County Commissioners Meeting of March 14, 2005


County Commissioners Meeting of March 14, 2005

15 March 2005 at 8:54:00 PM

Video of the meeting. Agenda was:

  1.  Approve minutes of previous Commish Court
  2. -14 Approve the following invoices for no PO number a SCVFD- $429-570 Hoyt Breathing Air Products $610.00. Move $45 from Library Online Services #401-311 to Library Dues & Subscriptions #401-400. Move $120 from DPS Medical (Phy-shots) #427-406 and from DPS Bonds (Notary) #427-408 $75 to DPS Dues & Subscriptions $195 #427-400. Move $100 from Genealogy & Archives Copier/Off Mach Maint #446-452 to Genealogy Equip/Furn #446-570. Move $164,000.00 from Capital Imp's #450-570 to Rd Barn $97,400.00 #430-570 and to Clerk's Office $411-570 $66,600.00. Move $700 from Capital Imp's #450-570 to SO Furn & Eq #428-570. Move $1200 from Capital #450-570 to SCVFD Eq/Furn #429-570. Move $1190 from SCVFD Bonus/Allowances #429-416 to SCVD Medical (Shots) #429-406. Move $4,000 from Public Events Utilities $440-440 to Public Events Procurement #440-433. Move $500 from Public Events Pest Control #440-457 and $700 from Public Events Repair/Supplies #440-350 to $440-451 Public Events Vendor Auto/Equ Repair $500 and to #440-400 Public Events Dues/Subscriptions $200 and to #440-330 Public Events Gas & Oil $500. Move $5300 from Capital Imp's #450-570 to Rd Maint Furn & Eq #430-570 $800 and to Road Maint Right-of-Way purchase $430-500 $4500. Move $85 from Library Office Supplies #401-311 to Library Computer Maintenance #401-453. Approve remainder of County bills.

15. Discuss/take action on montly accident reports

16. Approve County Treasurer's report

17. Receive reports from: County Auditor, County Attorney, County Library, Golf Course, Committee on Aging, Indigent Health, Genealogy Library, Justice of Peace, County Extension, Public Events, County Constables, Historical Commission, Cnty/District Clerk

18. Presentation- Rudy Nunn, NCTCOG

19. Discuss/take action for Karolee Oates to attend Texas Jail Association Spring Conference in San Antonio May 24-May 27

20. Discuss/take action for JP Taylor attending the annual training in Austin, March 1-4.

21. Discuss/take action on Cashiering System for Clerk's Office

22. Discuss/take action on Ampitheatre chair replacement

23. Discuss/take action on purchasing 2 dump trucks from H-GAC.

24. Open bids for Janitorial supplies

25. Discuss/take action on contract between Hood County and Somervell County for inmate housing

26. Discuss/take action on agreement to contribute funds to Tx-DOT right-a-way purchase

27. Discuss/take action on Texas Cooperative Extension's recommendation for extension agent-Joshua Blanck.

28. Discuss/take action on development of Rodeo drive.

29. Discuss/take action on CAD contract. (not on the video. the meeting recessed after discussing Rodeo drive in order for the councilmen to look at the actual property)

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