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17 September 2010 at 2:02:50 PM

The other day, when I went to pick my child up from the High School.  I saw a strange site.  There was a white truck parked at the end of the football field.  I just thought it was a parent to pick up their child.  Well, it was a City employee watching football practice.  It was around 3:25 pm.  As I sat there in front of the High School I noticed the truck still there.  And after 10 minutes or so, the truck pulled up by the Deputy parked along the road.  I guess my question is, now after all the things that have gone on with the city.  Is/are they now allowing the employees to just sit around and watch football practice when they should have some type of job they should be doing?  Like mowing the sides of the streets, patching bad spots in the roads, trimming trees hanging over the road, or what?

I know that they used to take care of the basics:  streets, parks (including mowing town hall), and the sewer plant that is now at 75%.  What's up with that?  The city wants people to come here and stay, visit, and spend money.  Why didn't they take the money that was used for Oakdale and update the Waste Water Treatment Facility?  I feel that the next thing we're  going to voting on is to raise taxes to pay for that.


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1 - salon   17 Sep 2010 @ 2:14:18 PM 

The other question with that is, did the city employee dock himself for the time he was spending at the school? Did he keep a log of where he went when so that his paycheck time would be accurate?

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2 - Charles Tankersley   17 Sep 2010 @ 3:25:37 PM 

This is getting rediculous there is alot of good information comes out this site, but people are starting to nitpick the stupidest things that a city employee took a little bit of time out of his day to stop and watch football pratice probably didn't reduce the city water treatment plant to 75 percent capacity. Things get old wear it takes money to fix them and they can be fixed, but many times that requires a tax increase of floating a bond to cover it and I'm sure must of you will be howling mad when your taxes go up and that will happen either was and a city employee spoofing of  a few mlnutes isn't going to wreck the city or run off  the tourist

3 - salon   17 Sep 2010 @ 3:40:36 PM 

@Charles-for my part,  I'm not weighing into the city taxes/WWTP angle, but as a side note that Cindy King was fired for allegedly running errands while managing Oakdale. If it's okay for city employees to stop and watch a football game or run to the bank to cash payroll checks during working hours without logging their time or deducting every minute spent not on city business, then it should be okay for all.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
4 - Charles Tankersley   17 Sep 2010 @ 4:19:17 PM 

I have been employeed as an hourly employee or a supervisor for well over 30 years and have never had an employee who didn't spoof off every now and then as long as it didn't become a habit then I saw no usefull purpose in making a big deal out of it, if it became an ongoing issue then address it. This city has many other issues facing it and for the most part the empoyees of the city I know and have observed do a pretty good job. I've never failed to get resolution to any problems I've had in the city with service or an thing else. I don't know all the issues involved in the other firing but my guess is other things were going on its not good business or legal practice to terninate employees with out solid grounds. I've had employees who gave more than ample grounds for dismissal and the company I worked for still baulked due to the legal issues and liabillity involved with termination I doubt the city would wade into this with out justifaction that would hold up in court if it became a legal issue. Our coucil members are responsibe members of our community and I feel they will take care of the cities business in a resectable and moral manner

5 - salon   17 Sep 2010 @ 5:48:44 PM 

@Charles-thanks for your opinion, as silenceisgolden has one, both valid and worthy of consideration. I appreciate that, while we don't necessarily agree about the business practices or moral manner of some, all opinions that refrain from personal attack or stereotypical  caricatures are welcome. I also certainly don't have all the facts regarding Cindy King's dismissal, but do think that there is an appearance of a double standard; that said, only the Kings or city council could rectify that if they choose.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY)
6 - humanbeing   17 Sep 2010 @ 6:05:03 PM 

The solution is simple: write a protocol for reprimand and dismissals that requires proper documentation and procedure and follow it. Make sure everyone knows the rules, like an employee handbook.

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7 - silenceisgolden   17 Sep 2010 @ 7:16:48 PM 

@Charles, it's a shame that things have turned out the way they have.  But as a tax payer in the city limits, I would think that any city employee could find something better to do than watch football practice.  And I have also been in a supervisor position and I know that it's not good business for your employees to be seen out and about wasting time on company pay.  And I'm really sorry that all this nitpicking has pissed off alot of people.  And frankly I don't really care because this has been the only way the everyone has opened their eyes to what has REALLY been going on with the city.

Latest Blog Post by silenceisgolden -Theft in a small country town.
8 - Rockclimber   18 Sep 2010 @ 8:05:19 PM 

#1  I'm glad I don't live in "America's Dream Town," LOL!!! so my taxes don't pay the wages of a pitiful sex offender and liar.  This situation is sickening.  In any other town, that person would have been fired immediately.  He lied, it was discovered, and he got to keep the job?  Poor thing.
 #2  When speaking of the man who owns Slick Machines in the Chalk Mountain contraversy, why is his ponytail ALWAYS mentioned?  On the same page is a quote by Benjamin Franklin (another ponytailed man) about ignorance.  Believe me, I don't want a rock crusher in my neighborhood (Chalk Mt.) either, but please stop mentioning the ponytail.  It shows ignorance on your part.

9 - salon   18 Sep 2010 @ 8:18:43 PM 

@Rockclimber- I didn't say anything derogatory about his ponytail, only that it was long. And it IS!  I thought that was interesting from the view I had and I continue to think it's an interesting picture.

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10 - citizenB   19 Sep 2010 @ 11:41:55 AM 

hahahaha..... this cracked me up... then I had to go search out the picture.... long interesting ponytail indeed!!

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