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More Dinosaur Tracks Found in Glen Rose? October 2010

23 October 2010 at 9:09:08 AM

Read that the quarry land that Larry Smith owns, north of 67,  may actually be full of dinosaur tracks, according to the Glen Rose Reporter (Oct 20 2010) A self-taught paleontologist named Jerry Jacene discovered them while coincidentally staying in town at the Comfort Inn. About Jacene

Jacene worked as the site foreman at the Gray Fossil Site in 2005 and works with a network of scientists from Chile to China. He has exclusive dig rights at the Baisch Ranch in Glendive, Mont. — a world-renowned site for dinosaur fossils.

In addition, Jacene’s company creates fossil casts and molds for museums and schools all across the world and has exclusive fossil reproduction rights for several species of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

UPDATE: The dinosaur tracks were actually discovered, documented, and notified about in October 2009 and January 2010 by Lance Hall and Roz Morgan. Photo below is from their original discovery and documenation in January 2010.

Back to Jacene

Jerry Jacene had a fossil reproduction business and museum, Highlands Prehistoric Museum, in Cookeville, TN. It opened in 2009 but business was not as good as expected;  plans had been made to move the exhibits, which included a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex,  to Kingsport, TN. The new location, which would incorporate Jacene's business, was to be the Kingsport Science Center.

The center will likely have six part-time educators, an education manager and office assistant, be open six days a week (seven if there is demand) and target students from the fourth grade up. The center will likely stay in the Slip Knot building for two to three years as officials work to find a larger, more permanent home.

Kingsport Tomorrow has taken on the project as an initiative until the Kingsport Science Center’s nonprofit status is finalized. The city and the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau have earmarked up to $20,000 each to help with the relocation costs for the museum and reproduction business. Chandley is in preliminary discussions with three foundations for the future funding of the center.

Looks like Kingsport has their own muddy process for city administration and in May the Director of the Kingsport Science Center resigned. As of October 16, 2010, the Kingsport Science Center is on hold.

The city and the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau each authorized up to $20,000 to cover 12 months of rent and relocation costs for Jacene’s business. Around $6,000 of those funds have remained with Kingsport Tomorrow, originally earmarked for renderings of the KCS.

UPDATE: Mr Jacene has his museum in Kingport

In January, Kingsport Tomorrow announced that Jacene was relocating the Highlands Prehistoric Museum and his Prehistoric Exhibits company from Cookeville to the Model City.

At the same time, officials announced the creation of a Kingsport Science Center (KSC) that would be coupled with Jacene’s business and located in the Slip-Not building. The idea was for Jacene to loan or lease some of his exhibits to the KSC, while the KSC at the same time would have other life science exhibits.

and has no plans, per his comment below, to move a museum here.

So, let's recap

The vision of the KSC was to start with and build on Jacene’s exhibits, adding in other sciences along the way. Beginning last fall, Bridget Chandley, the executive director of the KSC, worked with Jacene to bring his business to Kingsport and to help make the KSC a reality....

Earlier this year the city and the Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau each authorized up to $20,000 to Kingsport Tomorrow to help with relocation costs for Jacene’s business.

According to Jeanette Scalf, the city’s liaison on the KSC project, $10,000 of the funds were allocated for moving expenses, $24,000 as a lease subsidy and $6,000 for renderings of the KSC. To date, Jacene has received the moving expenses and $14,000 of the lease subsidy.

I smell business discussions in the works, don't you? Especially since the Reporter quoted Smith as saying

He had at one time planned to put a waterpark there. But that fell through. Now he says that was "meant to be", given the discovery of the tracks. "Well, that's why we didn't get the waterpark in here, because it was destined for this.".....Smith and Jacene would like to see the entire area around the site preserved and perhaps even turned into another Glen Rose attraction.

Sheer speculation here, but I would imagine IF there was any thought of Jacene moving a museum here (HE HAS SAID, BELOW THAT HE HAS NO PLANS TO DO SO),  it would be dependent on some sizeable funds coming from the city, most likely the 4b board.

Another idea that Jacene features on his website is Fossil Dig Vacations.

What do you think?

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1 - Jerry Jacene   25 Oct 2010 @ 9:47:18 AM 

This article lacks so much...mostly the truth. This could have been avoided if you spoke with me instead of adding to a continued parade of mistakes. your words...let's recap.

1.  I do not have exclusive rights to dig at the Baisch ranch in Montana.

2. We are in Kingsport Tn and we are NOT moving to Glen Rose Texas.

3. We were never going to be the Kingsport Science Center but partner with them. Keeping our museum seperate..Prehistoric Exhibits.

4. I DID NOT get the city of Kingsport Tn to authorize any money for anything

5. Sheer speculation on your part.....Prehistoric Exhibits is not without a place to move the museum. It is located at 321 Broad Street, Kingsport Tn....GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!

6. And why didn't you mention why I was in Glen Rose?. Can't stand good news?


2 - salon   25 Oct 2010 @ 11:37:14 AM 

Thanks, Mr Jacene.

Most of the comments above are quoting from some articles written by the Kingsport paper. That article says you had exclusive rights and also that part of the money that was allocated was for the moving of your business to the Kingsport Science Center; that money apparently was spent.  If that information is not correct, your beef lies with that paper. The article from the Glen Rose Reporter referenced that you were in Glen Rose and I mentioned that in the first paragraph.
I can certainly speculate and say that I am speculating here. It is entirely fair to wonder IF you decided to bring some business here, perhaps the museum, where the money would come from to create the attraction. Mr Smith asked the 4b board a couple of years ago to fund the waterpark he wanted to create on that land and was turned down. If, as he says in the GR article, an attraction would be created here, it's entirely appropriate to consider what might possibly fund that as well.

I do appreciate your saying that you aren't moving your museum here. Again, the Kingsport paper on January 21, 2010 said this.

Paleontologist Jerry Jacene is relocating the Highlands Prehistoric Museum and his Prehistoric Exhibits company from Cookeville to the Model City. The museum was closed Dec. 31, and the move is already under way.

Kingsport Tomorrow and the city of Kingsport have been working with Jacene over the past three months, and during the annual meeting of Kingsport Tomorrow on Thursday, officials announced the new home for Jacene’s endeavors — the Kingsport Science Center.

The center will be located in the old Slip Knot building on Main Street and hopefully be open by the end of March, said Bridget Chandley, executive director of the center.

Initially, the center will feature a dinosaur exhibit and house Jacene’s reproduction business.

Your location for museum

Let me add that the reason for even speculating about the museum is due to the article from the Kingsport paper about the science center being put on hold. Nonetheless, according to the paper,the city paid for moving expenses and $14,000 of the lease subsidy to you, as part of the allocation of funds for the science center through Kingsport Tomorrow.

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3 - LanceHall   2 Nov 2010 @ 6:00:14 AM 


We discovered those tracks back on October 31, 2009. Only one footprint was exposed at the time and I wasn't 100% sure it was what it was, assumed it was a prankster.  The tracks are preserved in softer sediments whereas the State Park tracks are in limestone.  At the time my mother was sick with cancer and I had to take care of her and her affairs and so I was not able to return with a camera until January.


On January 13, 2010 I returned to the site and confirmed they were indeed tracks (more tracks being exposed this time) and then notified and reported the location to the Dallas Paleontological  Society (of which I am a lifetime member), SMU (which holds the new "Aetodactylus" pterosaur I discovered), the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce (so they could contact the land owner), Jon Baskin (who runs website documenting Texas fossils and findings). On January 24, 2010 a friend (Roger Fry) with previous experience in documenting local dinosaur tracks took careful measurements of the tracks.

Recently I informed Glen Kuban who runs the website that documents all the tracks around Glen Rose.

I have had pics posted at my website for months and my Facebook account since January 13th.

The official discovery credit should go to Lance Hall and my hunting partner Roz Morgan unless someone has reported them earlier to persons and institutions of scientific standing which we did on January 13, 2010.

I have resisted telling the media because I knew if it went public FIRST the tracks would have been destroyed by treasure seekers before professional paleontologists could get a look at them. One footprint has already been destroyed I think.

I really hope these tracks will be preserved and will be fully excavated. They run (actually come from) straight under the entire flat area so there maybe several hundred feet of tracks. There are at least two sets of theropod tracks going slightly different angles and possibly some less well-defined sauropod tracks, not positive. This would be a tremendous new attraction for Glen Rose and hopefully contribute some good science.




Lance Hall

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
4 - salon   2 Nov 2010 @ 9:15:07 AM 

Thanks, Lance. Excellent website!

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
5 - salon   3 Nov 2010 @ 7:17:31 PM 

Update: The Glen Rose Reporter article of Nov 3 2010 credits Jacene with discovery of the tracks. FYI.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
6 - LanceHall   4 Nov 2010 @ 7:51:54 AM 

Hmmmm, well I emailed the newspaper with the following:

It's come to my attention that recently an out of state fossil modeler is laying discovery claim to the Dinosaur Tracks behind the Comfort Inn Hotel.
The problem is that we (Lance Hall and Roz Morgan) discovered these tracks on Oct. 31, 2009 AND offically reported them on Jan 13, 2010.
The other day (Nov 3?) there was evidently a public "christening" of the tracks in the name of some unfortunate child from Plano.  While this is fine and wonderful for the child and the City's publicity it should be stressed that in the scientific setting that any official name, credit, discovery, or scientific study and resulting publications traditionally goes to those who originally discovered AND reported them to the scientific community which WE did a full year BEFORE Jerry Jacene even came to Glen Rose.  There are very strict scientific guidelines regarding all this.  There are at least two fossil specimens I wanted to display on my website that I was asked NOT to display and put in the public domain because of pending research and future publication about other similar specimens. 
On October 31, 2009 during the Fossilmania event Me and my hunting partner Roz Morgan discovered NEW dinosaur tracks on east edge of town behind the Comfort Inn Suites Hotel in the drainage ditch.  At the time only ONE footprint was really visible and I was unsure if it was a genuine track and not a prank.  Unfortunatly I did not have a camera with me.
At this same time my mother became sick with terminal cancer and so I was not able to return to the site for months.   I live in Fort Worth, Texas.
On January 13, 2010 I was able to travel to Glen Rose specifically to photograph the track.  I discovered that more tracks has been exposed because of erosion.  After getting many photographs of every track I immediately notified and reported the exact location to the following:
1. Dr. Louis Jacobs (paleontologist who has written extensively about north Texas dinosaurs and has done excavations) of SMU (which holds the new "Aetodactylus" pterosaur I discovered).  Also Mike Polcyn of SMU.
2.  The Dallas Palentological Society (Which I am a lifetime member of for discovering and donating the new species of pterosaur in 2006).  The new tracks were also mentioned at the follwoing  meeting. 
3.  Robert Cadawaller, reporter for the Star Telegram
3.  The Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce or the Convention Bureau (so they could contact the land owner and possibly propose a NEW park). 
4. Glen Kuban (paleontologist, documents all the tracks and info about the tracks round Glen Rose on his webite)
5. Jon Baskin (paleontologist, has a website documenting Texas paleontology). 
6. Derek Main and Roger Fry (The Arlington Archosaur Site excavation)
7.  My Facebook page which is seen by many members of the DPS and other paleontogists such as George Phillips of the Natural History Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.   
8.  My personal website ( where I document North Texas fossils and geology.
8.  The Fossil Forum which is a very popular fossil hunting internet forum:
On January 24, 2010 a friend (Roger Fry) with years experience in documenting local dinosaur tracks took careful measurements of the tracks.   (pics on my website and FB page above)
I have resisted telling the media because I knew if it went public FIRST the tracks would have been destroyed by treasure seekers before real paleontolgists could get a look at them.
If the new tracks are fully excavated and the site developed as a privately owned Dinosaur Track site (which I hope happens) it's certainly fine to called them "Johnann'a Tracks" but any scientific study and resulting publication would and should carry a different designation.
Lance Hall (co-discoverer of the new Glen Rose dinosaur tracks)

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
7 - LanceHall   5 Nov 2010 @ 12:38:09 PM 

Edit:  By "resulting publication would and should carry a different designation " I am ONLY talking about what appears as discovery credit in an anything formally published through a scientific journal such as "The Journal of Paleontology" or more likely the "Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology", both being journals of the "Society of Vertebrate Paleontology". 

Unfortunately Mr. Jacene has now indicated to me his [unstated but implied in my opinion] intention to try and invalidate our  WELL documented discovery in a future scientific paper via a flimsy irrelevant technical S.V.P. rule (we are not members anyways!) for the purposes of basically stealing published credit for discovery.   

As far as official title for the tracks I make NO desire or claim for our own names regarding that, they are not OUR tracks, they belong to the land owner Larry Smith and it's his decision solely.  I would suggest though "Smith Tracks" be the formal title of these tracks, in any future scientific publication and media use.

Thank you,
Lance Hall

Latest Blog Post by LanceHall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
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