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Road Story- Why Making Waterfall A No-Parking Fire Lane (Glen Rose) is Unreasonable (August 2010)

25 August 2010 at 8:35:17 PM

At a recent City of Glen Rose Town Hall Meeting, Chris Bryant brought up how people were illegally parking on Waterfall Street and what could be done to both stop the constant complaints and make people quit parking on the street. City council made a suggestion that they change the ordinances to make Waterfall Street (which is off Paluxy) a no parking fire zone and asked City Attorney Andy Lucas to look into it. (Here's audio of that August 9, 2010 meeting) I may reclip the video and if I do, will add it here later.

What was funny to me is that the next day I was listening to the police scanner and heard a complaint come through to the Sheriff's Department about parking on Waterfall. So whoever was complaining about the street was doing it again. Sounded to me like it must be quite the congested situation.

On Monday, Chris Bryant again brought up turning Waterfall into a no-parking street by making the entire street a fire lane.  Ronald Bruce iterated that the street is 19 feet wide, and not wide enough for emergency vehicles when people are parked on the street. When he did, up jumped Debbie Martinez who lives on Waterfall. Here she is asking for the ordinance to be read.

The next part is about how the problem is really with RJ's trash, and not with parking on the street, that in fact she never would have signed the paper to make her the dirt road that they parked on into a city street had she known they were planning THIS.

She also showed Chris Bryant a piece of paper that showed that the road is supposed to be 30 feet wide. (More about that later in this article).

Mr. Briley jumped up then and said it wouldn't matter if the street were wider and then said that Martinez is at fault for having fenced in her yard and building a porch.(Of course it would matter if the street were wider, like it is SUPPOSED TO BE).

Rest of the discussion.

When Debbie Martinez said something about how R J's house had burned, all of a sudden I knew who they were talking about-the Darch family. Although I no longer have the video on this link, I recorded the City Council meeting on August 8, 2005. Mrs Briley was complaining about the condition of the Darch house, and the house was slated to be torn down due to code violations. If memory serves (and if I can find the videos I will repost them) seems like they gave the Darch's 30 days to tear something down or they were going to raze the house. Obviously, since was spoken of the other night, they didn't do it.

Debbie Martinez told the council that they needed to go see for themselves what was being talked about.

City Council took a short recess (it was a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG meeting) and in the break, the Brileys walked up to Chris Bryant and had an animated conversation with him.

The next day I went down with my camera to Waterfall to see what was being talked about. Here are some pics.

Looking west, from Paluxy.

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

Looking down waterfall-note the No Parking sign on the left. That is ONLY for the left side of this one way street. Note also the huge rocks on the Briley property (that is also their home at the end of the block)

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

No parking sign up close

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

Here is one of the Darch vehicles.

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

I am certain that at least part of this complaint is due to the junk around the Darch home.

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

and here's in front of the Martinez house, which is a very nice, well kept home. It is, however, a very narrow lot on each side.

Waterfall St Glen Rose August 24 2010

I wasn't the only person taking a tour; one of the other ladies who has a business on 67 and had been at the meeting was driving around with her daughter. While I was talking with them, R J Darch walked out of his house. I went over with the camera to get his side of the story. I have edited this a bit as he had quite a bit to say, so editing it down a bit.

On this video he talks about the street and the code violations. I want to make it clear here that I think the place needs to be cleaned up, and I frankly don't understand why the City of Glen Rose cannot fix this problem. Darch said that the process of telling him what he had to do to bring the place in compliance after the fire was flawed and that he was, basically, tired of dealing with the city. At any rate, I'm putting that part in here because his trailer full of stuff is part of the complaint. But the issue I"m addressing is whether vehicles, including emergency and trash vehicles, can get down the street.

While we were talking about the fire lane potential ordinance, he said he had a legal contract that showed that the City was supposed to make the street 30 feet wide. I said, wow, would you mind getting that piece of paper and showing it to me? He did and it's on the video. Signatures on the document are Briley, Darch and Martinez.

After, I went over to Debbie Martinez and talked with her and her daughter Crystal; she also had a copy of the legal document and made me one, which I am posting HERE for you to see.  Go Look! !!! How wide is that street supposed to be? THIRTY FEET. It looks to me that the original alley that goes back was 19 and for some reason they didn't do the street right on that part;it further looks like it would have involved taking the side with Briley's land to do it, the area where those huge rocks are. (iF the video not working come look at it later-Youtube still processing it on their end)


Crystal also made a very good point about a nuisance ordinance, which she had found on the Attorney General's website, that had a good procedure and some teeth to get junky yards cleaned up.

But what was totally hilarious was that while I was on the porch talking with them both, the trash truck came down the street. Easily. Here's video from that.

My point is this, IF it was so hard for people to get by, then how the heck did the trash truck manage to get down the street. And, as Martinez said, why shouldn't she be able to park in the street? She made the deal with the city in the first place with the understanding that it would be 30 feet and that she would be able to continue to park in front of her house. If the problem actually is the code violations and junk/trash that are at RJ's house, then why isn't the city taking responbility for THAT instead of trying to make the entire street a fire lane?

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1 - silenceisgolden   26 Aug 2010 @ 3:54:54 PM 

Well, now I guess the cat is out of the bag.  Now the City should admit that there have been wrong about what they've been doing.  i wonder how harrasment would sound.   Sounds pretty good to me.  Both  the Darch family and the Martinez family are really good people.  Any of them would do anything for anyone who needs help.  I guess all a matter of who you are in the town that gets things done.  That my friends sounds like favoritism.  I hope that the Briley's know that Mr. Bryant is not going to do anything that he tells them he'll do.  Because I have spoken to him several times about the city employees not wearing there seat belts, this excludes Darrel and Bill, using the city vehicles to go to the grocery store, or drive around non city employees, etc.  They have gotten themselves in a pickle.

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