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Update: Chet Edwards No Face to Face Town Hall but By Telephone

8 August 2009 at 7:51:42 PM

As mentioned before. Edwards office told me he was not planning to have any town hall meetings in this district. Well, I guess he must have been listening to the outcry in District 17 that WANTS him to have a town hall meeting. Except he's not going to have any. Instead, he'd have one big ole honking TELEPHONE CALL IN with EVERYBODY. As he says in this video from KBTX, otherwise he was only going to have ONE OR TWO TOWN HALL MEETINGS??? I guess that means Somervell county would have lost out again-wonder which one or two he would have picked??? Plus, no way is having one LONGGGGGGG telephone call phone acceptable. Is Edwards so busy that he doesn't have time either to meet in the district for all the ribbon cuttings or photo ops? Please. Makes me wonder if his schedule is open record through FOIA/

Anyway, Here's an interview with video from KBTX.  Here's a facebook group calling for him to have a face to face town hall meeting

According to the Waco Trib, which quotes Josh Taylor

“Congressman Edwards is spending August meeting with health care providers, businesses and everyday citizens throughout our district to discuss our health care system, and later this month, he will hold a district-wide telephone town hall to listen to constituents’ concerns.”

Hey. Aren't constituents *every day citizens*?

The statement also says Edwards thinks a telephone town hall will give “far more people” an opportunity to ask questions than would a face-to-face meeting.

Yeah, if people want to be sitting around listening on the phone ALL FRIGGIN DAY (because surely Edwards would find time for an entire day and not say, a couple of hours for an entire district!) . I've been to the Hood County town halls-usually about 50-100 people show up and a significant number want to talk... and it takes about 2 hours. Imagine district wide.

One of the people on the Facebook group that wants to force Edwards to have a face to face said.

Chet says he will do an in person meeting if we get our leaders to sign a statement that the crowd will be responsible, and will not yell at him, behave in a civil manner. The thing is, as far as I can tell, we don't have any leaders. So I think that all of us should sign that statement, showing Chet that we are all the leaders of this group, and that no one individual is behind it.

I saw earlier today that at one of the recent town hall meetings, people were arrested. Yes. That's as it should be. If people can't come and behave civilly, they need to be asked to leave, and then escorted out, and if they won't do it, get arrested. NOT have Edwards not do town meetings at all.

Bur really, the process is flawed. If he was only planning to do one or two anyway, then how can that really be serving the entire district?

P.S. I will NOT vote for a Republican if one runs against Chet, I do not like the Republican party and what it stands for. So this is not a diatribe from one who is trying to run Edwards out of office, but one who just thinks that as an elected official that is supposed to be resopnsible to the people, he needs to meet WITH the people who choose to come, not just those he picks and chooses for opinions or happens to run into when he's doing an interview.

P.P.S  I will say that if Edwards has come to the point that he can no longer find time to meet with the people that would elect him, except for a chosen few or all shoved into one big long day with a phone call, then perhaps he needs to be in another line of work. Because he is a, um, REPRESENTATIVE and how is he supposed to be able to represent if the people, who agree or not, do not ever see him except in a photo or internet video?

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1 - humanbeing   8 Aug 2009 @ 9:48:29 PM 

I can't help but believe this is all because of the rude, obnoxious ones. But then of course this is exactly what they want: chaos and a situation that makes it impossible to have productive discussion. Why don't we personally invite him to come visit?  

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2 - salon   9 Aug 2009 @ 9:00:10 AM 

@Hb- I read last night that there was some directive from some right-wing nuts that they bring guns to the town meetings. Now WHY would anyone need to bring a gun unless they were considering using it? I can tell you that if I thought I was going to go to a town meeting and either deliberately or accidentally getting shot, it would stop me from going. What, maybe going anywhere requires that everyone got through a dang metal detector???

Seriously annoyed. Where are the responsible leaders in each party that step up to tell people to cut out the crap? And what is WRONG with those who are trying to do this? There's a big difference in protesting what you believe is wrong and actively seeking to disrupt and prevent face to face communication from taking place.

IF it is that Edwards is concerned about both his safety and the safety of those who attend, then he should just out and say so. This lengthy all district phone call is a bad idea and doens't let him off the hook from seeking face to face communications in a one to many situation with ALL. There are, for example, approx 30 days in a month. Shouldn't he make it a priority to go have a town hall meeting at least ONCE a YEAR with each one of the counties in his district? ONCE? A YEAR?? Let's say that it took him one whole day out of his very busy schedule to meet with each county. If I'm counting correctly, that's 12 total counties. Hood, Johnson, Somervell, Bosque, Hill, McLennan. Grimes, Brazos, Madison, and part of Burleson, Limestone and Robertson. 12 days out of the year. And that assumes he couldn't say, double up and have, gasp, TWO town hall meetings in adjacent counties on the SAME DANG DAY.

I say again that Edwards could arrange to say that he expects X type of behaviour at a town hall, bring security guards or the police and if people don't act right, they're escorted OUT. When I went to Tom Vilsack's so-called *Listening* Tour, there were cops there because they apparently expected the farmers and ranchers to get out of hand and attack the USDA representatives about NAIS. Same thing when I went to the Trans Texas Corridor meetings a few years back. THEY BROUGHT COPS. So could Edwards. Because a few nutty anarchists shouldn't be able to stop a town hall.

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3 - Haywood Yassumi   10 Aug 2009 @ 8:52:32 PM 

It seems that the only town hall meetings across the country that have resulted in violence were the ones where the Obama union thugs were sent in to bully the folks who are angry at not being represented or heard by the ruling class.  Edwards is toast and will lose in a landslide next year.  About time.

4 - salon   10 Aug 2009 @ 9:05:25 PM 

@Haywood. You must be kidding, right? Um. Obama Union Thugs? Obama is not sending in thugs, from anywhere, to rough people up. This is the LAST comment like this from anyone that I will post if you don't put a reference of PROOF for what you're saying. Anybody can spout whatever crap they want and talk out of their, um, hat... but you can't do that here.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Calls Trump a Total Joke (Keene, Texas)
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