Video-What's the 50,000 for Special Events in Billy Huckaby's Budget For?


Video-What's the 50,000 for Special Events in Billy Huckaby's Budget For?

11 August 2010 at 8:03:33 AM

From Glen Rose Town Council meeting of August 9 2010

I found this unintentionally hilarious, with some pathos. Billy Huckaby put $50,000 in his budget for special events but there was nothing about either exactly what that was for or how revenue would be produced from this outlay. He wasn't there, is at a convention. Ms Busch said that it was for being able to file RFPs or bring in business like the American Junior Rodeo. "Have to pay someone to have their special event at your place rather than somebody else's. )NOTE: The place for the ALJ is the expo center that is run by the city the county.  Cindy  said that it was for paying for bands like at the bluegrass festival  for Oakdale. Busch - you pay the bands and then try to get your money back at the gate. Bryant-I would think he would have submitted a budget for 50 thousand dollars.Stricklin-I'd like to see a cost and benefit ratio.I can understand that sometimes you have to use some seed money but we should have income projected from those back here. .. Martin-(to Cindy) is there anything big next year? Cindy. Nothing I know of... Busch-Bluegrass is the big one this year and our revenues might jump tremendously. Hope so.. Cindy.-It's not going to this year. It's a free customer. Busch- Hoo-kay. Cindy-the only money you make are your cabins and RV sites. We've upped those by 10 dollars per night. Mitchell. When did we do that? Bryant-who determined it was going to be a free customer? Billy.

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1 - humanbeing   18 Aug 2010 @ 2:12:21 PM 

This shows a pretty shocking reality about the CVB and the city government. Mr. Huckaby needs to be MUCH more business-like and submit a very detailed, specific business plan, particularly since the city government has decided to become entrepreneurs.

What is the CVB doing that requires all this money? Exactly how much does it cost to hire the bands for a bluegrass festival, Mr. Huckaby?

Very questionable, indeed.

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2 - salon   18 Aug 2010 @ 2:17:08 PM 

I also question why there is money going to pay for events to come to Somervell County to the expo center. Yes, I understand that is potentially business to the city but we're already subsidizing the expo center as county taxpayers at a loss. Let me say that again-the Expo Center doesn't make money and the taxpayer makes up the difference. That is WITH the money that the city, through the CVB, pays fo bring events TO THE COUNTY.

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3 - humanbeing   18 Aug 2010 @ 5:06:22 PM 

I agree with you, salon. It all sounds just too vague. When things aren't clear, money and energy get wasted. I have a feeling that lots of $ has been wasted because people aren't on the same page and don't really have to answer specifically to anyone. It's like no one is running this show and the council doesn't seem to be able to get a firm grip.

In my opinion, the entire city agenda and operations are due for an overhaul.

Latest Blog Post by humanbeing -State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route
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