Over $30,000 for Signs If City of Glen Rose Wants Them? Wouldn't That Have To Be Put Out for Bids? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Over $30,000 for Signs If City of Glen Rose Wants Them? Wouldn't That Have To Be Put Out for Bids?

30 March 2010 at 2:12:54 PM

Listen here (full audio here) and below is a very rough transcript as I was listening- listen to hear exact wording-some quality is not as good because the city audio recording does better when people speak into microphones and not from the audience)

Gosdin- created to fill some voids, several months ago. One of our first meetings the question was brought forth, what would we like to see happen in the city of Glen Rose, county of Somervell. Wanted to see some signage, we took that upon ourselves, we hope that you accept it, we're not trying to step on anybody's toes, kicked lots of ideas back and forth. What it's going to amount to is taking large boulders donated by Larry Smith, etching a logo on the boulder, on all four sides of the county. (not just Glen Rose city boundaries?) Billy Huckaby went with us to scout some locations, some landowners were willing, some are not, the landowners that have volunteered are doing it free of will, no cost to the city, long term committment. I spoke to Andy about legalities that might be involved with this and he said he could draw up paperwork.  Also let city workers if you so approve, access the signs for maintenance. We put together a budget. Pictures of the rocks more or less placed where they would go with the logos on them. The chamber brought me a logo they've been working on, I'm not here to pick and choose either one. You guys can pick. I'd like to see it going since it's the birth child of the networking group. (Miller-did you take it to the county?) I sat here tonight and listened to the income not being too good right now, bad night, put in a budget next year or help us find funds for it.

This particular design came from Randy Haney, art director at the high school. The group talked about what they'd like to see on the sign, the chamber came up with one almost identical (chicken/egg). 8x12 foot rock standing on its head right now. We have rocks bigger and smaller- location out by the golf course, They've agreed to take the fence down, electricity to light it up. Miller-can this be done in stages? This location out by Ridgeview Estates, first lot coming east from main gate, sign located back behind the oak tree in the open area. All located on private property becuase TxDot not willing to work with anyone to put up signs. Can't put "welcome to". Larry smiths' property, all trees cleaned up. First United Pentacostal Church on South 144. Two logos-one from chamber, once from networking group. Welcome would be 6 foot wide, etched, done to scale so it could be enlarged, etc. Logo on letterhead from the chamber, rose track, paluxy river. Also be landscaped around.

Budget-dirt work, hauling rocks, donated by Gosdin, Smith. Logo design donated by Randy Haney, metal template done by the school have agreed to have the shop class cut the template out. Price 8620.00 of the etcher, may increase the cost by 200-300. Master gardeners design landscape, including roses. Lighting and labor-local contractor estimate. All estimates are probably high. electric connection, 2200 per drop to install electricity. Crane in Cleburne to stand up the rock - travel, permits, crane time. Concrete footing, rebar, etc. If the council did take this project on all by itself, I don't want to be involved in the estimates anywhere, handling money. Already talk around town that this was a very inappropriate way to bring this to council. Don't want anything to do with the money, unless i have to go for private funds.  4b, future budget, or local people donating time or money.  Stricklin would probably be in next year's budget.

P.S. My comment. I am one who likes the ideas of signs but think the process was flawed. If the city wanted to arrange to do signage as a formal measure, it should have been open and aboveboard with the public aware, instead of just the dream of a private group done with the help of a city employee before it was publicly broached in an open council session. Seems to me that the group ought to engage in some fund-raising to create some signs that might be joint Chamber of Commerce and also Networking Group. Lots of groups arrange to do things that don't involve money from the taxpayer, that have arrangements with private owners and advertise their group. Also, I wonder why at least one of the signs appears to be in the county and not in the city. If the signs said Welcome to Somervell County that would be one thing if outside the boundaries. I sort of see this as a tacit encroachment of the city through later annexing methods-in other words, while Glen Rose is my main city, I live in the county and it seems like if there was a sign ON county property it ought not be Welcome to Glen Rose (also, Rainbow, Nemo and Glass are cities that are in the county).

I have informally heard that all four signs would cost (high estimate) around $35,000 (I have not seen the amounts in the presentation, obviously, but base this on Gosdin's comment about 8620 per sign-if incorrect, please post with exact amount). . If this is so, then that's over $8000 per sign. Seems to me that some serious private fundraising needs to be done.

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