Audio from Somervell County Regular Session for September 14 2009Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Audio from Somervell County Regular Session for September 14 2009

18 September 2009 at 2:59:43 PM

MP3 Part 1   MP3 Part 2 - right click to download to your drive to listen. Here was the agenda for the meeting.

ROUGH transcript-to hear exactly what was said, listen to the audio.

Treasurers report. - about 4.58 in. - On hospital district - One comment here on hospital report, financial statement already in clerk\'s office. I don\'t believe anyone can say that I don\'t believe in open meetings and open records. Some people don\'t know the difference between work papers and official papers. If I filed everything with the clerk, this office woudln\'t hold it in a few years. Issues don\'t know whether partisan politics or not. (Maynard).

I don\'t know why we want to pay for ads any more in the paper-giving ink away by the barrel. (6.30)

Item 26- CIRA website. Rec from technology committee. Move website to the TAC/CIRA folks. Training for evrey department, each department their own changes, not loaded in one department to do it. (Ford) does not cost anything. Package 1-website free, some emails available. User-friendly site. About indemnifying the county.

27- Hank Jones Pecan Valley MHMR

29. Presentation from Billings -Land of the Dinosaur. Video. Live action musical production. Premiere attraction unlike anything else. Texas amphitheatre. 12,500 patrons up to better than 40-50,000. Creating a show that is a musical, dinosaurs a draw. Nighttime performance, dramatically compliment the rest of the dinosaur events. Developing private funding, don\'t want anything from the commissioners except Go For It. Heads in the Beds. Endorsed approved in concept.

30. Heritage Center -total over 27 thou.

31. Legislative action changed bid action amounts.


33. Hospital Authority. About 50:53 - Appointment of directors. Maynard was out of town. Order prepared by Hankins, essentially the same as the one done in 1993. Provides for directors and Class A directors (3 years) Class B directors (2 years) Class A (1 year). Ford-do we have to have all the directors names before that can be done? Hankins-best that we do that but it wasn\'t done that way in 1993, directors were named later. Maynard-taking it for granted that the commissioners court will be appointing those directors. Under current circumstances we want to be able to appoint them. Once it was authority established before, then authority would make recommendations to the court for appointment, court could still make changes. Order does have a spot for the directors to be named. Order could be approved and add the directors within a certain amount of time. Hankins-as quickly as possible. Maynard-I don\'t think we are prepared to name directors today. Ford-we\'d talked about this before about using some of the existing directors and changing some on the foundation board because we\'d hate to lose that experience, personally would like to see some remain, would feel better about moving into this with a full raft of directors in place, our responsibility to name those, have been visiting with some about this, would like this put on the agenda for next monday.Make decision. My concern is the October deadline regardless of what some may think, the idea of spending additional money on auditing is not a good idea. If we have the option and capability of forming this in time to avoid the added expense, we still do have another regular meeting (2) . Hankins-October deadline- probably have a transition till end of year, December 31. Maynard-not dealing with October deadline, then? Hankins- calendar year okay, Foundation can manage to continue till December 31. Ford-what about the issue of the county putting money in the hands of the foundation. Hankins-not necessary to meet the October deadline. Hankins-not quite under the gun. Not a drop dead date. Maynard- Need the authority, no matter. Have to have some method of operating as a government enitty to move forward. Not recommended for commissioners to run hospital. Would give us some more time. Hankins-can approve the hospital authority and name the directors later. Table it. Ford-are we at a point where the lease is out of the picture, not till January 1st. Maynard-order would be subject to midnight Dec 31. Can we have the authority in place and the foundation still deal till Dec 31? Hankins-intention is to create the authority and then after the transition takes place. Getting everything in place. We thought Oct 1st was the date, looks like foundation can manage till December 31. Maynard-Authority responsible for operating hte hospital, we have no responsibility except for appointment or removal of a director. What I\'m getting at, when we establish the HA can we give them any direction at that time? Hankins -well, I guess I don\'t understand what you\'re getting at. Maynard. Once it\'s established, we\'re out of the picture other than money. I think we\'re going to be held respoinsible for what the future operation of the hospital is going to be. Do we lose all of that when we establish the authority. Hankins. Come up with some other means of maintining the hospital for the community, you created it you can dissolve it. Maynard, not what I mean, I mean operational decisions. A new hospital authority board may not look at all the directions we are. Between now and Dec 31, do we have any interplay with directors for goal -setting? Are we giving total authority away, blank check, and making the assumption that the people on that board are going to act on that good will. Hankins. When we first created the HCA, they entered into a contract with Warren Healthcare, then we ran the hospital about 3 years ourselves. Don\'t want to get into day to day affairs, but to give direction to the authority I don\'t think that\'s a problem but the authority is not in the commissioner\'s court. Maynard. Interviewing each director to see what their thoughts are and all. Maynard. I know they\'re expecting the buck to stop with us, we\'re going to be blamed. Ford. other options available, time to look. I think we could do it in a week if we got after it. Maynard. I just want to know that we have done due diligence and we didn\'t just say go. Hankins. There will be an interlocal agreement between commish court and hospital authority. Whateve is not in that, and you don\'t like the direction. Maynard. Hope to get the people on the board that have some of the same things as most of the citizen of the community does, not a small portion. .. a little concerned. I know it\'s kind of out of our hands once the directors, people don\'t understand it. Example of citizens citizen, run actually by senior group. People don\'t understand it coming to us, why are you doing this? Coming to the wrong people. Table it till next week, move on the order one way or the other at that time.


Part 2 - rough transcript.  Budget workshop.

not adding personnel according to the way the budget is today. didn\'t include Josh\'s request. Building maintenance cell phone issue settled. Add 20,000 to budget for (intent, can\'t change the budget) for underground tanks removal -Wade. Amounts for GCD formation? 35,000 or 9,000 or nothing. 400,000 loan for one year, for 2 years??? what? Thought was we might not even want to set a figure till board of directors get formed. If we loan them 400,000 -if they go by water usage, that would be 35,000 if by population we\'re 9800. Johnson and Ellis county prefer the population number. Maynard suggest set aside a 35,000 fund. This is a loan and as soon as they start collecting fees, they have to start paying it back. Water districts when created didn\'t do anything to fund the districts, they didin\'t even set aside money for elections, had to jump up and make an exception to the loan rule.. temporary basis. Found court case that if for public purpose governmental entity can have exception for temporary loans. Until district establishes a stream of income. Can\'t tax but there has to be some fees but from whom and for what? Luminant-get them to pay for it? Anybody with a well over 25,000 gals a day will be metered and subject to water use fees. ONLY wells, no meter on private wells-some on agriculture wells. Mainly IF they started today the city would have a fee on it, two years before this would ever start. Account for all wells in the county? Not necessarily pay a fee but know of all wells, an original concept. If gas exploration drills well on the site, then that well is *fee\'d*. Includes the gas industry. Were going to put the meters on vanity wells.. (drill a well to keep your pond full, only purpose is to have a pond). Erath county that happened (mountain life??) didn\'t get put in Somervell bill. Irresponsible (Hankins). Can we make sure we have the potential of signing the new directors? (Ford) Our obligation is October,but the deal we put in the paper, only got back a couple of replies (Prairieland not Somervell).

Josh. 1200 dollar increase in travel allowance. 0 budget no increase. Also asked for vehicle expense increase (County Extension Agent). Included as items on the amendments to the budget when budget approved. Ford-how much leeway to you have, judge, in keeping the tax rate while switching things around. Maynard 1.2 mill out of unexpended monies, already over, enough adjustments to do some minor adjustments. When will make decision about GCD? After the board is in place.

Paying county bills.

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