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Discovered A Year Ago

Who First Discovered the Dinosaur Tracks on Larry Smith's Property in Glen Rose? Lance Hall and Roz Morgan- Scientific Community

4 November 2010 at 8:33:17 AM

Readers know that that recently here in Glen Rose (Somervell County) , there was quite a bit of hoopla concerning some dinosaur tracks that were found on Larry Smith's property north of Hwy 67 behind the Comfort Inn. Jerry Jacene, a fossil modeler from Tennessee,  had been in town for some unrelated activity and saw some tracks. In this week's Glen Rose Reporter, Jerry Jacene took credit for finding the tracks and there was a christening of one of the tracks for a little girl who is a beneficiary of the Make a Wish foundation.

But did they really discover the tracks? Not according to Lance Hall. When he saw what we had written here, he wrote that he and another person, Roz Morgan had actually been the ones, back on October 31, 2009 and officially reported the tracks on Jan 13, 2010. Here's what he said.

We discovered those tracks back on October 31, 2009. Only one footprint was exposed at the time and I wasn't 100% sure it was what it was, assumed it was a prankster.  The tracks are preserved in softer sediments whereas the State Park tracks are in limestone.  At the time my mother was sick with cancer and I had to take care of her and her affairs and so I was not able to return with a camera until January.

 On January 13, 2010 I returned to the site and confirmed they were indeed tracks (more tracks being exposed this time) and then notified and reported the location to the Dallas Paleontological  Society (of which I am a lifetime member), SMU (which holds the new "Aetodactylus" pterosaur I discovered), the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce (so they could contact the land owner), Jon Baskin (who runs website documenting Texas fossils and findings). On January 24, 2010 a friend (Roger Fry) with previous experience in documenting local dinosaur tracks took careful measurements of the tracks.

Recently I informed Glen Kuban who runs the website that documents all the tracks around Glen Rose.

I have had pics posted at my website for months and my Facebook account since January 13th.

The official discovery credit should go to Lance Hall and my hunting partner Roz Morgan unless someone has reported them earlier to persons and institutions of scientific standing which we did on January 13, 2010.

I have resisted telling the media because I knew if it went public FIRST the tracks would have been destroyed by treasure seekers before professional paleontologists could get a look at them. One footprint has already been destroyed I think.

I really hope these tracks will be preserved and will be fully excavated. They run (actually come from) straight under the entire flat area so there maybe several hundred feet of tracks. There are at least two sets of theropod tracks going slightly different angles and possibly some less well-defined sauropod tracks, not positive. This would be a tremendous new attraction for Glen Rose and hopefully contribute some good science.



Lance Hall

UPDATE: Here's some pictures Lance sent from their trip to Glen Rose on January 24, 2010. The other man in the photos is Roger Fry.(uploaded to our site, Hall of course has the originals)

Not only did he and Morgan discover the tracks, but reported them in the scientific community (as well as to the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce). Here's the links and evidence.

1. Dr. Louis Jacobs (paleontologist who has written extensively about north Texas dinosaurs and has done excavations) of SMU (which holds the new "Aetodactylus" pterosaur I discovered).  Also Mike Polcyn of SMU.
2.  The Dallas Palentological Society (Which I am a lifetime member of for discovering and donating the new species of pterosaur in 2006).  The new tracks were also mentioned at the follwoing  meeting. 
3.  Robert Cadawaller, reporter for the Star Telegram
3.  The Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce or the Convention Bureau (so they could contact the land owner and possibly propose a NEW park). 
4. Glen Kuban (paleontologist, documents all the tracks and info about the tracks round Glen Rose on his webite)
5. Jon Baskin (paleontologist, has a website documenting Texas paleontology). 
6. Derek Main and Roger Fry (The Arlington Archosaur Site excavation)
7.  My Facebook page which is seen by many members of the DPS and other paleontogists such as George Phillips of the Natural History Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.   
8.  My personal website (www.northtexasfossils.com) where I document North Texas fossils and geology.
8.  The Fossil Forum which is a very popular fossil hunting internet forum:
Why does this matter?Again, from Hall, emphasis is mine.
The other day (Nov 3?) there was evidently a public "christening" of the tracks in the name of some unfortunate child from Plano.  While this is fine and wonderful for the child and the City's publicity it should be stressed that in the scientific setting that any official name, credit, discovery, or scientific study and resulting publications traditionally goes to those who originally discovered AND reported them to the scientific community which WE did a full year BEFORE Jerry Jacene even came to Glen Rose.  There are very strict scientific guidelines regarding all this.  There are at least two fossil specimens I wanted to display on my website that I was asked NOT to display and put in the public domain because of pending research and future publication about other similar specimens.
If the new tracks are fully excavated and the site developed as a privately owned Dinosaur Track site (which I hope happens) it's certainly fine to called them "Johnann'a Tracks" but any scientific study and resulting publication would and should carry a different designation

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1 - go figure..   6 Nov 2010 @ 1:56:32 AM 

Firstly, it looks like Mr Hall and who ever else involved with him, has trespassed Mr Smith's property, and i think this thing is enough for me to tell them and any one else who are now interfering with this to shut up and stop being stupid.

2 - salon   6 Nov 2010 @ 6:53:38 AM 

@go figure. If that were trespassing, that same principle would apply to Jacene. From Oct 20 2010 Glen Rose Reporter

Jerry Jacene didn't know what he was going to find when, out of curiousity as a paleontologist, he went exploring laste Sunday afternoon in the carved out hills behind the Comfort Inn & Suites off US Highway 67. He spotted them almost immediately in the rock bed by a trickling stream fed by a seep in the hillside. Dinosaur tracks. "I was walking around there and I found those tracks and I'm looking for a sign to explain the site". Jacene said. "Someone's got to know about this. Jacene went into the hotel where he was staying and found Nirav "Nick" Patel, the general manager..... Looking for a place to stay, he chose the Comfort Inn because he saw the rock walls behind it..... The property behind the hotel is owned by Larry Smith. ... Smith has given his permission for the rest of the property behind the hotel to be excavated.

Mr Smith does not own Comfort Inn.

Please leave the insults for Mr Hall out of any future comments you make from this. I allowed this only because I thought you had an interesting argument to make re: trespassing, although I personally find it an invalid argument unless it also applies to Mr Jacene.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
3 - LanceHall   6 Nov 2010 @ 11:03:57 AM 

Hmmm, so Jerry did exactly what we did EXCEPT we did it a full year before he even came to Glen Rose.  That print story now  confirms what he said in the video story.  EXCELLENT detective work there "Miss Salon"!  Thank you.   

Me and Roz actually reported the tracks to the scientific community and tons of other people including Visitor's Bureau and the Glen Rose newspaper way back in January 2010! 

@go figure, it's Jerry that's the interloper here not us! 

Check out my website www.northtexasfossils.com and scroll down the front page to the January 13, 2010 entry.

Lance Hall 

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
4 - LanceHall   6 Nov 2010 @ 11:36:03 AM 

There's is no "interfering" in anything.  I've sent only good wishes to Mr. Jacene and Larry Smith regarding the future development of site.  If I had the financial ability and proper connections I'd be offering help myself to get the site developed as a Fossil/Dinosaur Park.  In fact I played a small part in getting the Mineral Wells Fossil Park set up (I did the interpretive sign at the entrance) so why would I interfere in doing the same for Glen Rose???   That makes no sense.  This squabbale effects nothing going on with the development of the site ("Smith Tracks").  Obviously you didn't take the time to check any of the internet links or the information I've provided.  This is only about proper discovery credit that would appear in an obscure paper that no one in the general public will see anyways.    

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
5 - salon   6 Nov 2010 @ 12:34:38 PM 

This is the video from a Kingsport newsite, from Nov 5 2010 that Hall makes reference to.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
6 - LanceHall   20 Feb 2011 @ 3:50:52 PM 

Well, that "Go figure" is quite clearly Jacene himself.    It turns out that Smith was not that "angry" at me as Jerry said, that's just another JerryWorld lie to go with the bogus Tresspassing threat.  In fact Smith let Dallas Paleo people all over that site to collect fossils in 2006.  

Someone with DPS informed me that when Jacene was down here he helped excavate a Mammoth tusk from some guy's land to be sold to that absurd Creation Museum.  Well, there's a fossil now lost to proper scientific study!   Thanks Jerry!    I myself have found ONE fossil (a new pterosaur) that would have been worth money (thousands) and I did the only proper thing and donated it to SMU.  Google "Aetodactylus halli" to read about the new pterosaur I discovered.  I've never bought, sold, or traded any fossils except one pretty fossil I bought at Fossilmania.  Jerry tried to slander me as a "prospecter", whatever that means. 

It should be noted that Jacene is neither a degreed or academic "paleontologist"  but uses the label to get himself into places that would normally be closed to non-professionals.   Must be nice!  He is also NOT a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology even though tried to hide under their umbrella by saying we violated S.V.P. rules.   

Other than that I'm sure he's quite knowlegable.

Also he wanted to go forward with co-writing a scientific paper (I assume Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology) with the well-respected Dr. James O. Farlow where I'm sure only HIS name would be attached to the tracks in the introductory paragraph regarding history.  If he would have given a false history about these tracks he would have commited scientific fraud in my opinion.  What a guy!


Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
7 - lancehall   14 Jul 2013 @ 5:18:37 PM 

Well, well, well...

It has since been revealed to me (via a popular fossil forum) that Jerry Jacene himself has been caught on land in Montana (I believe) that he had been told not to collect from or previously thrown off of.        

In Montana "poachers"  take dinosaur bones off private and federal lands to be sold on the black market (not saying), or personal collections, or trade, or whatever.  You see that stuff is actually *valuable*.   Jerry could have just stepped across a fallen barb wire fence to "prospect" a hillside for future study.

Anyway it's quite ridiculous and dishonest for Jerry himself to call people looking for worthless shell molds and urchins in a drainage ditch between commercial properties "trespassers" or "prospectors".  

There is a massive difference doncha think?

Latest Blog Post by lancehall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
8 - salon   28 Nov 2014 @ 7:21:29 AM 

Updating this in Nov 2014. From Putnam county TN newspaper dated 6/17/2013

Jerry Jacene is the Field Director and Paleontologist for the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum (MDM) in Glendive, Montana and the director and Paleontologist for the Glen Rose Texas Dinosaur Track Site of Glen Rose Texas.

Is the Glen Rose Texas Dinosaur Track Site even still a thing?  

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