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America in Distress

Economically Speaking: Is America Burning?

3 October 2009 at 10:01:47 AM

Where are the jobs and long-term resolutions?
So many here in Texas believe they are so much better off than in other states. Maybe this was true a while ago; however, the economic chaos that other states have seen is hitting Texans very hard.  Texas is NOT immune.  The ailing economy has become a national plague.
There is no light at the end of this depressive economy.  Not since The Great Depression have so many Americans been in such financial turmoil.
While the US economy has been on a downturn for several decades, the Bush administration propelled us into this mess and the Obama administration is not doing very much to resolve it.
The primary objective should be to provide jobs to all Americans. To do that requires incentives for businesses to hire and for the government to develop federal jobs to rebuild our ailing infrastructures.
Obama promised jobs, but has not yet delivered.
Little has changed in government and on Wall Street.  What is changing drastically is increased job loss, long-term unemployment and many more home foreclosures.
To make matters worse here in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry has done little to help the growing number of long-term unemployed. He could have accepted more federal stimulus and/or diverted some of our state tax dollars towards providing businesses incentives to hire more Texans.  Perry likes to blast Washington for all our Texas ills, but the truth is that Perry has NOT provided much help either for hardworking and hardly working Texans.
How will people pay their rent and mortgages?  How will they hang-on to their health care plans?  Will they keep their jobs?  How long can the government provide unemployment benefits to the already staggering millions of jobless who grow in number daily?  This is a big mess that is increasing steadily.
Americans will be hurting financially for many more years to come.  The level of our economic demise and return to financial health will be determined by the actions of federal, state and local governments.
Right now, it doesn't look too good.


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1 - James   3 Oct 2009 @ 11:45:41 AM 

It is absolutely beyond me why ALL governing bodies don't get this.  Health care would be nice, but the feds have made it partisan folly,  it is taking way to much energy, and they set the tone for all others to pursue their own agenda instead of looking at the people.  Right on, about Texas, no help there, at this point.  Somervell just raised taxes. Glen Rose and blood pressure just went many of us have said all along, the 4b intent is to provide meaningful jobs.  Doesn't look too good is being kind.

2 - salon   3 Oct 2009 @ 2:31:33 PM 

Thank you, Peter! With you.

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3 - pstern   3 Oct 2009 @ 8:02:21 PM 

I just received this email from Sandie in KY, who asked me to place her comments on your site.  She had computer problems with getting on the Salon site.

Here is her message:

Thank you for taking the time to write this article.
If there was just one story a day in the national news from any one person sitting in the unemployment offices, for those states like KY that require you visit and validate job hunting, it would let others know who are scared that they are not alone.
It is hard to hear these stories but in the end when we are there we all certainly understand the fear (words cannot express) that is felt by all waiting their turn, as even in small town offices there are at least 100 an hour coming in the door or waiting in line even in the rain and cold.
Depression is the word to be used instead of recession, if you do not mind my stating that, and if I am wrong then I dread when the depression hits, the rich will be middle class and the rest of us will be poverty level, but kind of think that is how it is currently.
It is the responsibility of all elected persons in positions of office to work on the infrastructure of this country with creating jobs, stopping visa workers and actually acting as though the taxpayer might be important.  Oh, that's right, that will happen closer to election. That and making illegals legal to get their vote and give us even more job competition, but then this government is set up not about us (the taxpayers) but about the rich and the elected.
Speaking of those elected officials, it appears that all they have time for is running for that next election and their jet trips and time away from the office all in a great lifestyle for themselves and on the taxpayer's dollar. No concerns over their future with SS or Medicare, they have golden parachutes they voted for themselves along with their yearly raises.  If a CEO had gotten a bonus for running a company the way this country has been run over the past several years then we would all wonder why they were rewarded for doing such horrific jobs.
Well soon there will not be enough taxes to give them that grand lifestyle so they will have to sell their souls for an even higher price when running for office because the unemployed won't be paying as much in taxes as when they were getting a salary. (Wonder if they ever considered not being sold for office but to have NO campaign contributions and run on PBS or whatever that COSTS NOTHING and then see how great the are at getting elected without the clout of big money behind them. That would be quite interesting to watch.
The unemployment does not pay bills for the unemployed nor enough taxes for the grand lifestyles of those in office. It is tough to realize every day when you wake up that here is so much hopelessness and helplessness in this country.  Even those working are struggling more than ever and we know why so that does not need to be spelled out here.  And the upcoming elections?  Well we will, as always, have to choose between the lesser of two evils knowing that all whose lips move are lying and that all they do once in office is payback those who put them in office and blame the other party for the wrongs done or being done.
Never do any of them accept the responsibility of this mess we are in NOR do they have real answers for how we will get out of this mess. The bills written are written, passed and then given to us in bits and pieces to try to figure out what happened and how it is going to bite the working class (if there is any left and it is not now slavery class) again.  And TV sitcoms that are about people who have lost jobs, well those TV stations should be ashamed for running them. Only those with money would find them funny or entertaining, NOT those not affected by a job loss or salary cuts or hours cut, etc.
This situation is not a sitcom and not everyone has family to move in with or money to move back to their home town and start over. Start over, with what? There ARE NO JOBS! Same thing with this campaign to go back to school and start a new career - WHAT CAREER? WHERE ARE THE JOBS! Not to go into it now, but those who thought they were going to retire have lost it all and cannot retire either - they were not able to vote themselves a Golden Parachute or raises every year or run for "office" to get their jobs with big money supporting them.
Get what I am saying?

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4 - mae   10 Oct 2009 @ 11:47:17 AM 

The poor economic here is hurting everyone. I had to work outside of Glen Rose to get a good paying job. I then got laid off and could not find work so I took a job in Glen Rose 5.00 an hour less. I also had to move in with my father because I could not find a place to rent in Glen Rose that didn't want to charge me 900.00 for renting a 3 bedroom. This is stupid. I would have to live in a trailer that is falling apart to get honest rent. And by the way our county has many trailers that people live in that aren't fit for living. I couldn't believe what I say; What I was being shown that they had to rent. I couldn't believe people were forced to live like this because of the poor wages in Somervell County. I cried for hours after I saw these place wishing I could do something. That is when I call my dad and asked to move back in, Because NO ON SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE WHAT I SAW. Now I make just a very little over min. wage. So because I have to make ends meet and was taught that welfare for the very very last resort; I took on 2 more jobs. So now I work a total of 3 jobs, but don't think this is right. Don't get me wrong I am grateful to just have a job when so many do not. I think this is because they won't take such a pay cut like I did or wont/can't work as much as I do. I just think that I should be able to get a good paying job in the town where I grew and and where my children go to school. I am a white female that has to take care of 3 teens and just do not have the time to go to school, but can do the job just as good or better as someone whom has. I think the wages should match the cost of living. Untill then I will cont. to work 3 jobs 365 days a year and still, just by the skin of my teeth, make ends meet.

5 - salon   10 Oct 2009 @ 1:50:59 PM 

@Mae-I'm so with you. Yes, the cost of living shouldn't be so high that in a town like Glen Rose you have to work three jobs just to do okay or people have to move away. Wonder how many graduating seniors stay here?

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6 - Anonomyous   12 Oct 2009 @ 8:43:46 PM 

There's about 4 things that must happen:  (1)Stop pouring money at the top (trickle down doesn't work), (2) Quit bailing out the well-to-do fat cats on Wall Street, (3)quit subsidizing corporation--no more corporate wellfare, (4) learn that the money must go to the bottom of the tier, the peasants, then it will get into the economy!!

7 - pstern   13 Oct 2009 @ 12:43:47 PM 

Anonymous, you forgot the bottom-line which is to create jobs.  An economy is not going anywhere but downhill if the people don't have jobs.

Mae, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time.  Obama and his administration think they are doing something by enabling more people to go to school.  But what good is going to school when there are no jobs with or without an education???  Makes no sense.

If they create jobs, people will have money to put back into the economy and it will begin to thrive.  I agree with Anonymous who tells us that throwing money at the wealthy top sector does NOT trickle down to the rest of us.

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