Why Would GRDEC/4B Spend Money to Put in More RV Spaces for the Somervell Expo Center? Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas

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Why Would GRDEC/4B Spend Money to Put in More RV Spaces for the Somervell Expo Center?

4 February 2010 at 3:52:43 PM

Kind of amusing to listen to this audio from the commissioner's court this last Monday. The idea is that a rodeo would be coming to town but in order to have the franchise have to have 100 RV spaces. But the RV spaces would not be in the county but on city property. So Mike Dooley wants 4b to pony up money to buy the RVs, as well as the county pay for dirt work, etc to level a pad area on city property.

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How fair is that? I distinctly remember on at least several occasions hearing the idea of whether having RV spaces at county property (or on city property, for that matter) would in any way compete with privately owned RV spaces. I'll have to go find this but I could swear at one point that the Expo center was NOT going to put in a lot of RV spaces so as not to compete.

At about 2 minus 39 seconds in, Maynard asks if the county didn't already approve this? Oh, but the MONEY wasn't brought up then.

30 New RV spaces with water, sewer and electric on area that goes between the water treatment plant and Comfort Inn. City property, it's a buffer zone that can't have anything built on it.  County has resources to level that out.  Dooley hopes to get money from 4b to buy that, put some base on it, because it would be a permanent installation (wait-buffer zone or not?) Not on a flat, 6 there, and 14 would get extra head-in parking, 80 permanent and 20 temporary. Fallbacks would be in the industrial park, with zoning changes, less expensive because all on the flat, electric water, etc there-downside is that those people would have to cross Bo Gibbs. Maynard asked if the only question would be if the city could use our buffer zone. Huckabay-city hasn't officially been asked yet, next has to go through 4b. Maynard-I don't want to put them in the position that we were in recently-want to ask the city before we go asking for funding. Huckabay-it's been discussed with the city. Maynard-it wouldn't be a blindside that we hit 'em with. Dooley-the linchpin here is the 4b money. IF they come into that money, that is meant for economic investment and then we don't have to go back to the city to ask for .... if they're in, and we'll know from Thursday night, (should know right away if they will fund), Have 30 need to go to 100. About 79,000 dollars plus our contribution in roadwork and our  cost in base and some electric work has to be done. (Our must mean the county even though Dooley is a contractor).  6-8 year return. Cannot do some events unless we have 30. Maynard-do you have any estimates on what the 14 and 6 would cost? Dooley- about 1000 apiece. Barnard-what about the rail on the road.

Maynard-you haven't discussed the 20 temps in the soccer park. Area right across from parking lot-area surrounded by trees. Termporary electric costs, might have to ask 4B for this. Wirt-Above treatment plant-city said they might need to expand that someday? Hucakabay-wasn't a year put on it but probably 3-4-5 years down the road. Maynard-report I heard from F&N is that that site woudln't really accomodate an expansion but would have to look at another site for a total plant. If they have to have a buffer zone, if they expand, where would their buffer zone be? .. It could happen. Dooley-could do it in industrial park but would have to put in caution, flashing lights, etc .. not the best way to do this. .. could fill in that culvert. Maynard-only retail we have there.

Dooley-we want to know you support this. Maynard-would have to be done THIS year.? No money budgeted. Hankins- Fly in the ointment is that you'd be spending county money on city property. AUDIENCE-Making it harder and harder for individually owned RV parks to survive (was that Darlene?) Huckabay-these people aren't going to want to spend their time in an RV park-they want their horses on site. City has Oakdale Park- these people are not going to stay there or they will park on the expo center parking lot. Dooley- we get a lot of second time visitors here and I think we'll get some visits from RV people who will come back to do something other than... not a complete loss. (Where are the facts on that? What proof?) Huckaby-these shows won't even talk to you unless you have X number of RVs and stalls. Maynard-I agree with Darlene but this contract is contingent on having these spaces available on site. Darlene-any way that we can make sure that the participants in the show are the ones that stay there? Maynard-what if one entry but they bring 6 RVs? Court says participants. But if we open the door, and say they can bring 3 RVs, then they WON'T go into the overflow. Dooley-we rent the rv space but we don't check that they are particpants. Maynard. Need to quit assuming. You know what assume mean. I think we were very plain ... ecause our concern was about competing with the local people. Dooley-I understand and made that argument several times and couldn't do it. Ford-I'm really struggling with this, I want to support this effort... same issue as any of the oother owners of this RV parks and I've questioned the city's decision to instlal RV lots in Oakdale in competition-in essence we're doing the same thing. More comfortable if we do control the ones that are participants. Dooley-Over 30, dog show we had a waiting list longer than the 30 we had filled. Ford-in this case the contract requires it, even though I am hesitant to step on the toes of those who do this for a living.. Barnard-only thing we would do for the city would be for the dirtwork, equipment, labor. Hankins-what aobut RV hookups on city property? Would hve to an agreement. Dooley-we would probably have to share some of the revenue with them (if 4b granted) -prepared to come back and ask you to share some revenue with them. Hankins-have to have an agreement with the city. Don't want to assume we could do that without having some measure or comfort doing it. Wirt-we do the dirtwork and the base and 4b pays for putting them in. Huckbay-lot of balls to juggle betwee the county and the city but we're not talking for either one right now (So what exactly, then, is the relationship of Huckaby with the CVB? I thought he worked FOR the city, not sure if through contract or what, but wouldn't any conversation be in effect on behafl potentially of the city?) Barnard-so you've made this spiel to the county and now to the city? Huckaby-well, really 4b. Maynard-Yea or Nay to agree to the concept at this time.  Huckaby-a lto fo those people with RVS leave them in the parking lot but actually stay at Best Western. Barnard-now what? (Barnard moves that this is approved in concept). Seconded by Lloyd Wirt. Barnard, Time frame. Dooley-4B can't fund it for 60 days, can't be done, event is last of July. Maynard- were are we on the bridge? That's got to be done. Schedule wise, are we putting Wade in a bind?  Barnard-we'll know whether we bring it up next week.

(Calling up Wade to find out progress on the bridge)

Dooley-Drain area between current RVs, can fill that in, would be pretty expensive and would be on us. (Does he mean instead of the city paying for it through 4b funds?)  City council wil probably get this on Monday evening.

Amazing when a taxpayer subsized entity takes precedence over private citizens who do not get handouts and are trying only to get SOME of the monies generated.

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1 - humanbeing   4 Feb 2010 @ 5:57:10 PM 

Hey, what's another $79,000? Maybe the city could persuade that RV designer they hired for Oakdale (from outside the county for a mere $10,000) to design the RV spaces for the Expo so they can be sure to get their money's worth. And why can't these visitors to the Expo stay in the five motels in town? Sounds like Horsehockey to me.

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