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Rick Perry Thnks Creationism Ought to be Taught in Texas Public Schools

13 September 2010 at 1:21:09 AM

Or is he just pandering? from San Angelo

Explain where you stand on evolution-creationism being taught in school.

I am a firm believer in intelligent design as a matter of faith and intellect, and I believe it should be presented in schools alongside the theories of evolution. The State Board of Education has been charged with the task of adopting curriculum requirements for Texas public schools and recently adopted guidelines that call for the examination of all sides of a scientific theory, which will encourage critical thinking in our students, an essential learning skill.

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1 - pstern   13 Sep 2010 @ 12:27:24 PM 

That's really nothing new, Salon.  Perry has been the "darling" of the religious right for many years.  He pushed for and succeeded in getting Church's exempt from paying property taxes.  He supports people like Cynthia Dunbar and the "Mad Dentist" who are finishing up their terms on the SBOE. 

Mr. Leininger of San Antonio is another millionaire of the religous right who supports Perry and his claim to fame is pushing for a public education voucher system.

Perry has his priorities set and those are NOT the ones needed by most hardworking and hardly-working Texans.  We should not be surprised by Perry's support for religious teaching in public education.  After all, here is a governor who circumvents the state's responsibility for financing public schools by diverting its constitutional mandate onto local government via charing up to 80 percent of property taxes for public education.

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2 - citizenB   19 Sep 2010 @ 11:36:02 AM 

Make no mistake... religion IS taught in our school systems... so you are ok with Christmas, Easter and on and on.... just not creationism?... Interesting! 

3 - salon   19 Sep 2010 @ 11:54:02 AM 

@citizenb- the problem I have with the TSBOE is that they are attempting to promote one religion over others in textbooks, which I believe they should stay out of. I've never had a problem with holidays in the school because, at least where I lived, all religious holidays were recognized. I remember kids getting out of school for Yom Kippur, for example, or more recently, kids commemorating Eid by fasting all day. IN other words, I never saw anything that promoted one religion more than another, the freedom of religion that all had was appropriate recognized by the school. But when the BOE attempts to try to decide to play up or play down, in textbooks, one religion over another, they're overstepping their bounds.

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4 - citizenB   19 Sep 2010 @ 12:03:39 PM 

How are they not doing this by only representing the THEORY of evolution?  Why is there no room for the other theories or theory?  And they ABSOLUTELY do NOT represent ALL holidays.  They couldn't, the time involved would be ridiculous... they pick the more mainstream ones.  And if it is seperation of Church and state..... then 100%, not pick and choose, you can't have some religious aspects and not others. (well, I guess you can because they do)

5 - salon   19 Sep 2010 @ 12:26:57 PM 

Two things: That may be about all religions-I just read a case about the piercings from the Church of Body Modifications (heh). I would expect, though, if someone that attended a school wanted his or her religion represented, the school would make efforts to do so in order to be fair. On teaching religions-I also think teaching about world religions or the Bible as literature, etc is entirely appropriate but not teaching religious dogma as truth because it isn't fair to others who don't share the same religion... UNLESS the schools make attempts to teach religious dogma of all religions. That shouldn't happen. I was raised Southern Baptists and wouldn't want my kids being taught that, for example, Mormonism is correct because I think it's baloney (sorry if you're Mormon, but the whole golden tablets in the woods that no one could see directly but only feel through a cloth and seer stone stuff is ridiculous). That type of religious instruction belongs in a church or synagogue or mosque.

I likewise believe that creationism is a belief system that is more appropriate taught in a religious setting.  That is separate from the argument about whether evolution is valid to teach in science class.

One of the best introductory books on evolution (as opposed to introductory biology) is that by Douglas J. Futuyma, and he makes the following comment:

A few words need to be said about the "theory of evolution," which most people take to mean the proposition that organisms have evolved from common ancestors. In everyday speech, "theory" often means a hypothesis or even a mere speculation. But in science, "theory" means "a statement of what are held to be the general laws, principles, or causes of something known or observed." as the Oxford English Dictionary defines it. The theory of evolution is a body of interconnected statements about natural selection and the other processes that are thought to cause evolution, just as the atomic theory of chemistry and the Newtonian theory of mechanics are bodies of statements that describe causes of chemical and physical phenomena. In contrast, the statement that organisms have descended with modifications from common ancestors--the historical reality of evolution--is not a theory. It is a fact, as fully as the fact of the earth's revolution about the sun. Like the heliocentric solar system, evolution began as a hypothesis, and achieved "facthood" as the evidence in its favor became so strong that no knowledgeable and unbiased person could deny its reality. No biologist today would think of submitting a paper entitled "New evidence for evolution;" it simply has not been an issue for a century.

- Douglas J. Futuyma, Evolutionary Biology, 2nd ed., 1986, Sinauer Associates, p. 15

The Supreme Court has ruled against teaching creationism in schools. The recent  (2005) Dover case in PA also ruled against it.

I see a difference between allowing others to have religious freedom to say, pray in school, or wear crosses, or celebrate a holiday and having the school acting to establish one religion or religious belief over another, such as when a school leads everyone in a prayer that favors one religion over another.

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