Minutes from the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting July 13 2009Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


Minutes from the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting July 13 2009

14 July 2009 at 1:04:22 PM

Courtesy (and DONE BY) Mygnonne T

JULY 13, 2009 - 5:30 PM
Public Hearings:
1.         REQUEST FROM TRAVIS BRANHAM, EXECUTOR OF THE CLEO BRANHAM ESTATE, to change the zoning of property located at 1404 NE Barnard Street, from R-1 Single Family to R-4 Multi-Family. Sale of property is contingent upon zoning change.
 2.       REQUEST FROM DAVID POLLEY to change the zoning of his property at 312 Mary Lynn from R-1 Single Family to R-2 Two-Four Family, to allow him to build multi-family units on that property.
 3.       REQUEST FROM ROSA PEREZ SANCHEZ, to replat her property located at 301 and 303 Southwest First Street, changing the direction of the property to allow for proper setbacks in order to put a house on the property.
 1.       Swear in newly re-elected Mayor and City Councilmembers.           
 2.       Swear in Municipal Court Judge and Court Clerk.
 3.       Citizen Comments: This is for citizens to comment on any subject concerning city business that is not on the current agenda. Members of the Council may answer direct questions, but no action may be taken at this meeting.
 4.       Approve minutes of previous meeting(s). 
 5.       Appoint mayor pro-tem.
 6.       Consider and approve or deny request from Travis Branham to change zoning on his property at 1404 NE Barnard Street from R-1 Single Family to R-4 Multi-Family.
 7.       Consider and approve or deny request from David Polleyto change the zoning of his property at 312 Mary Lynn from R-1 Single Family to R-2 Two-Four Family.
 8.       Consider and approve or deny request from Rosa Perez Sanchez, to replat her property located at 301 and 303 Southwest First Street, changing the direction of the property to allow for proper setbacks, in order to put a house on the property.
 9.       Reconsider appointments made to 4B Advisory Board on June 8, 2009, and possibly replace one or more Board members.
Regular Meeting
July 13, 2009
Page Two
10.             Appoint Larry Garnett as replacement for Tommy Smith as alternate on Planning & Zoning Committee
11.             Discuss Riverwalk Project.
12.             Consider and possibly approve Riverwalk Project Change Order #1 in the amount of $19,072.00.
13.             Consider and approve or reject contractor’s proposal for change order options for Riverwalk Project to include handrail for elevated boardwalk and concrete stamping for part or all of trail.
14.             Discuss progress of Interlocal Agreement with Somervell County to provide law enforcement within the city limits.
15.             Discuss progress of Interlocal Agreement with Somervell County to provide ambulance service within the city limits.
16.             Update on progress of Riverwalk project.
17.             Update on 4B Economic Development Tax Corporation committee activities.
18.             Update on Texas Department of Transportation’s progress on flood control problems in Stadium Addition.
19.             CVB Report.
20.             Executive Session: Pursuant to Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 - 551.074 {Revised by SB1851, 1999 Legislative Session}, Council will adjourn into Executive Session to discuss real property.
21.             Possible action on Executive Session.
Public Hearings:
 1.       REQUEST FROM TRAVIS BRANHAM: Mr. Villa opened the Public Hearing at 5:30 PM. Bill Vineyard, representing the purchaser of the property, presented site plans and various elevations of the project for Council’s inspection. Karen Richardson, speaking for the Preservation District Board, said that the building is located near what is proposed as the “Gateway” to Glen Rose. It is, she said, the entrance to the Historic District. She said she would like to see it shorter if possible.
            John Pruitt introduced himself as a long-time resident of Glen Rose. He said that during the last plant construction, there was nowhere for the workers to stay, and Somervell County ended up with “a trailer house under every tree” in the county. He pointed out that sooner or later 10,000 workers will descend upon Glen Rose, looking for housing, and asked, “Where will they stay? Will we send them to
Regular Meeting
July 13, 2009
Page Three
            Granbury again?” He urged Council to approve the rezoning, saying if we do not have more affordable housing, we will end up with more mobile home parks again.
            Joan Taylor, another member of the Preservation Board, said people come to Glen Rose partly because of the “Glen Rose Look,” and these apartments would not contribute to that esthetic.
            The Public Hearing was closed at 5:42 PM.
 2.       Request from David Polley: This request was stricken from the agenda because it has not been before P&Z as yet.
 3.       Request from Rosa Perez Sanchez: No comments were forthcoming.
            Public Hearings were closed at 5:43 PM.
Regular Meeting:
 1.       Swearing In: City Secretary Peggy Busch swore in newly elected council members Chris Bryant and Bob Stricklin.
 2.       Swearing In: Ms. Busch swore in Municipal Judge Kay McPherson and Municipal Court Clerk Mygnonne Thomas.
 3.       Citizens Comments: No comments were received.
 6.       Request from Travis Branham: Mr. Bryant voiced an objection, saying the project is supposed to be “upscale” and he didn’t see anything upscale about the use of Hardy Board in construction. Ms. Mitchell pointed out that Hardy Board is an acceptable construction material in the Masonry Ordinance. Council discussed the property at length, with a negative emphasis on the 3-story height of the structure. Mr. Villa made a motion to approve the rezoning, and Dr. Terry seconded the motion. The vote was 2 for and 3 against the rezoning. City Secretary Peggy Busch said that in order to overturn a P&Z decision, Council must have 75%, or at least 4 votes, therefore the motion had passed and the rezoning would stand.
 4.       Minutes: Mr. Stricklin moved to approve the minutes as presented. Ms. Mitchell seconded the motion, which passed 5/0.
Regular Meeting
July 13, 2009
Page Four
 5.       Mayor Pro-Tem: Due to the absence of Mayor Miller, Mr. Stricklin moved to table this item until the August meeting. Ms. Mitchell seconded the motion, and it passed 5/0.
 7.       David Polley’s Rezoning: This item was removed from the agenda.
 8.       Replat Request Rosa Perez Sanchez: Mr. Villa made a motion to approve the replat. Dr. Terry provided a second, and the motion passed 5/0.
 9.       4-B Board Members: Ms. Mitchell said she felt new Board member Craig Dodson should step down and a replacement be appointed. She asked Council if they had any suggestions for replacement, and Mr. Stricklin nominated Mitchell George. Ms. Mitchell made a motion that Craig Dodson be replaced by Mitchell George as a member of the 4B Advisory Board. Mr. Stricklin seconded the motion, which passed 3/2, with Mr. Bryant and Dr. Terry voting against.
10.       P&Z Board Member: Mr. Stricklin moved to appoint Larry Garnett as a replacement for Tommy Smith as alternate to the Planning & Zoning Committee. Mr. Villa seconded the motion, which passed 5/0.
11.       Riverwalk Project: Ronald Bruce had placed this item on the agenda in the hopes of getting Council, the Riverwalk committee, the project engineer and the construction company all on the same page. Although the original Riverwalk Committee has envisioned a nature trail environment, it appears that some or all of the trees along the walkway will have to come out to prevent extensive soil erosion. Project engineer Michael Buckley spoke as did Jay Mills representative Walter Goen. Both expressed regret at having to remove trees, but agreed that it would be necessary. Mr. Bruce questioned leaving the high grass, and said what the citizens seem to want is not in keeping with high, natural grasses. Margaret Drake and Karen Richardson both expressed extreme disappointment at the loss of trees and the possibility of a manicured appearance, but agreed that if it must be done to save the park then it was inevitable.
12.       Riverwalk Change Order #1: This change order in the amount of $19,072 was to cover 2 items that were left off the summary sheet by the engineer. Mr. Bryant voiced his disapproval of the oversight, but was assured it made no difference in the bid process. Mr. Villa moved to approve the order. Ms. Mitchell seconded the motion, and it passed 4/1, with Mr. Bryant voting against.
Regular Meeting
July 13, 2009
Page Five
13.       Change Order Options for Riverwalk: Mr. Goen presented an estimate for stamping the concrete walkway with a dinosaur or leaf stamp; however, the cost appears to be prohibitive. Mr. Villa moved to table for further discussion at the scheduled Retreat. Mr. Mitchell seconded the motion, and it passed 5/0.
14.       Interlocal Agreement on Law Enforcement: Andy Lucas reported that he has been in discussion with the county attorney. Council needs to determine what is needed in the way of law enforcement, i.e., Riverwalk patrol, etc. This will be an item for discussion at the Retreat.
15.       Interlocal Agreement for Fire-Fighting and Ambulance Services: In return for fire-fighting and ambulance service, the City agrees to furnish water to the Fire Department, as it has always done. Mr. Stricklin moved to approve the Agreement. Dr. Terry seconded the motion, and it passed 5/0.
16.       Riverwalk Progress: Mr. Goen said the wall should be complete the first or second week in August, at which time they will begin construction of the boat ramp.
17.       4B Activities: Mr. Bryant reported for Connally Miller, who had no update to report. The 4B Board will have its annual meeting on July 14.
18.       Update on Flooding Situation in Stadium Addition: Mr. Bruce reported that he is still waiting for a date to be selected by TXDoT for meeting with the City Council. Walter Goen, whose firm has done most of the highway and bridge work in the area, laughed and said, “Good luck!” He added that when Jay Mills Contracting built the Glen Rose portion of Highway 67, they had warned TXDoT that there would be flooding problems along that stretch of highway. He said their warnings were ignored, so they finished the road according to the instructions furnished by TXDoT.
19.       CVB Report: Billy Huckaby reported a good turnout for the Fossil Rim 25th Anniversary party. Glen Rose was voted “Dinosaur Capital of the World” on Smithsonian.com, and that Glen Rose has been the subject of several articles and TV shots. He distributed artwork of the billboards that are currently up in Fort Worth at I-35N at Allen and 183W at Minnis. Upcoming events include a Cowboy Action Shooting July 25-26, which promises to bring in over 200 horses and riders.
Regular Meeting
July 13, 2009
Page Six
20.       Executive Session: It was agreed that no Executive Session was needed at this meeting. Mr. Stricklin questioned why this item was on every agenda, and was told it was as a precaution, in case it is needed. He said he wanted it removed. A tally of council showed 3 wanted it removed while 2 wanted it left on future agendas. It will be removed.
21.       Action on Executive Session: No action taken.
________________________________                        _______________________________
Pam Miller, Mayor                                                    Peggy Busch, City Secretary

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