What Were The Top 50 Posts on Somervell County Salon in 2009?Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


What Were The Top 50 Posts on Somervell County Salon in 2009?

26 December 2009 at 10:21:34 AM

I believe it\'s close enough to the end of the year that any newer posts aren\'t going to catch up!


1. Luke Humphrey Died Yesterday- Mom Not Told In Time To Attend His Funeral (Glen Rose) (8/18/2009)

 2. 2009 Texas Legislative Session (1/7/2009

 3. The Incredibly Sad Tale of Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey Or How Does One Lose Visitation? (6/28/2009

 4. No Town Hall Meetings for Chet Edwards in District 17 (August 2009)??? (8/4/2009

 5. Who Contributed to Kip Averitt (Tx Senate District 22)\'s Campaign-from January 2009 (1/21/2009

 6. Ooops! Sarah Palin Owes Back Taxes on the Per Diem She was Charging Alaskans (2/18/2009

 7. From Somervell County Sheriff\'s Logs- Injury to Disabled Individual (5/21/2009)-Again related to Luke Humphrey

 8. Open Records in Texas-Mugshots at County Level (4/13/2009

 9. It\'s 2009 Now-Whatever Happened to the FBI Investigation into Air-Evac Helicopters? (1/25/2009

 10. Video and Docs from Susan McLendon\'s Attempted Visitation with Son at Glen Rose Nursing Home June 19 2009 (6/19/2009

 11. Official Dinosaur of Texas to be Changed-To be the Paluxysaurus Jonesi (Mentions Glen Rose) (1/8/2009

 12. Snicker-Woman With 14 Kids Wants Someday to become a Child Care Authority on Teevee (2/8/2009)

 13. Making a TV Antenna Part 2 (1/17/2009) And it WORKED!!!

 14. Disabled Veterans Tax Exempt Bill Sitting on Governor\'s Desk (6/8/2009Peter Stern calls \'em out

 15. HB 742, SB 469 Disabled Veterans Exemption (5/27/2009

 16. Converting Campaign Money into Stock-Sid Miller (TX House District 59) Rundown Again (2/8/2009)

 17. No Off-Campus Free Speech for YOU, You Naughty High School Student! (1/19/2009

 18. Texas Constitution Changes? Anendment Election on November 3 2009 (9/10/2009

 19. Going to try to build my own HDTV Antenna (1/12/2009

 20. Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Expenditures for January 2009 (1/21/2009)

 21. Why You Should Think LONG and HARD Before Joining the Military-About a Deserter (1/9/2009)

 22. Recipe for Black Forest Cake- Ridglea County Club Style (4/7/2009

 23. Richard Mullins, Teacher, Suspended in Brookeland (Sabine County) Texas For Being *Too Liberal* (2/6/2009

 24. Another Video of the BART Killing by a Cop- WARNING THIS IS DISTURBING (1/9/2009

 25. Rumor Has it that Glen Rose Medical Center Personnel Are Being Threatened To Get Out and Vote FOR (2/1/2009

 26. Texas Secretary of State Filings on Glen Rose Medical et al businesses (1/27/2009

 27. Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report for Roger E Marks Foundation (Glen Rose ) (2/7/2009

 28. More on the Proposed Glen Rose Hospital District (1/22/2009

 29. I have Never SEEN Hail like this- Marble Falls, Texas March 2009 (3/26/2009

 30. No Such Thing as Clean Coal-Phil King Wants Corporate Welfare for Coal Plant Companies (1/21/2009

 31. Hello! Drought in North Texas-What About that 4B Proposed Water Park in Glen Rose, Texas? (3/3/2009

 32. *Worm Reptile Monkey People-Texas State Board Of Education Don McLeroy\'s Nutty Pal Johnson (3/22/2009

 33. Where\'s the MUMMY????? Of John St Helens (maybe) aka John Wilkes Booth of Glen Rose Texas (7/3/2009

 34. What are the OTHER Foundations related to the Glen Rose Medical Foundation/Medical Center? (1/26/2009(

 35. What Happened with Colin Hammet and Cody Day-From Police Reports- Part 1 (4/15/2009(

 36. What the Fool is This Cheesecakey Pic of Texas Senator Wendy Davis??? (3/14/2009

 37. Hospital District Election Result- FAILED- Glen Rose Texas (2/14/2009

 38. The 11 Proposed Amendments to the Texas Constitution (10/20/2009)

 39. Lawmakers Refusing to Approve Relief for Disabled Veterans (5/4/2009

 40. Biblical Plague: Arabs vs. Jews, Jews vs. Arabs in the Promised Land (1/2/2009(

 41. Couple of interesting Geek Stuff- Bike Laser Light Lanes & Mickey D\'s (7/7/2009

 42. More Video and Pictures from the Comanche Peak Nuclear Meeting Last Night in Glen Rose (1/7/2009(

 43. ANOTHER Earthquake Near Cleburne (Johnson Co) Texas- (6/8/2009)

 44. Video-Christian Bale\'s Anger Management Issues as Batman (2/4/2009(

 45. Glen Rose Nursing Home LLC Had 5 Federal and 8 State Violations in 2007/2008. (2/16/2009

 46. How Much Does the Athletic Director at Glen Rose ISD Make? (4/15/2009(

 47. Video-Ben Stiller at the Oscars-Hilar! (2/22/2009

 48. The SG Club Meets To Discuss Glen Rose Shadow Government (5/22/2009

 49. Will Gov. Rick Perry Have A Bad Reelection Hair Day In November 2010? (4/18/2009

 50. City of Glen Rose (TX) Feb 09- About the Official Newspaper (2/10/2009

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