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Toll Roads Planned for MoPac (LOOP 1)

8 July 2010 at 12:16:13 PM

"some things never change"
by Peter Stern
Mismanagement, special interest pandering, corruption, hidden agendas, misuse of tax dollars and abuse of power continue to run rampant in Texas.  It is politics as usual.
There are plans to build 2 adjacent "managed" lanes, a.k.a., toll lanes, that will tax Texans to drive on the new lanes.  Here we have another stupid and costly idea to benefit the wealthy.  We need fewer roadways, not more.  We need legislators to use available tax dollars more wisely, NOT provide private roadways for the wealthy and to generate more revenue to spend foolishly on other special interest issues.
This is just pandering to the wealthy who can afford to drive on their own private roadway, while TxDOT continues to let the "free" (already paid for with taxes) MoPac roadway crumble into further ruin and additional overcrowding.
This simply is Texas politics as it has been for the past several decades.  We are being told that the planned toll lanes MAY alleviate congestion in the near future.  Toll costs will be "manipulated" to higher costs during hours of increased traffic.  Will the tolls be removed after the new lanes have been paid for, say in 100 years?  Currently there is no plan to eliminate the tolls and no idea when the lanes will have been paid for.
There are better ways to improve, maintain and repair MoPac and to widen it.  It is time to stop diverting gas tax revenues to other special interests and to allow the gas tax to increase proportionately with cost of living adjustments.  The gas tax has been frozen for more than 1 decade and legislators continue to divert the gas tax revenue to other interests instead of using the tax dollars to build and maintain our roadways, as was intended.
Too many priorities remain askew here in Central Texas.  Soon, there will be many more toll roads built throughout Texas.

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1 - salon   8 Jul 2010 @ 12:29:00 PM 

Oh. Good Ole Lexus Lanes. Forget the average person who lives in Austin, no egalitarianism there.

The North Texas/Dallas Tollway has been paid for it's still collecting.

I went down to Austin around Mother's day and thought that Mopac was pretty bad. But the answer isn't to use tax money to reward the rich.

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2 - pstern   8 Jul 2010 @ 2:06:34 PM 

It is how most things are done, here in Texas, in Washington D.C. and across the nation.  Working for the entire community good is forgotten and pushed aside.  It really is time to change this attitude and political process especially at our Texas level.

I believe one way to initiate appropriate change is to vote out most incumbents in the next several years of elections, from Gov. Rick Perry on down the line through the Senate and House and down to local government.  Perhaps after a while of "voting-out" the special interest motivated, do-little elected and appointed "leaders" we may be able to get back on-track to working in the community's best interests.

I sincerely hope that Texans will get to the polls and do this.

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3 - salon   8 Jul 2010 @ 2:15:33 PM 

The problem with this is when you have a nutjob that is the anti-incumbant. Who to vote for then except to hope that a newbie would have so little power he or she can't get things done anyway.

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4 - Anonomyous   8 Jul 2010 @ 10:37:58 PM 

I am not a fan of toll roads.  I don't drive on them except when I am fooled into getting on the toll road.  As far as politicians are concerned, my general rule is to vote 'em out---If they're IN, then they're OUT.  That's the only thing I know that we can do.

5 - salon   9 Jul 2010 @ 8:26:58 AM 

me too! I got fooled into going on the one in Austin for 183-all these people were turning left as they went north and I didn't understand why...... until.... I also think the lack of any kind of formal entrance letting you know you're getting on a toll road and letting you turn around BEFORE is a miserable idea-I hesitate to say that TxDot or other toll road operators did this in order to fool people, but I know it has caused a lot of people to get tickets because they didn't even know they were on a toll road.

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6 - Fredrica Fubar   9 Jul 2010 @ 9:52:30 AM 

Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently – and for the very same reason. Anonymous

7 - pstern   10 Jul 2010 @ 12:58:17 PM 

Voting out incumbents is the only strength we have.  If you get that one nut-job, although it would be tough to see the difference from what we currently have, vote out him or her in the very next election.  There is little else short of a complete revolution that the majority of people can do to change things.

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8 - pstern   24 Jul 2010 @ 9:25:40 AM 

Perry's persistent special interest push for toll roads is another good reason to vote for White in November.  The parallel issue with toll roads is eminent domain.  I find it interesting and justifying that the farmers organizations are against Perry since he would cut through private properties to built his beloved Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) and without providing REAL reimbursement for taking those lands.  When he campaigns, Perry always tries to refer back to his farmer "roots" but that's just a load of crap.  Even the farmers throughout Texas finally know it.

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9 - salon   24 Jul 2010 @ 9:43:15 AM 

Yes. That's one the things TX Senator Kip Averitt mentioned last fall, that Rick Perry still wanted that TTC even though the NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED.

What gets me is that the Texas Republican Party has it in their platform that they are against the TTC -so why in the fool some keep voting for the man who wants to see it get done?

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 9 2019 Special Session
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