Was Cindy King of Oakdale Park Fired? (August 2010)


Was Cindy King of Oakdale Park Fired? (August 2010)

20 August 2010 at 8:54:05 PM

I heard via the grapevine tonight that King, who was the manager of Oakdale Park was fired recently by Ronald Bruce. Although the agenda may have changed a bit since I received it, the item on the upcoming meeting that pertains to this is hiring an assistant, I thought for Cindy. Anyone know why she was fired? Or who they have in mind to replace? Surely it won't be Dwain *Moose* Whitfield. Right?

If you know something about this, please post in the comments.

P.S. I would really like to talk to Cindy- my google number is on the front page of the site.

Update from August 24, 2010-I was at the park yesterday and there was no manager in sight. In fact, one of the employees told me that when she arrived at work that morning there was no one there. My question is, since the City Council won't be voting on hiring a new manager unti next week, who the heck is in charge? And why isn't that person AT THE OFFICE or in proximity, um, *managing*?

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1 - Anonymous   20 Aug 2010 @ 9:37:02 PM 

She was fired for cheating on her time card which anyone who knows Cindy or was around enough knew she was there 7 days a week sometimes 12 hour shifts! Someone is just out to get her and since there is no time clocks to prove, this was the perfect excuse. Ronald Bruce questioned her on a few days she had left the park several times not keeping in mind she runs errands for the place including going to town hall, post office, bank, and walmart to buy things for the place. She had answers for every time she left the place. What is she not allowed a day off? "It's a relief to be away from that place" Cindy said. Moose finally got what he wanted, Oakdale Park. "Whitfield Park"

2 - humanbeing   20 Aug 2010 @ 10:04:20 PM 

I'm just trying to imagine what it must have been like to be manager of Oakdale, under the 'direction' (no business plan, no architectural plan, no design plan) of its proud new owners. If only she had left to go have lunch on the city at Hooter's, she'd probably still be employed 24/7.

Good Luck, Cindy.

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3 - david durbin   22 Aug 2010 @ 5:35:06 PM 

I have heard what it  was like to work there. the city just lost the only person who could take care of a place without a plan or sometype of instruction from your "new proud owners" the GREAT CITY OF GLEN ROSE COUNCIL because you know if your not related to anyone on the council you have no say what happens,hell i bet the citizens of Glen Rose think  they are getting a updated,clean new park now. . . . watch the videos. . . its all makeup covering a money pithole that townspeople have no idea about. .   the only way to be open without a certificate of occupancy is for the paper work to be hidden by your cousin or whoever is at the family reunion(city council meeting). . . the council is a joke and full of family and perverts trying to run something they know nothing about and if your son wants someone elses position. . . what-do-ya-know. . . it happened . . . . .  go home bullwinkle

4 - salon   22 Aug 2010 @ 6:02:14 PM 

Couple of comments. I believe that Cindy was very professional, worked too many hours for too little pay and was the type of person who knocked herself out for a job she loved, even to the point of being available on her days off or comp time. I further believe that, at the meeting where Billy Huckaby was told to step down as running the Oakdale Park project, and Moose was put in charge of the rehab, he saw an opportunity to grab for the manager position and was smacked back since Cindy held that position. I also believe that firing her was a pretext that got rid of the managerial competition... except that it would be pretty disgusting if Whitfield continues to even work as a city employee, much less step into that job as manager of Oakdale Park. I've said before that even in Texas with at-will employment, ti's a good idea to have a writeup before you up and fire somebody.

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5 - humanbeing   22 Aug 2010 @ 10:40:28 PM 

In my opinion, the main reason the city council seems to be unable to address the numerous problems is because of the lack of leadership by the mayor. This mayor has some private agenda that is ego-based and is not enlightened. She specializes in keeping the council thrown off-center and intimidated. This is unfortunate.

Glen Rose desperately needs a new mayor who understands the critical demands our city is facing and who is willing to lead the council (respond to the council and the community) appropriately.

The city is clearly in over its head. It needs focus and determination to clean up the mess, now.

Oakdale is precious. It needs to be managed and cared for accordingly.

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6 - Kevin C King   22 Aug 2010 @ 11:43:59 PM 

     As the husband of Cytnthia I would like to say that there was a personal vendetta against her, and her back was against the wall.

    She maintained the dignity of the park and managed it the way she always has. iIf it didn't meet the expectations of the city,then they should have given her some guidlines as to how it should be managed although they had no clue. And still are lost.

     I would also be gratefull if she was not presented as Ms. Cindy King.

7 - Judith Burt   23 Aug 2010 @ 1:33:55 AM 


Wow, i used to live in Glen Rose and i swam there all the time, even back then though it was one those places where i would tell people " dont open your eyes in the water " but I didnt think it could get any worst, dam think again, i feel sorry for Cynthia, she worked her rear off to make that place better and did a good fudging job too, but i guess the city counsel thought it would be better to have a pervert run the place, iv heard of people lacking common sense, but you have to be talented to screw up that bad, but you know what they say "         happens " i think this could have been avoided. The people on the city counsel are not very smart but then again that probably runs in the family. Hey city counsel you have are already taking a huge blow to your ego it cant possibly be any worst to admit you screwed up and get rid of the guy, but if you injoy his LITTLE peek a boo game to each is his own, but your going to have some pretty angery parents if he pulls that stunk at the park. My hats off To Cynthia for hanging in there as long as she could and for exposing the moose for who he really is, but he really didnt need help for that. Im also glad i quit going to Oakdale before the city cousel decided to hire a guy who gets his jollies off of exposing himself to children and use tax payers money to go to hooters, rather then keeping a dedicated employer who was over worked and under paid, and did a great job running the show. Sucks to be you city counsel, but hey atleast you will have something to talk about at your next family reunion.        


8 - anon   25 Aug 2010 @ 2:33:47 PM 

I know of a some employees that were working there when Cindy was fired and it all went to Heck when this happened.  No one knew how to make a schedule, no one was in charge and ALL but 2 lifegaurds quit.  The young girl at the front desk was forced to try to run things, I was there on 2 seperate occasions to swim and there were about 5 city employees milling around in the office for over an hour, and no one even knew how to use the register.  They changed the schedule 3 times in one day and would have the snack bar employees lifegaurd the pool when the lone lifeguard was on lunch, keep in mind these were just snack bar employees with no lifegaurd training.  The possible liabilities for the City were huge had there been an accident.  It's as if they wanted Cindy gone, but gave no thought to running the place with her gone. NO ONE knows that place and how to run it like she did!

9 - Anon   26 Aug 2010 @ 4:40:36 PM 

Claiming one hour on your time card that you didn't work is like stealing money from the cash register. All it takes is once. It is theft. There is no "look the other way, oh she managed so well, she worked so hard" it doesn't matter. Maybe she thought she deserved more for her work, maybe not. the fact is She stole money and she was fired. Case closed.

10 - salon   26 Aug 2010 @ 4:57:58 PM 

@Anon-Several days ago I did an open records request asking for the report that undoubtedly would be in her file concerning why she was fired. I have not yet had the fulfilled but there is still some remaining time. You must have some inside information since you know she was fired for stealing, and thus would want to ensure there is a written record of this, so that none could say that this was for any other arbitrary reason (and of course that reason would be one that she would know at the time she was let go, and not changed to a different reason later on). One of my main concerns with the firing isn't specifically *about* the firing, although I would like to know why, but about why there was no management in place before she was let go to endure that proper operation would continue. It seems to me that she was not fired immediately on one day or one hour but after some time went by, so there would also have been time to make sure that an adult was around to, at least temporarily, manage the park, including the teenagers, and young people who were apparently left hanging.

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11 - anon   26 Aug 2010 @ 7:28:51 PM 

Can someone clear this up.... why could they fire Cindy on the spot, but have to have an executive session to "discuss' firing Mr. Whitfield? 

12 - anon   26 Aug 2010 @ 7:30:15 PM 

@Anon... and I guess no one has ever been wrongfully fired or accused?... case reopened.

13 - salon   26 Aug 2010 @ 7:34:50 PM 

That is a great question, anon. To my understanding both Cindy and Moose were peers, and both reported to Ronald Bruce. Why did male Moose get a city council session to discuss his firing but not female Cindy? And, both were accused of breaking rules- Moose lied on his job application. Cindy was accused of something regarding her time card, according to the person posting anonymously above. Why did one rate city council involvement and not the other?

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14 - With-held   26 Aug 2010 @ 8:16:48 PM 

To Salon's response: It's called


15 - humanbeing   26 Aug 2010 @ 10:15:34 PM 

Good question, salon. I think the answer is because the city is not competent and doesn't know what they're doing.

Get a time clock, city. Join the real world.

ps: my theory is Mrs. King was fired because she was not 'one of them'.

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16 - salon   27 Aug 2010 @ 10:17:11 AM 

Have to mention one thing. I talked with King last night because I was so appalled at the double standard. She did tell me that she was fired for stealing on her time card. Naturally she disagrees. One interesting thing she told me is that, after she was fired, when she received her pay check, there was NO TIME deducted from it. If it had been determined that her time card was falsified and some time was not valid, then why wasn't that time deducted?

I think she ought to go tell the City Council that she deserves the same treatment, as a peer, that Whitfield got, that is, a special executive session to plead HER case.

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17 - Kevin King   27 Aug 2010 @ 1:15:46 PM 

Thank you "Salon" I have been asking myself, and Cindy, the same question. She needs some legal council for this matter!

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