Where's the Accounting System at Oakdale Park at Glen Rose? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Where's the Accounting System at Oakdale Park at Glen Rose?

3 September 2010 at 6:27:18 PM

About money at Oakdale. I did an open records request recently asking to see the register tapes for Oakdale Park for the dulcimer festival that was held in the spring. The initial question we had at Somervell County Salon was why, when you looked at the check registers for monies coming into Oakdale, it was always an even number. I just assumed that any of the transactions done from, say, the snack bar or office would have to have some kind of reconciliation tape done with them.

I've only had one job ever where I did reconciliation and that was at a bookstore. At the end of the day, we took the cash register tape and compared it with the checks and cash to see that the amounts came out the same. If for any reason at all they didn't match, we had to go hunt down the individual receipts and painfully look for every dang penny. Then, we stapled the receipt with the other receipts for proof of what the money was for that day, not to mention a copy of the bank deposit receipt after it came back.

The answer came back that, although the person who is acting as manager currently  hunted for them, they cannot be found. I was told that the money is listed on some kind of sheet, with the checks, cash and change in the drawer. My question is, how does anyone ensure that cash is not taken from the drawer, or even change, if there is no daily reconciliation with a register or 10key or whatever machine?I'm not saying that anyone necessarily took money from the till, but it would certainly be possible. In my opinion, that you do is put in a tight, secure accounting process that does reconciliation nightly, with register tapes, in order to prevent temptation.

So I ask, how does one truly have proof of sales when there is a cash loophole?

And when an auditor comes in, what's he going to look at?

P.S. I am not insinuating that anyone DID steal. My point is that Oakdale Park, once again, is shown to have been purchased with NO thought about how to run it professionally, make up rules and procedures, and keep it CLOSED until all the former was done. The chief responsibility for this failure, I believe, belongs with the mayor.

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1 - humanbeing   3 Sep 2010 @ 10:20:44 PM 

You're exactly right, salon. The entire Oakdale project has been done completely backwards. There has never been any kind of proper plan for the renovation, the management or a business plan. You can't just purchase a 24/7 business like Oakdale and expect the city workers, with NO director, to make it work. They have been totally delusional. This just boggles my mind. Our city government has a real crisis on its hands.

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2 - citizenB   7 Sep 2010 @ 1:09:45 PM 

"The citizen can bring our political and governmental institutions back to life, make them responsive and accountable and keep them honest. No one else can."
-John Gardner

Stand up Glen Rose citizens and demand honesty, integrity and common sense.

3 - salon   7 Sep 2010 @ 1:36:23 PM 

Amen to that. And just to add to that that, re: open records, every citizen can go look at the records and see what's going on. Like on check registers. 

Who do these records belong to?

And a repeat of the shoutout to the great people who help out getting those records.

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4 - pharper   7 Sep 2010 @ 10:16:02 PM 

How do you know how much was brought in when there is no tape? There might be $800 there but there might have been $1000, WHO KNOWS?????

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5 - anonymous   13 Sep 2010 @ 12:27:36 PM 

I'm not sure if this will even be posted since I do not share all of the same views as you do and it seems that anytime anyone disagrees their posts never show up. But I think you people need to listen to yourselves. You're starting to blame the person who is "acting as manager" now, when wasn't it the person who WAS manager during the Dulcimer festival to have provided all of those records? But you can't say that because everywhere else on your website you are defending her. Why is it that all of these stories are always one sided? Do you ever think to stop and actually ask around, find out what is really going on? Or are you just so comfortable taking someone elses word for it? Come on people have a mind of your own!

6 - salon   13 Sep 2010 @ 12:46:03 PM 

@anonymous. Just to be clear. No where in the post above is the person who is termporarily acting as manager blamed for the accounting system. As I said, the process of asking for the records meant that that person went to hunt for them.

The answer came back that, although the person who is acting as manager currently  hunted for them, they cannot be found.

That says nothing that any type of active blame needs to be put on the young woman who is the temp manager (until a job description is made and a permanent manager is hired) . What it does mean, to me, is that there needs to be some daylight shed on the whole process, to the public, about why those records aren't available. And, as said above, I believe that responsibillity lies with the mayor. Not the temporary manager. I frankly don't understand why, at the beginning of purchasing Oakdale, someone didn't go over basic business procedures, including accounting, and yes, I'd love to see a lot of talk at the city council meetings discussing this, because it's 4b and taxpayer money at stake.

Anyone that wants to put out some facts about Cindy King has been welcome to do so. We have posted Cindy King's disciplinary file and also do have strong opinions about whether she was treated equitably. If you, anonymous, believe you have some facts that would shed light on what you consider one-sided, please post those facts, with backup.

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7 - Craig Dodson   13 Sep 2010 @ 1:28:18 PM 

Let's face the fact, the City stepped off into Oakdale Park without thinking things through or planning things out.  They bought Oakdale because of it's "Heritage" to the City.  They did not think of the business side of the park and what it would take to operate the business through the city.  It is hard enough to manage a business with one boss much less six of them.  Operating a business through bureaucracy is not easy and is costly to the taxpayers.  As mentioned with the accounting, this is vulnerable without proper care, custody and control measures in place to protect monies.  This also helps the "owner" track expenses and income to see where your business in excelling and failing.  This should be of high importance to the City  because tax payer monies are compromised without a proper accounting system in place.  With computers and software these days, one should be able to tell you how much they sold last month, last week, yesterday, last year, etc...  There is no excuse for not keeping records.  They Mayor, head of the city, should be held accountable for this!  She needs to account for the taxpayers money.

8 - anonymous   14 Sep 2010 @ 10:27:06 AM 

@salon- I am sorry I must have misinterpreted what was being said. I do agree that the city council does not know exactly what they have gotten themselves into. But I also believe that a big part of that was also trusting that they had someone to run the place that already knew every aspect of it and how to keep track of everything. From what I've been told, allot of things went missing after the firing of Mrs. King. But I can honestly say that I believe that things are looking good for Oakdale. The people that work there really do care about what happens. I'm looking forward to Oakdale becoming very prosperous.

9 - salon   14 Sep 2010 @ 11:08:32 AM 

@anonymous. I do agree with you on the initial running of the place. The city wanted to run a business; the very first thing they should have done was to check business practices, if for no other reason than one can't assume that a private business must be run the same way a public business must be-it's like they thought it would sort of run itself without having to put any close scrutiny in (I'm with Craig Dodson here about the priority though was not about running a business but they were buying a heritage park).

I really do like Oakdale Park, and have said before I was glad they bought it. However, they have a man as a supervisor over parks who lied on his job application and pled guilty to indecent exposure. Has Oakdale Park finally passed inspections and does it now finally have a certificate of occupancy? Do you know? I am with you that I believe that most of the people who work there do care and I've enjoyed talking with them when I've met them, they've worked very hard and I like what's been done to the cabins and the office-worlds better!

Again, though, this is a business, not a private business but one run with taxpayer money.

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10 - anonymous   18 Sep 2010 @ 8:17:52 AM 

I understand that Moose lying on his app. was wrong. But that doesn't mean he is inadequate to do his job.

11 - salon   18 Sep 2010 @ 9:16:02 AM 

@anonymous-then you believe that it is perfectly fine for a business, any business, to keep on a person who is dishonest and lies on their application, probably because he doesn't want another arrest like indecent exposure to come to light? Really? Answer me this, then. Why should a person who is interviewing for positions bother to put on a section for the potential job applicant to say if he or she has been convicted of a crime if it makes no difference if the job applicant lies?  I'm also curious about how you would defend the indecent exposure charge-is that okay with you?

Also wondering if you have children and you would send them over to play at someone's house who pled guilty to indecent exposure.

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12 - citizenB   18 Sep 2010 @ 6:06:16 PM 

The indecent exposure charge is not, in my opinion, warranted in this case.  He didn't flash someone or pee in public... he commited a SEXUAL ACT in public, and I firmly believe he should have been charged more harshly for his actions and anyone who thinks this is minor obviously has not read the police report!

13 - salon   18 Sep 2010 @ 7:39:02 PM 

Very good point, citizenb. Yup, the police report is pretty disgusting and it ends with the fact that he pled GUILTY to the charge in exchange for deferred jail time. Again, it wasn't a matter of him going to court as an innocent and coming before a judge or jury to plead his case, he CHOSE to plead guilty, had to TELL the judge he was pleading guilty in order to get the deferal. So let no one try to come on here to pretend that he wasn't guilty because a court case didn't find him so. That doesn't give him a conviction, but that's because he chose to plead guilty in order to get a deferral.

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