What a Treasure We Have in Barnard's Mill & Museum in Glen Rose

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What a Treasure We Have in Barnard's Mill & Museum in Glen Rose

10 March 2010 at 11:46:07 AM

I had been to a 4b meeting in which Pat Barrow asked the board for money to help restore the museum. She came very well prepared, with a thick notebook full of plans and details, and I was very impressed. The vote will take place at the next 4b meeting. She invited me out to the mill for a tour. I confess that I have seen the various adverts, been by there a couple of times when it was not open (and forgot to try to go again when I knew it was), but I really had no idea what a cool place it is.

I'm not going to attempt to tell the entire story and certainly can't do it in the fine way Pat did, so will put in some highlights I enjoyed with a few pics. I took a LOT of pictures which are on the Somervell County Salon flickr site. Anyway, the main reason Barnard's Mill is such a treasure is because it is the first historical place in Glen Rose. From the Cleburne Times.

After the government moved the Indians to Indian Territory in 1859, Charles Barnard moved to the Paluxy River in 1860 and built a three-story grist mill. The mill was built like a fort with gun ports on the third floor and walls three feet thick at the base to withstand Indian attacks.

The community that grew up around the mill was known as the Barnard’s Mill settlement and was a part of Johnson County. In 1866 Hood County was formed from the western half of Johnson County, and Barnard’s Mill became a part of Hood County.

Charles ran the mill until 1871, when he sold the mill to T.C. Jordan from Dallas for $65,000 and moved back to Barnardville. Because the Barnards were no longer connected with the mill, the name of the settlement was later changed to Glen Rose.

(UPDATE: A correction to the Cleburne Times article-the name of the community was Barnard's Mill until changed to Glen Rose. Read the whole article for lots of details. And of course there is the story of Juana. (The Mill & Museum sell a book about her).

So, you had the mill, a three story buliding which was originally 4 stories, where the walls were, on the bottom 36 inches thick,

and is still is very good condition not only due to the way it was bult but the efforts of the Somervell History Foundation. This Foundation, which also raised money for the wonderful Barnards on the Brazos statue by Robert Summers which sits on the Somervell County Courthouse grounds, has worked, on a volunteer basis, to keep up the mill, fix up, paint, fill chinks, and do tours.

The next part of the building, which sits out at a right angle to the mill, was a cotton gin.

One room has a lot of art by Robert Summers, including not only painting but a small bronze of the statue of John Wayne that is out in California. This pic is of Bull Adams and Bob Summers

I vaguely knew that this was also the old Marks Hospital as well as Hanna House hospital.

What I did NOT know was that it has such a premier collection of art, including original western art. I started to take a lot of pictures but really, a photo does not do the art justice. You simply have to go see it.

What the Somervell History Foundation is asking the 4b Commitee for is to help fix up the attached building that was living quarters at one point during the hospital days. (Not open to the public at this point.) The foundation needs shored up and is causing the walls to bow in and crack.

There are several rooms, including a kitchen area that can be expanded -the intent is to have arts-related lessons.

It really is wonderful. I have to think Pat here again for the tour, she was an excellent guide with all manner of interesting facts and trivia, and I look forward to attending the events that they plan on a monthly basis. And good luck with the 4b committee!

P.S. I see in this week's Glen Rose Reporter newspaper that there is to be an art show entitled "Art on the Paluxy" on March 27, 2010 from 7:00 -9:00 pm at the Historic Barnard's Mill & Art  Museum. Admission is $10 for non-members, free to members. Here's a link to their schedule and of course their website has contact information if you (No, not IF, you DO) want to find out more.

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1 - humanbeing   10 Mar 2010 @ 12:09:26 PM 

Yes, and they had the insight to hire an architect who specializes in historical structures to help them design their plan. Why has the city not done this with Oakdale, an equally historic place?

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2 - salon   10 Mar 2010 @ 12:36:58 PM 

One of the evidences of their attention to historical detail is that, in filling in the chinks between the stones, they researched what type of mortaring compound was originally used in order to attempt to duplicate it. As you might imagine, a building like this is susceptible not only to the elements but to critters, and they did a huge undertaking to fix all that on the original buildings sans the part they're asking for now. Although they're volunteers, they aren't doing the chinking (which had another name, maybe pointing?) themselves, but have to hire out for experts as it isn't a trivial job. I truly think it's wonderful that they have such respect for the Glen Rose heritage and are preserving the Mill et al.

I'm still looking for the plan for Oakdale.

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3 - Paul   15 Mar 2010 @ 11:28:20 AM 

I am the architect who has been working on Barnard's mill with Pat and the Somervell History Foundation, and self-serving as it may sound, I would also like to see Glen Rose get some expert help with Oakdale Park, even if it's not us. That park is a gem with a lot of potential, not only from an historical standpoint but also from a recreational one. Even if the funds are not available to implement an all-encompasing master plan, one needs to be developed anyway to guide future development.

4 - salon   15 Mar 2010 @ 12:03:22 PM 

@Paul-I have to compliment you on the work you did for Barnard's Mill. I can't help but contrast the thoroughness of your plan with the lack of ones for other projects that the city has approved. As of today, there is still not a plan for Oakdale, and yet work is continuing to fix up the cabins. I compliment those who are fixing them up and they are doing a wonderful job, but where is the overall plan? A man who has an RV park, along with his brother who sells cabins, is the one in charge of making the plan, and it seems that the emphasis may be, not on the historical aspects of Oakdale, but on making it a viable RV park. I believe that, and certainly can be corrected by any who care to comment, because the Historical Commission has not been intricately involved in all these details. The man is from Oklahoma and Billy Huckaby said at a recent meeting something like "There's a lot that can be done through Google Earth". Yes. But a plan should be more than somebody looking at an internet map from his home in Oklahoma. I am a fan of having a plan that can be amended if necessary, but at least acts as a roadmap for both design and implementation, and not doing stuff on the fly on a hurry up basis. Incidentally, one more facet to this is that the city has contracted with Freese & Nichols to do a city planning project.. but it does not include Oakdale nor coordinates with anyone working with Oakdale. Why is that?

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5 - humanbeing   15 Mar 2010 @ 12:39:57 PM 

Thank you, Paul, for responding. I am just one of many citizens who have serious concerns about how the new owners of Oakdale immediately began altering the property and landscape without any benefit from a plan that should have been coordinated by a group of experts that included an Architect, a Landscape Architect, Historian and Arborist. Karen Richardson, landscape architect and member of the Preservation Board (which by the way is budgeted under Mr. Huckabee's department) has brought in Dr. Baker from Tarleton, and his students, to do historical surveys of Glen Rose. Karen and Dr. Baker did a walk through of Oakdale weeks ago. The City was invited to join them but declined. It is urgent that this be done before historical Oakdale is altered beyond recognition. What is most disturbing is that the Council just doesn't seem to understand this. No one expects them to be experts but their failure to develop this property with the proper guidance does a great injustice to the history and legacy of Oakdale Park.

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6 - humanbeing   15 Mar 2010 @ 6:27:42 PM 

I've just learned that Mr. Pedigo (Paul) submitted a proposal to the City that was basically ignored. It's quite clear their only focus is on the money they want to make on Oakdale. They are not interested in its historic value. I ask all of you who do understand and appreciate Oakdale to communicate with the city and request a proper, expert evaluation and plan be formulated before any more is 'changed' there.

Latest Blog Post by humanbeing -State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route
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