Don't Come to Oakdale Park in Glen Rose If...........................

Close the Park Until This Stuff FIXED!!!!

Don't Come to Oakdale Park in Glen Rose If...........................

22 August 2010 at 12:57:52 PM

I'm royally p'od about what's going on. Where's the professionalism?When the city decided to purchase Oakdale Park as one of the 4b projects, some people said "Uh-Oh, that's going to be a money pit". In fact, that's why, the first time the city tried to even pass the 4b tax, it was voted down; people didn't want Oakdale Park as part of the deal. So in 2007 when they brought up another election for 4b, this time they didn't put in Oakdale Park but a riverwalk project. And then decided to buy Oakdale. I actually liked the idea of the city buying Oakdale Park, but silly me, I thought they had a plan, on paper, FIRST, about what they do, and thought they would leave the park closed until they fixed stuff up like ELECTRIC AND WATER. Nope. They still do not have a plan, beyond a ridiculous one that Bud Surles put up at the behest of Billy Huckaby that, even if approved, cannot be implemented because a. there's no historical architect making sure about the park first (as of this writing, city council has still not approved a historical architect) and b. it was not an engineering design but one he did with the help of Google Earth.

If the city is going to run Oakdale Park as a going concern, run professionally, to make money to at least break even, where is and was the effort?  It's like the children and related family members are running the show, and NO ONE IS IN CHARGE. A mother left a comment on the post about Dwain *Moose* Whitfield and his indecent exposure record, and in it she said that the teenagers who were at the pool decided on their own to close the pool early.. WHERE WAS THE ADULT IN CHARGE TO SAY, NO!!! THE HOURS OF OPERATION ARE UNTIL 8:00 AT NIGHT AND YOU CANNOT LEAVE TILL THEN? Where was the adult in charge to tell the lifeguard that he or she needed to be parking his or her butt in the lifeguard chair and not swimming with the other people? THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL And in fact, it's quite dangerous.

There's a money aspect of this that is quite serious as well, which I'm going to write about more on a separate post. But basically, if the teenagers who are at the pool can arbitrarily close early because they want to, then who monitors their paychecks to be sure that the hours they are charging for match the hours they actually work?

Sometime in the last week or so Cindy King was fired from Oakdale Park, for reasons I cannot fathom at this point. I always wondered why she was working so many dang hours and thought it was great they were going to get her an assistant. My point here isn't so much about her firing per se (because all the facts aren't in) , but that you don't get rid of one person without having another person to take over. WHO WAS THAT PERSON? Moose? The man who lied on his job app about his criminal history to include indecent exposure? If there is even ONE thought that he should be promoted into Ms King's position, that would be a travesty-he should be fired and the city attorney, Andy Lucas, should be vigorously upholding that action. Maybe then the golf carts Moose wanted to buy for his wife would be off the table. Maybe then he and his buds would quit eating out at Hooters and other restaurants on the city 's dime. Even if it was Moose, then where the fool was he when the commenter said those kids decided to close the pool early?

If you're going to have a business, then you have to RUN it like a business. If it's your personal business and you run it into the ground or treat it like a day camp for clowns, that's your own bank account and your loss when you end up living under a bridge eating dog food out of a can. But when you're responsible for TAXPAYER MONEY, you have to have WRITTEN RECORDS, make sure your employees are trustworthy on all levels, and run it with management, according to rules that everybody frigging else in the city has to follow.

Close the park until it's INSPECTED AND CERTIFIED, and put some paper trail in on all aspects on it before it gets opened again, and then run it according to rules and the law.  Or sell it to a private entity who knows how to run a business. Because clearly City Council and the management in charge (and that includes Ronald Bruce) have no idea how.

P.S. and this is just gossipy stuff but City Council needs to check this out. If there is concern about time being used appropriately, then who makes sure that the people, approved by Ronald Bruce, who come in on Saturday, actually work the entire time they bill for? (ie, if they work one hour, why are they charging for 4?) Why did Ronald Bruce have the city crew, on the day they were fixing up the pool, go out to Three Rivers for lunch on the city's dime? Everybody seems to think that if the city crews save money, they should spend that money on a reward, and really? It has to be at one of the most expensive restaurants in town?  Why is there, in the Sprucedale cabin, a honking hot tub that costs over $2000? Um, HOW is that saving money and WHY was a hot tub necessary? Who authorized that? Why is Ronald Bruce going to get a new vehicle to drive when other people's salaries are being cut? Is the vehicle broken down and unable to be used that he has currently? Does the city make sure that drug tests are regularly and randomly done on city employees? (Because there, um, might be a reason to check).

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1 - Anom   22 Aug 2010 @ 10:53:16 PM 

All I can say is : "ditto"

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