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Texas: 2nd highest insurance premiums in nation

Gov. Rick Perry and his Insurance Industry 'Axis of Evil'

1 September 2010 at 10:22:27 AM

Approximately four years ago lax insurance legislation coupled with Gov. Rick Perry, then TDI Commissioner Jose Montemayor and elected officials looking the other way, the insurance industry overnight doubled home insurance premiums to over-compensate for previous years of a soft market.


While I personally dislike most government interference into our daily lives, we have seen during the past decade of events how greed takes over our legislative system at the national and local level, and that there is a need for some government regulation to protect the interests of the community at-large.

 After the fact of doubling insurance premiums in Texas Perry, Montemayor and legislators promised homeowners that 1) money would be returned and 2) that premiums would be lowered significantly. Obviously, that did NOT occur.


It is interesting that Texans continue to vote in Perry year after years when the man clearly is special interest focused and obviously does not care about hardworking and hardly working Texans.

 Gubernatorial candidate Bill White has the right idea about Perry and Texas insurance.

The Houston Chronicle reported that:



White to seek bill to regulate insurance hikes


Homeowners hurting, he says; Perry cites effort




 Aug. 26, 2010, 11:38PM

 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White, flanked by local homeowners, said Thursday he will push legislation requiring insurance companies to get state approval before hiking home insurance rates.

 White said Texans pay "hundreds of dollars more" to insure their homes than residents in other states. "Since Rick Perry's been governor, our home insurance rates have gone up almost 50 percent in Texas," White said.

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1 - humanbeing   1 Sep 2010 @ 2:20:27 PM 

One more reason to vote for Bill White for Governor. Thanks, pstern.

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2 - pstern   1 Sep 2010 @ 4:21:45 PM 

Unfortunately, Bill White is still 9 points in the polls behind Perry.  It boggles my mind that Texans actually like this vermin Perry enough to continue to vote for him, despite what Perry's political history and actions show us. 

I try and try, but cannot intellectually comprehend why people vote for this obvious dirtbag.  Perry has done more to hurt Texans in their wallets than any previous governor and still he is ahead in the polls.  It is very frustrating, concerning and disappointing.

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3 - salon   1 Sep 2010 @ 8:21:59 PM 

I cannot wait to vote!

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4 - humanbeing   1 Sep 2010 @ 8:55:55 PM 

Texans aren't using their brains, pstern, it's all about holding on to their misplaced, misguided 'ideology'. Hogwash, I say.

Latest Blog Post by humanbeing -State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route
5 - John Cobarruvias   1 Sep 2010 @ 9:53:48 PM 

The people of Texas who are paying double their insurance rates deserve Rick Perry as their governor.


Unfortunately, we do not.

6 - Anonomous   1 Sep 2010 @ 10:40:06 PM 

O&G, insurance, power generating and other energy cources have always controlled and run the state of Texas.  That's the way it's always been, and it will probably continue!   When it comes to voting, Perry's in--then he's out!

7 - pstern   2 Sep 2010 @ 10:42:29 AM 

Anonymous, I agree with you re: who "runs" Texas and how it's always been.

I didn't get your meaning as to "When it comes to voting, Perry's in--then he's out!"

Could you explain that a bit further?  Thank you.

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8 - glenrosefan   6 Sep 2010 @ 10:55:53 PM 

Texas we need to vote "smart" and that means voting against Perry even if you are not for White.

9 - humanbeing   6 Sep 2010 @ 11:21:47 PM 

I think Bill White would make an excellent governor who could do some real good for Texas in these tricky times.

Latest Blog Post by humanbeing -State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route
10 - glenrosefan   7 Sep 2010 @ 12:00:51 AM 

I agree that Bill White will make an excellent Govenor for the State of Texas.  I do not think that Texas can take another 4 years under Perry's rule and personal spending ways.

11 - pstern   11 Sep 2010 @ 6:12:18 PM 

You have to wonder why Perry really wants a 4th term as governor.  What does he think he is going to do next?  Most Texans do not want Perry, but I think many are afraid of voting someone else in.  At least they know Perry after 10 years, no surprises there.  But it's time to vote in someone different.  It's time to emerge from the Dark Ages.  White may not be the best candidate, but he is better than Perry.  I also think that the majority of Texans don't want a Democrat as a Governor --- and that may be the biggest problem of all.

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12 - pstern   19 Sep 2010 @ 10:10:44 AM 

Perry still refuses to debate White, but puts the blame on White for not publicizing tax records.  What has that got to do with taking part in a debate?

The reality is that Perry has nothing to gain (as the incumbent) and everything to lose by debating Bill White.  It doesn't matter that debates have built this nation, e.g., Lincoln vs. Douglas debates and others.

One thing you have to give Perry credit for:  his ability to play the system and his longevity in it.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
13 - salon   19 Sep 2010 @ 10:19:49 AM 

I was thinking that too, that it's usually the underdog that wants a debate-the people who think they're on top don't want to debate and risk something they say publicly ruin their momentum. Who cares about the voters who would be edified by seeing and hearing candidates? And incidentally, as you said, like the Lincoln-Douglas debates, not these whitewashed structured so-called *debates* that all candidates have now where the rules are laid down beforehand lest something real come out. I'd rather just watch a commercial or read a press release.

We were out the last couple of days doing stuff. Saw a LOT of Rick Perry signs in Stephenville (Erath County) and not one in Waco (McClennan) (lots of Bill White signs).

Latest Blog Post by salon -Last Show Tonight on SLAPP Suits
14 - pstern   19 Sep 2010 @ 12:28:34 PM 

It is even more than that.  It is campaign management and political strategy that determines it is NOT worth it for an incumbent.  After all, in these days of politics those who receive big campaign bucks can make their platforms known more safely, via Internet sites, mailings, TV and radio spots and other advertising.  Then all they must do is to tour around and spout their various wisdoms and cliches.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
15 - salon   19 Sep 2010 @ 12:40:02 PM 

You know what frustrates me, and make me feel defeatist about elections? It's the money. I was reading something yesterday about an elected official who said that just because he got a lot of money from X and Y didn't mean that he was giving special treatment to those people or corporations. And that may be true. But how would you ever KNOW for sure that the way someone chose to vote wasn't for the money interest?

And as far as the different ways to make platforms known. That's all useless unless those people can be challenged and have to answer questions directly from the public they claim to serve or want to serve. Anyone can put out PR releases in one form or another to show on the internet, mailings, etc-as you say, that's all advertising. But where are the people who say that they will show up in front of people can answer questions in a setting that would allow real conversations? I mean, if all we have to do is go read some glossy adverts or watch a video where the candidate has rehearsed and said exactly what he or she wants to make known, AND that's all the candidate wants to do while avoiding personal interaction, then why not just stick up a cardboard dummy with a *press me for my opinion" button on it.

That's how I feel about Chet Edwards. He has not arranged to come into town for a very long time after notifying the townspeople he is coming. I always hear about his arrival by accident or after it's already occurred. When's the last time he held a town meeting HERE? He did have a Vets for Chet PR road event last month which I heard about through email, not the newspaper, at the exact time it was startting-if I didn't happen to be on that email list, I wouldn't have known.

THAT is a breakdown of the process.

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16 - pstern   19 Sep 2010 @ 2:05:25 PM 

I am frustrated as well re: elections.  First-off, generally only 5% of all registered voters go to the polls.  In some countries voting is compulsory, not-voting punishable by fines or jail time.  Maybe that should be done here as well.  Some would argue that it would be undemocratic to force people to vote.  I personally think it is undemocratic NOT to vote.

Unfortunately, our say and clout in how our government acts and behaves has diminished greatly since the time of Jefferson and Washington.  We can do little when we disagree with our officials.  As you stated, the big bucks dictate how too many of our officials act on various issues.  "Money talks."

Until we get out in numbers and vote, hold incumbent officlals severely accountable for their actions, eliminate huge campaign contributions and stop letting our officials work for lobbyists [the same ones who contributed to their campaigns] after they retire from office, we will continue to have the same problems we currently have.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
17 - wlhopkins   30 Sep 2010 @ 6:25:44 PM 

BOTH are dirtbag liars. I'm going to research the Libertarian candidate. Anyone know her background??

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