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Over 4 Years of Blogging -The Blog Somervell County Salon (Glen Rose)

5 July 2009 at 1:29:31 PM

While enjoying the 4fh of July holidays, I was considering whether or how much the original purpose for this blog, Somervell County Salon, has changed since its inception in March of 2005. I believe it has remained about the same.

Our intent is to comment on news and events occurring locally, in the state and nationally. We plan to create blogcasts at a later date to provide a listening experience as well as reading. 

Well, haven\'t really done blogcasts to any great extent. But have done LOTS of commenting, which, again, was and is the intention of this BLOG site. And comments, by their very nature, are expressing particular points of view and opinions. We have put up a huge amount of video and audio, although some older video links have fallen by the wayside. From June 2007

Somervell County Salon has been up since March of 2005 and the main reason I started it is that I wanted to write about things that interested me about living here, in a mainly political context. Like, I wanted to write about county commissioner and city council meetings, as well as national politics. I figure that\'s the value of a local blog but it might also be a roadblock to a huge number of eyeballs reading. That\'s okay with me, because 1. I write what I want to when I want to and 2. I\'m not trying to be the be-all and end-all of blogs, just one writer with a viewpoint in Somervell County. I can\'t speak for the other 3 writers here, who may and probably *will* have different reasons for writing. I might get into my cynicism about what must change for our democracy to truly work, but suffice it for now to say that I cannot NOT speak about some things that are important to me because I strongly believe in the maxim that he who is slient is assumed to consent.

And, as I said in 2008

You, the reader, may or may not always agree with me. But one thing I and others who are contributors always seek to do is put up the link or source for our opinion, so that you can go read the article for yourself and form your own judgement.

Just to put a fine point, for 2009, on a few things. We always welcome comments, according to comment rules, but this is our blog and we reserve the right to not post comments. We have always said, repeatedly, that we don\'t expect that this blog is everyone\'s cup of tea, and not everyone reads here; we are a populist blog that trends to the left and rather than making any particular attempt to water down our viewpoints in order to include everyone, we are content to say that, as long as you follow our meager rules, avoid insults and aren\'t just a total kook, we will post comments that are from divergent points of view for the sake of discussion of the ideas therein.  Those who wish the site would be more in line with what they wish a site to be should start their own sites, and more power to them. Freedom of speech here doesn\'t extend to someone telling us what we should write or how to do it, or coming to a site that models itself on a *salon* and being allowed to be a boor.

I have a few other things I would still like to do with the blog. I plan to have a nice crime map on here sometime in the near future. I would still like to do blogcasts and may find time to go for it this year. I\'d like to change up the types of videos I\'ve been doing to include more *man of the street* type opinion videos about various subjects, as well as continue to get audio and/or video of a variety of the meetings. As a side note, I really appreciate Mygnonne, Judy N, Judy S, Peggy B and others who are valuable civic employees and work hard to bring information on behalf of the governmental entities they work for.

Overall, I want to thank all of the readers who come here every day. I\'ve been told by so many people that they love to read here and read here regularly. We\'re just some people who want to express our opinion, you may or may not agree with us, but we love living in America where we have that freedom.

Have a wonderful holiday for the rest of it!

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