggy B and Rosario S) Note it is, as Tom Osborne says in the video, back-dated.

P.S. And no, they're not going to repost the job again.

And they said that it wasn't necessary to put out a new job in the paper with the NEW description.  !!!!!!!!!

This has nothing to do with whether this newest job description is a good one or not.  It has to do with respecting the authority of town council WHO MAKE VOTING DECISIONS.

P.S. I told one of the council persons that I thought that the new job description should not have been used to interview applicants until after it had been voted on and approved by the city council. I was told in return that the job committee had just needed to move forward. In other words, (my words) get 'er done without waiting. Well, heck, then, why the fool do we need to have an elected city council that makes decisions if one or another city council person or appointed boards can just act on their own and do stuff without approval? IF there was no need to get approval from city council about whether this very newest job description iteration was able to be used, why even put it on the agenda to have it voted on? Doing actions like that makes city council irrelevant.

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1 - ANON   9 Nov 2010 @ 11:07:20 AM 

The latest "rumor" has it that acting manager of Oakdale Park Erin Dasher has disapeared with a as yet unknown amount (somewhere between $2000 to $3000)of money from Oakdale park. Hmmm saw that one coming. Now maybe someone will listen when they have been told she wasnt who she appeared to be.I have first hand knowledge of her ability to lie, cheat and steal, but hey who listen to lil ol me!!

2 - salon   9 Nov 2010 @ 11:20:11 AM 

Wonder if that was what the executive session was about last night? No action was taken.

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3 - humanbeing   9 Nov 2010 @ 8:07:36 PM 

This is to be expected from a new 'owner' who, a year after purchase, still doesn't have a plan. But hey, maybe they can hire the former mayor to keep tabs on this.

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4 - Erin Dasher   10 Nov 2010 @ 3:47:59 PM 

Thats very sweet that y'all talkabout me so much on your lil' website. I would jsut like to know if I had $2000 then why is it that my mother had to buy my plane ticket out here? Why is it that I had to leave the majority of my stuff behind? I think you people should find out the truth before you go around making yourselves look like jackass, because the people who actually KNOW me, know that I was very dedicated to Oakdale and didn't steal any money from there. I tried my best to keep the place running in a professional way. I'm pretty sure that where you are getting your information from is the person who THINKS that I got them fired. Which they need to look around because it was someone a hell of allot closer to them then me that got them fired. As far as why i left, that is a personal family matter that i will not be discussing with anyone. Y'all need to get over y'alls small town drama grow the hell up people... learn to find the facts before you go talking crap on someone you dont even know.

5 - salon   10 Nov 2010 @ 4:05:48 PM 

@Erin. I'm very glad that you are posting and can definitively dispell any rumours. I have no way of knowing who posted anonymously, and have been attempting to confirm through open records. Meantime, you can definitely say that.

  • - You were never accused of stealing from Oakdale Park, yes?
  • - You were not fired, yes?
  • - You are still temporary manager of Oakdale Park as of this date, yes?

Looking forward to your reply!

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6 - Erin Dasher   12 Nov 2010 @ 3:00:19 PM 

No I have not been accused of stealing from Oakdale by anyone who really matters.

I have not been fired

As of right now, yes, at least I have not been told any different.

7 - salon   12 Nov 2010 @ 4:04:59 PM 

Thank you, Erin!

Latest Blog Post by salon -Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/11/2018
8 - anonymous   25 Nov 2010 @ 9:10:03 PM 

Oakdale Park was ran right when the Mays and Mrs. King were around. I guess everybody BUT the city council and all of their family members and very imature ex-employee thiefs  can see that!  And as for the child who did in fact run off with the $2000-3000  you are correct Glen Rose does need to wake the Hell up and see whats going on. But as it has always gone they will look the other way and place blame on anybody whom is not blood to the council.  Your mommy also had to buy you a plane ticket out of there because you were not brave enough to stay around and hold your head high if you had in fact not done anything wrong.  Quit bashing people whom you think is telling on you,  maybe its somebody a little closer to you, or maybe you just werent smooth enough to get caught. 

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