Some Pics from Oakdale Park August 23 2010 (Glen Rose)


Some Pics from Oakdale Park August 23 2010 (Glen Rose)

23 August 2010 at 9:56:47 AM

I stopped by Oakdale Park to look at a few cabins this morning. I was especially interested to see how it compared with how it looked since the walkthrough that was done in January. I'll take this by building.

Skating Rink. I really do like how bright and airy the skating rink is now.

This picture below doesn't do justice to how nice and airy the place is. The wooden floors were redone and restained and look quite attractive. There is wainscoting around the wall where there was dark paneling before. I wasn't sure how I would like the beams going across but they looked fine, and I actually think to redo them by sanding, etc would have been way too major of a job at this point.  Ryan and Justin were in there clearing out after a weekend event.

The whole place looked worlds better. They still do need to fix something about the roof, however, because I could see light shining through at the top.

fireplace-looks really good-If memory serves, they added the wood at the top with the metal decoration.

Decorations in the wall. One of the employees, I think, made these

Snack Bar (well, what was the snack bar and is now just the office)

Here's what it looked like before.


and from today

Looks like that middle divider from where the snack bar chairs were has been taken out, the paneling is gone and the whole place is much brighter. I also think that maybe, on this lower pic, that part of the open space to the right is now a break room, only because it seems like the space when council was sitting it in the pictures above was larger. I like the trim around the doors and the off white color for the walls. I was told that the snack bar is now in the building that is perpendicular to this one.

John at the snack bar-he was one of the temporary summer employees holding down the fort -I don't think there were any managers around to replace Cindy yet. City council is going to vote in their next session about hiring a manager, but tabled the discussion last night.

Bunk House

I'd have to hunt if I took any before photos from January, but suffice it to say that the major difference to me was the change from one bathroom to two, with multiple stalls in each. Very nice! Plus the kitchen looked terrific. I also want to mention the molding going around the top of all the rooms. I happen to really like that style anyway, rustic with a hint of arts and cratts.

Some rock facing needs to be replaced and shored up.

this picture doesn't do the kitchen justice-it's quite roomy feeling.

The rooms are all painted up with new wainscoting.


This is apparently the cabin that is meant to be the special one. I wanted to see the hot tub/whirlpool tub that had been installed. When I saw it, it reminded me of the Holiday Inn Express at the east side of town on 67. Not sure why there was a need for a $2000 hot tub/whirlpool tub in the room, there is also a newly redone bathroom with a shower.

this is the other part to the above photo, on the right hand side of the room when you are looking at the back. The bathroom is to the right of the fridge. That's Ronald Bruce's son, Ryan, who works there as, I believe, temporary summer help , and was very helpful.

Closeup in the kitchen.

This is looking from the back towards the fronf of the cabin.

I'd be interested in knowing what the price breakdown spent on each cabin, including parts, furniture, and labor-I would assume that someone has that specific breakdown, rather than in generalties.

Anyway, thanks to the summer help at Oakdale. Regardless of what I think of management or city council, these guys are just doing their job and the effort is very good.

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