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Red Rover Shenanigans at Glen Rose Nursing Home

15 July 2009 at 8:43:46 PM

Got a missive from Susan Mclendon about a visit she made to Glen Rose yesterday. Not including the whole thing but recapping part and then quoting part. Basically, she was under the impression that a DADS representative was in town yesterday so made the long trip from her home to hopefully meet with her (wrong day) and decided that she would go out and try to see her son Luke Humphrey who is in the Glen Rose Nursing Home. Apparently the nursing home staff, including Gary Marks, was expecting her to visit.


On Tuesday morning I received a voicemail from Sharon Montani, she was at Glen Rose Nursing Home and had a few questions to ask me. I returned her call only to get a voicemail. I called Lt. Dahl and asked him to set a time with her between 2:30 and 3:00 and that I was leaving for Glen Rose. 17 miles from Glen Rose I received a call from David Dennis telling me that Sharon was not there today and that she made that call yesterday. He then gave me her number in Arlington and I called her and we spoke briefly.

My oldest son John and I had driven 235 miles for nothing. I visited a friend in town and then faced the long drive home. I couldn't just drive by the hospital. I just wanted one glimpse of Luke before we left town.

My son John and myself entered through the middle doors connecting the hospital to the nursing home. We are met at the door by Gary Marks. He immediately says my name and tells me, “You are not allowed to be here, I am calling the police". I tell him I am going to see my son. As I turn and look down the hallway there are at least 12 employees standing down by Luke's room.

Amazing. A whole hallway full of employees there to stop Mclendon from being able to see her disabled son.

I held up my tape recorder and pushed the record buttons. I held it in front of me for anyone who would like to make a comment, voices became hushed. As I walked up the hallway to Luke's room, employees parted like the Red Sea. They lined up against the walls. As I neared Luke's door the door before it was closed and Luke's door was open, that was unusual. I stood in front of the room Luke had occupied for the last 4 years, he was not there. Two older people lay in their beds asleep. I am confused where had they taken Luke? I turn to look at the employees all standing around me, they are all grinning. I look at Gary Marks who has followed us up the hallway and ask him where Luke was. He said, "I'm not going to tell you."

And apparently because they knew she was coming, they MOVED her son out of his regular room, thus hiding him.  

They all stood around me grinning at the little charade they had pulled. My heart sank, was Luke dead and no one told me? Where had they taken him this time? How long would it take me to find him for the fourth time. I began reading every door tag to find Luke's name. There was none. I then went into the cafeteria and spoke with an older lady who remembered me. I asked her where Luke Humphrey was. She looked around very carefully to be sure there were no employees in the cafeteria and she quietly told me down hall to the right first door on left. Luke was not there, she meant turn left, a door slammed across the crossroads of the hallway. My son John, pointed and said, "he's in here mom, I just saw a guy looking out this door and when he saw you he slammed the door". I went to the door and tried the handle, it was locked from the inside. I knocked and called Luke's name. I told him I loved him and they could not hide him from me because I would find him no matter where they took him. I was coming for him and to stay healthy and know that every single day I was fighting to bring him back home. They all looked on, I still wonder if that was part of the game and that it wasn't Luke's room at all. I turned to leave and Gary Marks was whispering and informing each of the employees, invasion of privacy, invasion of privacy, they were making their plans to try to have a reason to arrest me. I continued to walk to the exit. Gary Marks and all the employees tried to get as close to me as they could without touching me, to intimidate me. My son being a Personal Protection Commissioned Officer got between Gary Marks and me, to protect me. John slowed down walking to allow me to stay a step ahead of the mob. Gary kept trying to pass my son to get close to me, but John had his hands in his pockets with his elbows out, if Gary dodged to the left then right, John dodged to the left and right. Making them keep their distance from me. Last time hands were waved in my face and yelling ugly things all the way from the nursing home to the front door of the hospital. My son was sick of them treating me this way. As I opened the door to exit, John followed, then Gary Marks, then out popped a Somervell County Sheriff's deputy.
( I won't say his name so as not to embarrass him). He called my name and asked me to step over to the side, I did. He asked me if I had been told previously that I was not allowed in this building? I said I believe so. I said, “this is a public facility” I then turned to Gary Marks and said, 'this is a public facility that receives federal funding from Medicaid and Medicare, you are therefore bound by the Federal Rules, in the Federal Rules is the Olmstead Act that specifically states that a public facility CANNOT keep family and friends from visiting their loved one. Now Mr. Marks should you choose to become a PRIVATE facility, privately owned then the approximate $100,000.00 a MONTH that you receive from Federal Funds will be taken from you'. His eyebrows raised.My son then told me to walk to the car. The policeman called us to come back, I turned he got in my face and narrowed his eyes and sternly said, “I told you to stand over there”. I was afraid and proceeded to do that. My son told me to stay where I was and asked the officer if he was detaining me? No answer, again my son said, “Are you detaining her? Because if you are, you need to tell her what you are charging her with and arrest her. The officer told my son he was going to arrest him, my son asked what for, and he replied, “Interfering”. My son pointed to the car and said, “ Mom keep walking to the car.” He turned to the officer and said, “If you are not going to charge her with anything then you cannot detain her. As we reached the car, Gary Marks was trailing behind then stood in the parking lot behind and to the side of my car. I felt sorry for this officer, he had no clue of this four year ongoing fiasco. I told him I knew that Gary Marks owns the town and he was obligated to do what was in the best interest of Gary Marks. I told him I understood his position and the pressure he was under. We just wanted to quietly get a glimpse of my son to see if he was alright and then leave. He understood. We thanked him and left without incident.
On the way home, my son asked why I didn't allow him to question the officer concerning whether this was a private or public facility and how could they arrest someone on public property. The officer said it was a fine line. My son said define fine line. Of course I kept saying let's go, let's go, I'm thinking, thank God they are not arresting either of us for interfering. When we were 20 miles down the road, I told John my fears, he begins laughing and telling me, Mom they can not arrest you for interfering, what is that a fifteen yard penalty? Offsides !! Pass interference ! Personal foul ! Charging ! Fumble ! Personal foul ! Ruffing the passer ! Then he starts in with you know you could have been arrested for interfering with the interfering charges. He had me laughing so hard all the way home about my naivety of the law, and how officers can use that to scare you. The officers, judges and lawyers in Smith County used it repeatedly on my family for the past four years. .... I am going to tell Gary Marks just like I told Smith County, I am here and I am not going away. Give me my Son !

I will continue to try and see my son and keep you updated. Myself and three other mothers in Texas are meeting in August with Senators from Texas and California through an organization known as Community Now. They are helping mothers get back their children, enabling these mothers to sue those who have harmed their children, even the state and working with these Senators to change the guardianship laws of this state and this country. HB 417 was put into place as a result of their hard work.

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1 - James   16 Jul 2009 @ 10:15:51 AM 

Boy, just when I think I've got problems.   Minor compared to this story; this last week I had turn over my mother's car and pickup to the court in Fort Worth, (she had been declared incompetent by the court last year, thanks to my sister and a quack---my opinion).   She had been driving with no accidents in 15 years and comes up for evulation in Oct. , has plenty of income to provide for in home care, yet they take her vehicles and sell them wholesale....something is wrong with the system.

2 - salon   16 Jul 2009 @ 12:10:12 PM 

@James. That's really bizarre. How could that happen to your mom? Will the evaluation in October reverse things?

Latest Blog Post by salon -What Was Going on HERE? At Somervell County Commissioners Court August 26, 2016
3 - James   16 Jul 2009 @ 1:18:11 PM 

Since the evaluation is done by a court appointed person, I doubt we can do much.  We are looking into what we can do now.  Since mom has been declared incompetent she can not hire an attorney (catch 22).  As I stated previously, the clinic my sister took mom to is know for making these kind of determinations, the judge knows that, but still it is a medical opionion which they will not go against.  My mother's doctor of  10 years will testify in our favor, but we need more.

One more note; I have had minor business dealings with Gary Marks, he has always been very polite and fair.  On one job I had to get extra help, he reimbursed me even tho that was not part of the deal.  He is bound by the law even if he did not agree with it and is liable if he does not follow a court order.  Just like mom's car which she gave to my son, but we did not transfer title, I hated to take it back, not because of the car but because it broke my mother's heart. 

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