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Job Description for Director of the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)

18 March 2010 at 12:22:56 PM

Readers may recall that recently I asked for descriptions of the city administrator, city superintendent and the director of the CVB. Got the first two but the third took a bit more time to find. Thank you to Peggy B and Mygnonne T for finding this. The file name is CVB Director job description even though the description says Coordinator.

                                             CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU

Position:        Coordinator

Reports to:     The Coordinator is selected and directed by the City Council.

Hours &          The position allows for a 40-hour work week. Full City employee benefits will be

Benefits:          provided, including insurance, retirement, vacation, sick leave and holidays,

                         following a mandatory 90-day probationary period.


  •  Promote Glen Rose and Somervell County tourism and visitors activities

  • Represent Glen Rose and attend area activities to educate the community on the benefits of tourism

  • Attend necessary tourism related meetings (some out of town travel may be required)

  • Relay all necessary information from the CVB Board to the City Council at monthly meetings

  • Responsible for operation of CVB office

  • Greet visitors, answer telephone, and receive visitors inquiries as needed

  • See that CVB phone is answered Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (this may include forwarding phones necessary)

  • Schedule volunteers to assist in answering telephone and operating the Visitors Center office

  • Establish weekly telephone answering schedule

  • Send Glen Rose information packets upon request

  • Coordinate information requests with the Chamber of Commerce

  • Perform office duties as needed

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must have strong oral and written communications skills, and interpersonal skills using tact and diplomacy. Prefer knowledge of CVB organization, objectives, policies and operations; modern office practices, procedures and equipment (including computers and printers), and record keeping techniques. Knowledge of the tour and travel industry, visitor solicitation and service programs, marketing and public relations highly desirable.

Must have ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, to meet schedules and deadlines, to plan and organize work, to maintain record and prepare reports, to conduct sales and public relations programs and tours, and to prepare sales presentations.

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1 - humanbeing   19 Mar 2010 @ 10:26:43 PM 

So why is Mr. Huckabee, a promoter, acting as contractor at Oakdale Park? And even if he were a contractor, is a contractor single-handedly qualified to renovate an historical property? Where's the plan?

There will be no plan or expert input. The City Council does not recognize the historical importance of Oakdale nor do they listen to their citizens who do. All they are concerned about is generating income from it...nothing else. Sad.

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2 - LanceHall   30 May 2011 @ 6:39:28 PM 

This is the same guy (Huckaby) that berated me for 10 solid minutes over the phone not letting me say a full sentence all the why labeling me childish and petty because he didn't like the content  of my email to him about the "Joanna's Tracks" fiasco and the hard probing questions I raised.

I wonder if Mr. Huckaby had any contact with anyone (ie. Mike Ford, Kathryn Jones, Jerry Jacene, Larry Smith, Nick Patel, and whoever else from the City) involved with the Joanna's Tracks business before the "discovery"  was announced in the newspaper in late October 2009.   If anyone knows please put it on record here.  Thanks!

The reason I ask is because Billy Huckaby was the one City contact I REPORTED the new dinosaur trackway to a full 10 months before paleo-developer Jerry Jacene came into the picture (and got defacto credit for discovery, hmmmm).  Now since HE knows all these people how in the Hell could the city and newspaper have basically crowned the non-credentialed and non-degreed "paleontologist" Jacene with defacto discovery credit of "Joanna's Tracks" when Mr. Huckaby (a city official) in fact KNEW other people had discovered the NEW tracks months beforehand and reported the tracks to him???.   Mr. Huckelberry had like 8 or 10 high quality digital photographs of  "Joanna's Tracks" from ME dated Jan. 13 or 14, 2010, a full 10 months before Jacene (now developer) "discovered" them.  

I wish someone in the City Council  would question this guy what's up with that?   In my opinion Mr. Huckaby is complicit in the later mess that insued given his prior knowlege and personal connection to the newspaper editor.  He was in a position to say to everyone involved "... hold on folks, there's other people out there that discovered and reported the tracks way before... "  Why didn't he do this?  Hell, why didn't Jacene do this or make an effort to report the tracks himself to the local professionals as we did.  Are these stupid errors connected to the fact that Jacene took less than 2 weeks (prolly even less) to yank off his paleo hat and slap on a hard hat??   Maybe the land owner was right when he said in the newspaper this "was meant to be"  Hmmmm, indeed.    

 If any or all of these people knew about Joanna's Tracks beforehand and allowed another person (not even from the same state) to get full credit for the discovery (we'd settle for half really) then they have some explaining to do to the Citizens of Glen Rose.   This would be a soft-fraud that damages the original discoverers, their initial documentation, nullifies their extensive reporting to multiple local professional paleo people, and especially damages their ability to get *proper* recognition in the scientific literature for an important scientific discovery.   They never wanted to get in the newspaper and didn't attempt to.

Well, maybe Mr. Huckaby doesn't give a flip about all that but he should of course whether it's in his job description or not!  After all, this Joanna's Tracks mess could have happened to YOU or your own child and you were screwed out of an important discovery by people in positions of power.   I am not a crank or a kook, just someone with a great desire for justice and fairness.   These people involved evidently hold neither of those values or they would have made an earnest effort to mediate the situation.  They have been mute for 5 months.  When these conflicts arise the VB person and City Officials and the newspaper should do the decent Human thing and make a real effort to mediate these things so that in the end noone is screwed and kicked to the curb and everyone leaves happy.  

The VB Director, given Glen Rose's scientific importance for dinosaur trackways, should understand and respect these things instead of verbally berating the damaged party.   Think about it folks!  Y'all have a nice day and tell Billy he's doing a wonderful job otherwise! 


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3 - Mary Anderson   11 Aug 2011 @ 10:59:43 AM 

Lance -

Enough of the bashing of Jerry Jacene. I've known him for years and he is not interested in fame and fortune. He has a great love of paleontology and of teaching children. He has worked with Make-A-Wish, students at numerous museums and Boy Scout groups. To me, this sounds like a good thing to do.

Just because someone does not have a degree to make him/her an official professional, does not mean that they do not know the field. Do you know how many people did not receive an official degree and have made a difference in this world?
Mr. Hall are you making a difference in someone's life?

4 - lancehall   4 Aug 2012 @ 1:31:25 PM 

No, the guy is a menace to serious paleontology and ethics.  He is exactly the kind of people we DON'T want in the field.   When he got an important find funneled to a Creation museum clearly he is NOT about real paleontology.  And yes it IS all about his own aggrandizement.  He used MAW and created a preposterous discovery story to sucker the Citizens of Glen Rose into paying for the development of his new musem.  

Actually I have some personal messages that paint a quite different view about Jerry's practises including stuff like visiting private fossil sites he was banned from.  I've also heard bad stuff about his partner Mike.   The house of cards is gonna fall and I'm gonna help push it over.  

No, he is NOT a nice man.  His Mr. Rogers persona is a front.   I know this personally from the shitty disgusting way he treated me and my partner for no reason.  He's now taken a young man under his wing to help spread his lies online about Joanna's Tracks who made the most preposterous claim on a fossil forum I rightly deflated.     

I make a difference by documenting Texas fossils and making usefull fossil hunting information avalible to new explorers at my own expense and time.  I have an award from the Texas Senate for one of my important discoveries.   I also work for a charity called ARC that advocates for disabled people.

Latest Blog Post by lancehall -Mammoth tusk discovered in Glen Rose!
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