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Leaking Tritium Edition

Nuclear Power Plant News and Notes for February 24 2010

24 February 2010 at 11:48:14 PM

Vermont Yankee to be shut down in 2012 for tritium leak and lying about it.

Vermont is the only state in the country with a law giving its legislature a say over a nuclear plant's relicensing. The Senate's 26-4 vote against a 20-year extension of Vermont Yankee's license marks the first time lawmakers have formally weighed in on the question.

With the Vernon reactor leaking radioactive tritium into groundwater and its owners accused of misleading state regulators about underground piping at the plant, even senators who might have supported the license extension said they would have a difficult time doing so now.

Nuke Expert

"Entergy is certainly the worst of the worst," Blanch told the Reformer one day after his testimony at the Statehouse.

The company is nothing but a "carpetbagger coming up here (with the) only goal to extract as much money as possible," he said. "They're milking every dime out of it that they possibly can."

And don't expect that the NRC will take enforcement action against Entergy in response to a leak of tritiated water at the plant, said Blanch.

"The root cause of this problem is the NRC," he said. "They're in bed with the industry. The NRC is supposed to be the parent, but it's not enforcing the regulations. And the utilities are abusing their parents and society."


Plant officials had said under oath that there were no such pipes at the plant. When a radioactive leak was discovered in January, the company was forced to acknowledge it had made numerous misstatements on the issue.

Franklin Republican Senator Randy Brock is a supporter of extending Yankee’s license for another 20 years. But he said Entergy was its own worst enemy.

(Brock1 0224) If its board of directors and its management had been thoroughly infiltrated by anti-nuclear activists I do not believe they could have done a better job in destroying their own case. The dissembling, the prevarication, the lack of candor have been striking.

Wake Up, Obama!

On Tuesday, Obama announced some $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees for two new nuclear reactors planned for Georgia by the energy firm Southern Co.

The original cost of this Vogtle project -- four reactors at a total cost of $600 million -- has ballooned to two reactors at nearly $9 billion, and it is impossible for a nuclear plant to get private funding for construction. Considering that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office puts the risk of default at more than 50 percent, taxpayers could be on the hook for billions. And, for good measure, Obama has all but killed Nevada’s proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump and left our nation no closer to dealing with the thousands of tons of radioactive garbage piling up at the nation’s nuclear plants.

Nuclear Power Endangers is NOT A RENEWABLE SOURCE. (Missouri)

Not only does the creation of a new plant take 20-30 years, but also a significant amount of money is needed to build, sustain and monitor every plant in production. President Obama's administration guaranteed $8.3 billion Feb. 16 to build the first nuclear reactors in more than 30 years, according to an article on The reactors will be built in Georgia and supposedly will create more than 4,000 jobs. I know Obama is adamant about getting people back into the work force, but can't he offer a safer option? Can't he use those billions of dollars toward something that should be advanced, like education or health care?

In 2007, MSNBC posted an article stating that the largest wind farm, funded by billionaire T. Boone Pickens, would cost $6 billion and create more than 4,000 megawatts of energy. Obama's budget for nuclear power plants will reach $54 billion in 2011, according to the CNN article. I think I'll take the wind farms. I like a nice breeze more than a radioactive explosion.

Oyster Creek Public Hearings Center on Cost of two cooling towers.

Disgusting radioactive nuclear waste from Sellafield

Under Environment Agency rules, any animal that dies within the perimeter fence must be treated as nuclear waste, because it may have been exposed to radiation. The carcasses could not be allowed to decay naturally, Ms McKibbin said, because they were considered “putrescent” nuclear waste, and so were kept frozen until they could be disposed of in a special landfill facility on the site.

Where's all that radioactive waste going to go? SC

Tritium in reactor sump at James A Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant

The source of the radioactive isotope tritium, which was discovered in a reactor building sump at Scriba’s James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in December, is still undetermined, though the levels have stabilized.

According to Tammy Holden, a spokeswoman for Entergy, owner of the FitzPatrick plant, as of Friday, 2,500 picocuries per liter were discovered in 21,000-gallon tanks that are being used to catch the tritium-tainted water discharged by the sump.

This is interesting. In India. their parliament wants nuclear accidents to fall, liability wise, on the operators and not the foreign suppliers of nuclear parts.

Nuclear power companies in general and US nuclear companies like GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Westinghouse and Babcock & Wilcox intend to invest in India if and only they are provided anticipatory bail for their legal liability for nuclear accidents in future.

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake informed a US House committee: '… We are hoping to see action on nuclear liability legislation that would reduce liability for American companies and allow them to invest in India…'

The US nuclear industry is addicted to special laws made by the US government that limits their liability from nuclear radiation accidents. It wishes to operate under the law, which has been shaped by it. It has been noted that US companies who are part of the US commercial nuclear mission to India organised jointly by the Nuclear Energy Institute and the US India Business Council informed the media that they are satisfied over the nature of the Bill and are in active discussion with the Nuclear Power Corporation, Tata Power [ Get Quote ], GMR, Jindal, NTPC, L&T to explore business potential.

Melting snow caused the shutdown of Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant last week.

UK. Coldchester council doesn't want new nuclear plant.

Florida-Progress Energy-right to try to charge customers to help build new nuclear power plant?


Thus, in Nukespeak, proponents speak of "health effects" when they really mean "cancer." Accidents such as the infamous one at Three Mile Island are merely "anomalies," "significant events" or "abnormal occurrences" -- and when they recur, they are re-dubbed "normal abnormalities." Radioactive substances such as Strontium-90 are measured in "sunshine units," and when deadly plutonium somehow goes missing, it's simply a "MUF - material unaccounted for." "Boundless energy" to save us from "freezing in the dark" would be "too cheap to meter" -- if we only went nuclear.

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