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Nazism in the U.S.

25 April 2010 at 8:46:13 PM

Nazism never dies: it survives within our shadows

by Peter Stern


1st printing in November 4, 2005, since updated.


In today’s America there are two main types of Nazis. There are political Nazis and corporate Nazis. Both varieties are extremely patriotic and have similar platforms, agendas and motivation. There also is a group of racial Nazis that are growing in number.


During the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler rose to power in an industrialized but chaotic Germany, in which the middle and lower classes were living in poverty and unrest. Another reason for Hitler’s immense popularity is that the prevailing government was failing the majority of people and he instilled in Germans the sense of pride and nationalism, and lied as he promised the majority a better life.


Hitler cherished all things German and hated all other cultures and the people living within them. His priorities and likes were passed along to and accepted by many Germans When Hitler became that country’s leader, government took over German factories and businesses to manufacture the necessities of war, e.g., the auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz to develop war equipment and machinery, which included many of the gas chambers Hitler used in his attempt to exterminate the Jews and various other ethnic peoples who were not “true” Germans.


The slogan of the time was “Deutschland Über Alles” (Germany above everything else), which became the Fatherland’s National Anthem --- and which is Germany’s national anthem to this day.


There are many similarities of the Nazism briefly above with Nazism prevalent today in the United States, and specifically in Texas, which has become the microcosm for all other states since George W. Bush (Jr.) became President. Today, Governor Rick Perry continues in the state where Bush left off.


The Corporate and Political Nazis in today's America don't see themselves as such and take extreme exception to the assertion that they are Nazis. In fact they see themselves only as true American patriots; however, they are Nazis none-the-less, sharing the same basic Nazi drives of power and control and putting themselves above and before the public good.


Perhaps the past five years of reviewing the Texas Legislature the corporate involvement in state government affairs best underscores the Nazism rising from the shadows to a more pronounced visibility in its recent evolution. The nation has a black man living in the White House.


Today it is the corporate/military sector that virtually has taken over state and national government in an unprecedented attempt to actively forge its own future destiny, which is to accumulate extreme power and vast monetary wealth --- doing anything to achieve these goals. During the past decade via large campaign contributions, the wealthy business sector has executed a Coup d’Etat and is now the ruling entity in Texas and throughout the nation. Wealthy companies and businessmen have bought-out most elected officials and now dictate most of the bills viewed for future legislation that will add to the glory, prestige, power and wealth of those in charge. Those legislators who align themselves with their wealthy business patrons will themselves prosper politically and financially.


On the national level we have seen the emergence of corporate Halliburton, whose powerful foothold in the United States government is no less than former Vice President Dick Cheney, a former executive with questionable yet obvious ties remaining with the company. Despite blatant conflicts of interest between Cheney and Halliburton, the leadership did nothing as the company has profited extremely well from the platform and actions of the Bush administration and has received numerous government contracts both here and abroad. Halliburton’s profits currently are in the billions.


The affect of these ongoing conflicts of interests with dozens of special interests has hurt millions of American workers families. Because of special treatment, increased production and/or activity, and a cheaper labor force overseas, corporations like Halliburton are reaping vast fortunes by outsourcing the jobs performed formerly by Americans and also by charging American taxpayers top dollar for their services and products.


Here in Texas, the Spanish corporate toll maven CINTRA signed lucrative state contracts with Gov. Rick Perry and pro-toll legislators “behind closed-doors” despite large public resistance to the plan for a huge network of toll roadways named The Texas Toll Corridor. CINTRA is approved by special interest elected and appointed state officials to build and manage toll roads for the next 70 years! Texans finally rose up in large numbers to protest these actions and it appears that the governor and legislature have backed-down from those toll plans, but we need to watch the shadows.


Various approved “back-door” legislation developed secretly and was inserted within various separate and inconspicuous bills, purposely to push them through chambers very quickly and approved before legislators had sufficient time to carefully review the details. Furthermore, aggressive public resistance to toll roads increased when it was noted that many of the proposed toll roads were already paid for with taxpayer dollars and that Americans will be double and triple-taxed.


Such legislation in Texas was determined, developed and approved to form Regional Mobility Authorities (RMA’s), which were given the authority to oversee the emergence of toll roads without the responsibility of accountability to the people of Texas.


Special interest committees and agencies of the government, e.g., Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are influenced by powerful businesses and top state officials to promote the toll road plan contrary to the public’s demands NOT to build toll roads Texas. TxDOT may be sitting on taxpayer dollars to create the imagined need for toll roads.


What we are witnessing in Texas and throughout the nation is a political, economic and social campaign much like the Nazi regime under Hitler. The oligarchy of those in power dictates the state’s future direction for the majority of families and workers. The poor get poorer and the rich get wealthier, while the middle class is destroyed when its members move left or right to either extreme in order to survive. What is occurring in Texas is carefully being eyeballed by other states because what happens in The Lone Star State is the proving ground for what occurs throughout the nation.


One might ponder what permitted this latest version of Nazism to emerge in our nation, specifically in Texas. One view is that it has been years of careful planning by those powerful entities living in the shadows, the passage of lax and/or special interest legislation, and the lethargy and ambivalence of the majority of voters/taxpayers ignorant to the plan being perpetrated by the powerful few.


Will the contemporary Nazis win out in Texas and throughout the nation? They already have; however, all life and actions are patterns of cycles and as the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever.”


Although currently the small bands of Nazis have gained momentum (politically, socially and economically) at the state and national levels, it is doubtful they will succeed over the long haul of several decades. However, they actually may triumph if voters consistently continue to ignore the importance of elections by not voting or voting ignorantly, such as the one in Texas on Nov. 8th, 2005, whereby special interests again have mastered the technique of pushing through legislation in minor elections, a.k.a., the 9 Propositions. In carefully phrasing the words of each proposition, the Nazis hope to sway the voters for each. By scheduling the voting for a minor election, the Nazis hope for a small voter turnout. The voters approved most of the propositions and feel their repercussions.


Texans primarily are an intricate, independent and resilient group who over the long term do NOT want to be told what to do, how to act, and what to read. Furthermore, it’s a question of time before the majority of people wake up to the realities that their government is NOT doing its job to benefit most Texans or to increase the quality of life for most Texas families. Of course this is happening also at the national level.


Until these realities are hammered-into the minds and hearts of the American people, modern Nazism will flourish. Until Texans have decided they have had enough political, economic and social abuse under the pretense of progress, the Nazis remain in power.


Will Nazism ever die? No, it cannot die for it survives within our shadows, always observing for that time of struggle, weakness, poverty and chaos, when it again will rear its ugly head.


Americans must rise-up like a giant tsunami of protest to show we have had enough. In his Farewell Address President and former WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans of the pending takeover of what he called the Industrial-Military Complex. It was the way of men, he told us. We did not heed Eisenhower’s warning and the Nazis now direct us from the shadows.

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