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From Somervell County Sheriff's Logs- Injury to Disabled Individual

21 May 2009 at 11:16:46 AM

I've been out of pocket the last few days and haven't had time to put up the logs from the past little while, but this caught my attention. Somervell County has a usual assortment of burglaries, drug busts, DWIs, and driving without licenses, etc. But you don't always see one that involves injuries to someone in a nursing home.

Here was the report, a little edited. On 5/11/09 at 1:50 pm, Somervell County Deputy Stephen L Gibson met with walk-in complainant Susan Gail McLendon in reference to suspected abuse of her son, a Glen Rose Nursing Home Resident.

The description of the offense reads "Injury to disabled individual, Luke Forrest Humphrey" and says that the injuries were sm bruising up arm/Bleed mouth.

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1 - somervellres   21 May 2009 @ 9:36:15 PM 

Which nursing home? Hospital or Cherokee Rose?

2 - salon   21 May 2009 @ 9:41:20 PM  1021 Holden St.
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3 - Susan McLendon   24 May 2009 @ 5:26:21 PM 

Dear Salon,

The disabled individual is my son, Luke ,who had his 24th birthday in January.  Since Luke has been in this nursing home he has sustained multiple unexplainable bruises on his arms, legs, wrist, and face, black eyes, swollen face, his front tooth chipped twice, boils all over his head, bloody throat, blisters covering the inside of his mouth and tongue, blisters on his left eye and to the whole left side of his face.  His teeth and roof of his mouth covered with green thick mucous,  sexually transmitted diseases with a death sentence.  This child cannot speak any longer, move his arms or legs, roll over, sit up or even use a call button, yet his door is kept closed to supposedly keep other patients from being exposed to a fatal disease.  He is caged in his dark room like an animal, he is allowed NO visitors, no cards, no phone, no flowers, nothing.  Last August he was left in his room alone and choked on his own vomit and inhaled it, two days later he was taken to Glen Rose Medical Center Hopsital  for a seizure and found he had pneumonia aspiration from the vomit he inhaled. two days earlier.  Yet this nursing home is not made to have a closed circuit TV in his room to monitor him since he cannot yell for help or press a call button. His father lied and got guardianship in ex parte hearings and became the temporary guardian without my knowledge.  The grandmother BJ Humphrey and the father Landy Humphrey has allowed this repeated abuse knowingly and willingly, and say that 'Luke is just a vegetable, who cares.'  The nursing home has hidden the fact from me that my son is dying and went so far as to make up lies concerning our family to obtain a temporary injunction against the whole maternal side of the family.  We did not  see Luke for 13 months.  After the final hearings in May 2007 where I was thrown out of my own case for brushing my sons teeth, trimming his nails, removing his "leg braces" which in reality were plastic AFO's, and putting chapstick on his lips, which the father, ad litem and his attorney, Robert Bandy, claimed was nursing care, not mother care,  And the father had written in visitation guidelines I was to do no nursing care.  Last January 11, (2008), when this nursing home was written up on five federal violations and eight state violations concerning my son and other patients.  The following week when I went to see my son I was asked to leave the nursing home by Bridget Knapp and David Dennis and never return because they felt I was just trouble and didn't like DADS coming into their nursing home because it 'disrupted' their day.  I was refused to see my son for one year, I was hung up on every time I called to see how my son was.  They refused to allowed me to know anything medical concerning Luke.  The court ordered I was to be notified if my son had anything more than a cold yet this nursing home hangs up on me when I sense something is wrong with Luke and call.   I am his mother and only since January (2009) of this year I was permitted to see my son for two hours, once a month.  And only if I never called DADS again.  My son went to Glen Rose in September 2005, being able to say yes and no, sitting up on an incline, rolling over, he could push his wheelchair backwards with his feet and tell you if he hurt or wanted the radio louder or to go outside.  Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing home has slowly murdered my son, not only by refusing to treat him, but also for not giving him the rehab that was ordered by his neurologist, allowing him to waste away in his bed or strapped to a wheelchair that is to small for his tall frame.  I have written repeatedly to the Department of Aging and Disability (DADS) over the last four years all to have them rule it unsubstantiated.  After calling 77 attorneys, no one will get involved in this case.  I have been refused to even go before the judge for visitation privileges.  Judge Rogers took my papers and threw them to the side.   Attorneys Robert Bandy, J. Scott Killough, (the ad litem who knew of all this abuse concerning Luke and did nothing), Judge Randal Rogers, who condones the fathers many contempts of court, and abuse of his son should all be in prison for intrinsic fraud, fraud on the court,  tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence, extortion, conspiracy to conceal fraud, and attempted murder of my son.  Yet those who are capable of doing something, do nothing.

When I found out hearings were being held while I was at my son's bedside at the hospital I went to the next one.  The  ad litem , J Scott Killough took me into a private room before this May 3,2005 hearing and told me, 'Baylor  University Medical Center attorneys told him to see to it that I did not get guardianship of my son because I was a lawsuit waiting to happen.'  He then told me, "It's not a matter of if you win or lose, it's how hard do you want to fall."  Baylor attorneys where in all of our guardianship hearings between a mother and a father.   They met with the judge at his bench still in his black robe along with the other attorneys mentioned above after each hearing.  The judge would have my side of the family escorted out of the courtroom by the police, acting as though we were a danger and a threat, while they proceeded to have an ex parte hearing.  This case was for money and look what they have done to my child.   Everything I have written here is documented in the transcripts of the hearings, medical documents, and sworn affidavits.  I am a heartbroken mother with nowhere to turn.  Thank you for exposing the truth on this horrific nursing home who not only treated my son like he was less than a person , but others as well.  I saw it and said something, for that I was blackballed.  Susan McLendon

4 - salon   26 May 2009 @ 11:53:34 AM 

@Susan- I really feel for you. I can't imagine going through so much and of course you have a real concern for your child. You said you have no where to turn. Are you out of legal options?

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5 - jojoakaoscar   26 May 2009 @ 1:35:38 PM 

There are a lot of legal options but no attorney with the tenacity or tumerity to go forward or to even take the case.  As soon as they find out that the case is in Smith County, TX.  the old "Win at all Costs" mentality sets in.   Ad Litems are like little gods.  J.Scott Killough, the ad litem in this case,  stated that "even if you have a jury trial and the jury rules in your favor, you will still lose because the judge will listen to me".  He sure called that one right.   Maybe she should have had a jury trial instead of a bench trial.   Susan was the sole managing conservator Luke's whole life and she had prior rights as well as parental rights to her son.  Luke was raised in his mother's home.   The father, Landy Humphrey,  was held in contempt of court twice and eventually placed on five years probation for non-payment of child support.   He should have been disqualified from the beginning, but the ad litem  never bothered to investigate the father,  and  set out on a mission to destroy the mother's reputation and her relationship with her son by staging scenes at the other hospitals all involving the step-mother, (Carla Humphrey who now works at the nursing home), or Granny B, (B.J. Humphrey who worked at the nursing home years ago).   

DADS won't do anything because 'there's a guardian in place' .   They should investigate the 'guardian'.  I hope the sheriff's office follows through with their investigation of this case.   Someone needs to be held accountable for the abuse that has, and continues, to take place where this young man is concerned.   How does a disabled person who cannot walk or talk end up with a chipped tooth and a sexually transmitted disease?   Who molested him?  When?  Why wasn't it investigated two years ago when it happened?   Why is the nursing home covering it up?   And why did the ad litem deliberately withhold that information from the court?


6 - salon   27 May 2009 @ 5:59:44 PM 

I hope for your sake that the investigation goes through, too. I would assume it will. I really do feel for you.

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7 - anonymous   28 May 2009 @ 3:17:10 PM 

Word of Caution!  You can't assume everything you read is factual and true until you consider the source.  And before any opinions are really need to hear the other side to the story, from the other side.  

8 - salon   28 May 2009 @ 3:45:56 PM 

@anonymous-perhaps you know the other side (or another side)  since you allude to it?

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9 - jojoakaoscar   28 May 2009 @ 7:02:48 PM 

OK  "anonymous",  let's hear the  side of the story that you allude to.   I believe the mother!  

10 - Susan   28 May 2009 @ 8:02:24 PM 

Dear "anonymous" I have medical records, court transcripts, and sworn affivadits to back my story, if you have something to say bring it on!

11 - humanbeing   28 May 2009 @ 8:15:18 PM 

I believe this is no one's business but the family that is involved. How would you like your family stuff aired on a public blog? Not many of us would.

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12 - Susan   28 May 2009 @ 9:09:45 PM  It was I who wrote the comment bring it on! I was logged in under jojoakaoscar blog. I wanted to set the record straight. humanbeing wrote to keep it to the family, we would if the other side would communicate with us, unfortunately we have no where to turn to help protect our loved one. Maybe someone with authority will hear our cry and represent the interests and Constitutional rights of Luke. He has a right to see the family he was brought up by. Over the years, a growing uncaring and unjust judicial system has helped convert guardianship/conservatorship from an appropriate law to one which, if misused, is damaging to the general public. At present, it operates to ensnare the most vulnerable people in a larger and larger trawling net, now including those merely physically "incapacitated.” It has become a feeding trough for unethical lawyers and other "fiduciaries" appointed by the courts to protect, but many of whom become nothing more than predators. Wards, instead of being protected by the system, are victimized by it, losing their freedom, property and their very lives, due to a lack of monitoring by the individual judges and court administrators, and further lack of oversight of the courts by state and federal legislatures. Uncaring/corrupt judges, like Randal Rogers, misuse the law and engage in blatant due process, civil/human rights violations. Victims aren’t always given notice of hearings at which their competence will be adjudicated, aren’t always allowed to attend, and often don’t have lawyers. Luke had no one to stand up for his rights. If there is an attorney out there who is willing to help my son, please contact me. If there are others at the nursing home who have experienced the neglect and abuse of their loved one, but are afraid to speak up because of retaliation, you need to report this to the Sheriff's office. If the court does appoint lawyers, often they are too closely affiliated with other professionals who make their living in this special area; and do not properly represent the victims’ interests. Corrupt judges do not apply the required evidentiary standards in making adjudications of incompetency, and frequently fail to obey the protective statutes, or include specific findings of fact. “Fiduciaries” are given power of life and death, burying their wards in nursing homes where they are kept chemically restrained with unnecessary and dangerous drugs; family members are denied any say in their care, and sometimes denied visitation, except under guard at their own expense! This has been our case.

13 - Susan   28 May 2009 @ 9:32:25 PM 

Salon, you asked if I was out of legal options, most definitely.  No attorney is willing to take our case because there is a guardian in place.  I have even tried to just get an attorney to go to court just to get me visitaion with my son and all 77 have refused to become involved in such a horrendous case.  Where laws have been ignored and false accusations and lies against the whole maternal side were made by the paternal side and the three different judges involved refused to even let us present our side of the story.  We were threatened repeatedly that we would be found in contempt of court and thrown in jail and fined if we even tried to speak up.  When we attempted to cross examine the false witnesses, the ad litem objected to every question and the judge sustained them.  Even when the ad litem had to wake the judge up for a ruling the judge automatically said, "sustained" and would then ask what he was substaining.  It was shocking to realize that in our courts today you are guilty until proven innocent.   I was guilty of brushing my son's teeth and putting chapstick on his lips.  For that they threw me out of my own case and would not even let me sit in on any of the hearings.  When I stated my Consitutional rights according to the first, sixth and fourteenth amendments were being violated Judge Floyd T. Getz said in open court, "We are not going by the Consition in this courtroom today."  We reported this to the Justice Dept in Washington D.C, Texas board of Judicial Conduct, and the State Bar and they did nothing to him.  He was recused from our case then referred it to the third judge who was his friend.  How can we get a fair trial, and why was there even a trial over a guardianship.  I was never, nor have I ever been proven an unfit mother yet I was treated as one.  And thrown out of my own case as one.  This is judicial tyranny, not justice.

14 - Patricia Pondoff   29 May 2009 @ 10:21:35 AM 

Everything that Susan has stated is the truth.  On May 26, 2006 in County Court at Law # 3, Judge Getz did make that comment about the Constitution, I know, I was there and heard it myself.  On that same day, David Dennis, administrator of Glen Rose Nursing home signed an affidavit to the Ad Litems motion for an Injunction against Susan stating that she had used foul, abusive, obscene, indecent language while at the nursing home and then in the May 3,4 & 7, 2007 hearing admitted that that language was not used.  We have the court transcript to prove it.  David Dennis should have been prosecuted for perjury.  The ad litem, J. Scott Killough tried unsuccessfully for 26 months to disqualify Susan from becoming the guardian and when he was unable to do that he filed an In Limine against Susan stating she had an adverse interest and what he showed to the Court was that she had brushed her sons teeth, cleaned his ears, and removed Lukes AFO which he referred to as leg braces, brough a lamp into Lukes room and  called it nursing care which she was not allowed to do according to the guardians rules.  That was motherly care NOT nursing care.  I personally called the ad litem, J. Scott Killough last week and he refused to talk to me,  I gave his secretary a message to give him and asked how his Ward contracted the deadly disease and why hasn't he checked into it and why wasn't it reported, and informed him that he is still the ad litem and is still responsible for Luke and the neglect and abuse that has taken place for over 3 years. The secretary said if I had anything to discuss with Mr. Killough to put it in writing., Well here it is.  Now put up or shut up.!!! 

15 - b.m.w.   29 May 2009 @ 11:55:05 AM 

It is my experience that the truth never hides in darkness or behind the shadows of "anonymous" characters, if you tell the truth you want everyone to know who the truth is coming from. so please come out  of the shadows and tell your side of the story. When you tell your side of the story, make sure it is the truth otherwise it could constitute slander or defamation of character.

16 - Anonom   30 May 2009 @ 12:41:45 AM 

My confidence in the whole judicial system here in Texas has greatly been diminished.  Basically, the whole thing stinks and is full of corruption.  And I bet it will never be fixed--too much money involved.

17 - Anonymous   7 Jun 2009 @ 5:34:29 PM 

I've known the Humphreys for years now and they are good honest people. They care alot about Luke so I don't know why you talk about them like you are. The Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home is one of the best homes around here. And for the people that doesn't  know the whole story shouldn't believe all that is said in this blog.Because there is another side to it.  Everyone has freedom of speech and opinion. So here's mine. Like I said before and I'll say it again don't believe everything you hear or read. 

18 - court systems 101   7 Jun 2009 @ 11:32:34 PM 

Doesn't anyone think it is strange that this mother has so called tried to get all these lawyers, but no one will take her case?  Something is very muddy in the river waters if you cannot find a lawyer to take a "poor abused mom" case...

19 - jojoakaoscar   8 Jun 2009 @ 5:13:52 PM 

So let's hear the other side and make sure you have proof.  The reason she can't find an attorney is because the courts,   the ad litem,  and all the other attorneys involved screwed this case up so bad that no new attorney wants to take the responsibility or accept the liability that goes along with this case.   I haven't heard Glen Rose come out and deny any of the facts about Luke's STD's.  Don't you think Glen Rose would file a libel and slander suit?  The Humphrey's don't give a rat's butt about Luke.  His father says he visited Luke 300 days out of the year.   I wonder how he can do that when he is on the road 4 days out of each week as a truck driver.  Or at least he was when he had a job if indeed he still has it. 

It's not a "poor abused mom" case either.   Luke is the one who was molested.  If there is anyone else out there who has a loved one in that nursing home who says they have been abused or molested,  please let us know.   When an incapacitated individual who can't walk or talk contracts an incurable sexually transmitted disease it is no longer 'family matter'.  It becomes a matter of public interest and everyone of you should be asking the same question we are asking:  "How did this happen?"

The Ad Litem in this case just filed his latest application for ad litem fees and his last entry states  "Estimated time for preparation and anticipated hearings on the close of guardianship". (Smith County Cause #33,591-G).  It's public information.  Now, according to the Texas Probate Code there are only three reasons to close a guardianship:  Those are  number 1)  remove the guardian and appoint a successor guardian,  2)  the wards capacity is restored or--- and mark this one down.....    #3) because of the Ward's death.   Are they planning on killing Luke?   We already know Luke is still incapacitated so the only other one would be to remove Mr. Landy Humphrey and appoint someone else.  

It's a matter of court record that Landy Humphrey abandoned his son and was held in contempt of court at least twice and placed on five years probation for willfully neglecting to pay child support.    He perjured his testimony and so did his wife Carla Humphrey.     

20 - Patricia Pondoff   8 Jun 2009 @ 5:45:39 PM 

Hey court systems,  It's not the mother who has been abused it's the ward that has been, Shankapotomus.  No attorney wants to accept the responsibility or liability of the prior attorneys or their work.   You bet the waters are very muddy but not on our side of the river.  Muddy waters are usually shallow, our side of the river is very clear and deep,  check it out for yourself, it's all a matter of court record,  Smith County Court cause # 33,591-G. 

21 - Susanna   8 Jun 2009 @ 7:47:07 PM 

Knowing the Hunphreys for years, doesn't mean a thing. 

However, since you are good friends, maybe you could tell them to do the right thing for this young man. He needs all of  his family caring for him. He certainly needs family willing to open their yees and see what is happening to him, and to stand up for him. It sure looks as though the people designated to care for him ( guardian, ad litem, judge, nursing home, DADS) are not interested in his well being. However, this is all too true in Tx where money rules, Bush style.

22 - salon   9 Jun 2009 @ 9:42:39 PM 

Confidential to grad2004- not posting your comment as its not relevant. As I understand it, Ms McLendon had sole conservatorship of her son until he was 18. And it's not uncommon for a child to be embarrassed about parents while in high school-that simply is not a good reason to trash the mom; embarrassment or concern over injuries..which really is more important? I am with you that I always like to think that the justice system works; however, the symbol for justice is a woman with a blindfold over her eyes. Sometimes, unfortunately, justice is not carried out as it should be, and it is the perfect right of the person or persons who believe that it has not happened that way to fight to set it right. If we didn't have layers of courts, from circuit to district to federal to supreme, one might believe that every case tried one time at one or two levels was always right. But that's not how our systems work. If you have specific knowledge now because you have followed the case, read the court records, etc and believe that there's another side based on facts that exist with Luke as an adult, please post again.

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23 - Susan   10 Jun 2009 @ 4:56:47 PM  Guardianship Abuse and Our Judicial System

       We live in America land of the free, home of the brave. A country founded

       on the Constitutional principle that the Government is to be run by the


     As Harry Truman stated: "When even one American -- who has done nothing

     wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all

Americans are in peril."

For those of you following this blog, I want you to understand that we are fighting for the rights of Luke Forrest Humphrey, AND against the powers handed over to guardians.  When you have the power to refuse to let any relatives see their loved one and enforce it to the extent of holding the ward virtual prisoner, this is not called, "looking out for the best interests of the ward". Boundaries must be followed to the letter of the law as set forth in the NGA (National Guardianship Association) guidelines.   We intend to take it before legislature that guardianships must change. No one should have absolute power over an incapacitated person. He or she who wants that much power is not deserving of it.

You mentioned children being embarrassed by parents while in high school.   Luke did not like PDOA  (public displays of affection)  That meant no giving Mom a kiss when she drops you off at school or when he wins a game.  Hugs are okay.  I think most  high schoolers feel that way, especially boys.  My husband Bill and I did attend  every baseball, basketball, and football game, along with tailgate parties and took pictures before proms and dances, Luke expected us to be there.   I was there for the pep rally when the boys dressed as cheerleaders and Luke had the biggest balloons of all stuffed under his sweater. It was the most fun years of our lives.   All us moms sat in the bleachers and cheered.

Now when Luke so desperately needs someone who will take the time to ask these doctors questions and see to it that Luke sees specialist's for all the illnesses that have developed since he has been at Glen Rose Nursing Home, we are left out of that loop. I feel the paternal side has given up on Luke. I feel they gave up at the hospital when they told the doctors it would be better off if Luke died. I feel they gave up when they left it up to the nursing home to take care of him, when this side of the family wanted him in his own home to lovingly take care of him. I feel no institution can take the place of the home you were raised in. He could have a full time nurse and be taken to Rehab daily. Luke needs active family members working with him DAILY for hours for him to even get back to where he was before he arrived at Glen Rose Nursing Home. I feel they gave up when they put in Luke's medical files DNR and Do Not Do CPR. I have fought for every breath that child has taken. It may not be how some would have done it, but I did it the best way I knew how.

We as mothers and citizens need to stand up to despotism ( a ruler with absolute power, especially one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way). We as mother's standing up

to this despotism have been considered a threat to the court and the attorney's involved in this case and considered dangerous to those who would expose them. Giving guardians absolute power over a vulnerable incapacitated individual should be illegal. But this shouldn't be the case here, not in the United States of America. This shouldn't be the case when it comes to a truly democratic government; a kind of a government we have proudly defined as, and believed to be,

a government, of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Cases and examples, in case law, of no accountability and due process denied in our court systems are reminders of an endangered and diminishing democracy.

My sisters and I are very involved in this horrendous case involving my twenty-three year old Traumatic Brain Injured son. We did not choose to be in this situation. The father and his family went behind our back and did the unspeakable. Took a child from his mother and family without even telling us or notifying us until they had ultimate control. I tried and tried to get us to all work together, Luke needs the whole family to help him recover. And for the person who asked why can't I get an attorney, Yes, it's true I can't find any attorney to represent me. As Killough, the ad litem, stated in court when asked why he would not talk with me concerning Luke "I am not at liberty to discuss anything with you as long as you are represented by council, and you have been represented by council this whole time, until he withdraws he is still your attorney of record ". Only then did we realize my first attorney had never withdrawn from the case and hasn't to this very day, an no other attorney can legally step in and take the case.

On Monday, June 1, Luke's dog, Samantha died, she was a black lab and we got her when he was just nine. She slept in his bed every night and he was the only one that she would let wear a baseball cap without barking like crazy. We were forbidden to bring her to see Luke. The father specifically put it in the visitation guidelines. I never understood how David Dennis could pick up a full grown dog from the pound, bring him to the nursing home and clip a badge to it's collar and called it a therapy dog when that dog was so afraid of everyone, it would tuck it's tail and hide between David's legs. Who knows what that dog would do? He was never sent to training school as is required of patient therapy dogs. It was very saddening to lose Samantha, it was the end of a long relationship, she was a special dog, it was also a part of Luke's life being over.

I just received Luke's medical records for December 31 thru March 31, 2009. These records keep track of every person who sees Luke or tries to. The father saw his son thirteen (13) times from Dec 31, 2008 until March 31, 2009. The grandmother also went 13 times. I am available to sit with Luke 24/7 and want to. The paternal side of the family would rather leave him alone laying in his dark room with his door closed than have anyone from the maternal side sit with him. We want to sound the alarm and beg you not to look the other way. We cannot go on pretending to have Democracy when, Freedom of Speech, Due Process, the Freedom of Information Act, the right to face our accusers, and many other protections of our freedom that are written into our legislation, House Bills, County Court Rules, Texas Constitution , Texas Probate Code (TPC), Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (TRCP), Texas Government Code, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), are being totally ignored in our Courtrooms. The principles of True American Democracy, The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, printed in our textbooks, are only that, PRINTED WORDS.

These laws are being ignored in The United States of America and especially in Texas.

It is long overdue that we stop pretending, and we cease denial. It is

time to decide whether or not our American Democracy is worth fighting for.

For four years I have been pursuing all channels, through the three branches of our government.

I am continuing to pursue my court cases, seeking the due process granted to me under our Constitution, despite all attempts by our judicial branches in Texas, to ignore them. Despite all the facts, evidence, and other witnesses, the judicial system in Texas chose not to investigate our case and other criminal acts committed against the Constitution, the law and the people,

with the stroke of the pen have chosen to 'sweep under the rug' one of the Judges violation

of the oath of his office, and the abuse of power. When I asked to be able to

testify in my own defense, Judge Floyd T. Getz, CCL#3, Tyler, Texas, denied me that right.

I then said, "According to the first, sixth and fourteenth Amendments I have the right to defend myself ". This judge stated in open court "We're not going by the Constitution in this

courtroom today". My sisters at that time had three sons and a daughter-in-law serving in active duty in the military who are willing to fight and die for the very Constitution

this judge just denied, my sister's stood to their feet. As the judge ordered the bailiff to

confiscate my tape recordings and other evidence, my sister grabbed them from out of the bailiffs hands and dared the judge to say anything. I consider that Judges comment to be treason against The United States Constitution. We reported this conduct to the U.S. Department of Justice, Judicial Committee, Twelfth court of Appeals and

Texas Supreme Court and no accountability was required of this judge. The judges willful

and persistent violation of established rules and procedures is untenable as a matter of law.

I may be just a citizen, but being one gives me the responsibility and the right to do so.

I am not going away Tyler, Texas. I shall not stop.



Name: Susan McLendon

24 - jojoakaoscar   11 Jun 2009 @ 4:29:47 PM 

You go girl!!! I couldn't have said it better. Wake up people.  What has and continues to happen in this case is taking place all across America.  Why not google or yahoo  the words 'guardianship abuse' and see what you pull up on your computer.  Check out  the blog to help stop elder abuse and guardianship abuse.   Read some of the horror stories other people are posting about their loved ones and then pray that it never happens to you. 

Before this happened to Luke, we were just like everyone else.  So long as it wasn't happening in our little corner of the world we didn't care.   Now we do.   And we have joined the fight to rein in these ad litems and attorneys who are to lazy to do their job and instead use the power they possess to steer litigation in their own desired directions.  Ad litems who fail to investigate the situation, and instead misrepresent facts, file false documents,  and just plain lie to to the judge.  And don't forget the judges who think they, too, are above the law.  Judges who don't know the law, so they make up their own laws as they go along.

We still have two more petitions in the Supreme Court.   Whether the Justices will rule in our favor or not remains to be seen.  I just hope it won't be to late for Luke. 

25 - salon   14 Jun 2009 @ 5:33:32 PM 

@All- If you want to send public records to make a point one way or the other, feel free to scan them and send to talk   @ 

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26 - Patricia Pondoff   9 Sep 2009 @ 10:26:39 AM 

Salon,   You know its been nearly 3 months since you asked the Guardian (other side)  for any evidence they have against Susan and they have yet to produce anything.   Why??  Maybe because they have nothing??  They never had anything except what they and the Ad Litem staged.

27 - Lisa   13 May 2010 @ 10:26:16 AM 

Is there still any interest in this?  We, too, have experienced the father's-attorney/guardian ad litem court appointed counselor sham in the Tyler court system.   My children had many complaints about their treatment while with their dad; some physical abuse.  My daughter was pushed backward down a flight of stairs, my son hit in the face.  Mostly emotional abuse and preventing any contact with me, their mom, whild with their father.  Other problems also, that spanned several years.  My son began having breakdowns and pleaded for an opportunity to talk to someone and have the visitation changed.  The children are very articulate and told many of the involved attorneys and counselors about  their life and their wishes.  Their father's attorney, Jerry Bain, arranged for attorney ad Litem Beau Sinclair to step-in. They arranged for psychologist Robert Sperry to perform phychological testing all around.   Ad litem Sinclair  immediately stopped meeting with the children.  The court-appointed counselor met with the children many times and had no doubt they were being truthful.  She suggested to my 14-year-old son, that he refuse to go to his dad's when he turned 15.  Sinclair, Bain, and Sperry began throwing around a term I have since learned much about:  "Parental Alienation".  It is not an approved diagnosis, just a term attorneys use to divert all attention from a dad whom children claim is abusive.  It is not a term that is allowed to be used in the courtroom, but it is used frequently with devastating results.  The result is that all evidence and innapropriate actions by the father are ignored.  The focus of the court is turned to the "alienatiing mother".  Fathers never alienate, the theory claims; only mothers.  Further the theory claims that if a child has any negative feelings about Dad, it is because there is an alienating mother who should be removed from the child's life.  The theory does not allow for the possibility that a dad can do anything to a child that would warrant negative feelings.  The author of this theory also promotes sexual relations with children as healthy and normal.


As I said, these children are mature and articulate.  But given the new spin on the case (i.e. the alienating mother), all of these attorneys (Bain, ad litem Sinclair,) and counselors (Robert Sperry,). adamately oppose the judge speaking directly to the children, as the children have been brainwashed by their mother; they claim, and that the children have no real problems with dad. So the children are silenced and the dad's attorney goes after mom.


Anyone have any similar experiences?


28 - salon   13 May 2010 @ 11:14:29 AM 

@Lisa. I personally do not know of this, but what a goofy theory. Of course the dad's attorney would like this one, eh?

Latest Blog Post by salon -Did we elect a monarch? Bah to the Constitution? Trump and the Ukraine
29 - trenathetreehugger   13 May 2010 @ 1:23:31 PM 

i may be completely wrong... but i think that luke passed away some time back... you may want to recheck to make sure, but i think i remember reading about him passing.

Latest Blog Post by trenathetreehugger -GR city employee (in city truck) intentionally runs over my 2y/o sons dog and kills her
30 - lukesmom   14 May 2010 @ 10:54:26 AM 


I am so sorry that you are having to go through this hell.  I know it very well.  I have not dropped Luke's case.  I am now very involved with several Senators working to change legislation and Create a "Luke's Law".  Guardianships must be changed. I gave testimony at the Capital in Austin on Wednesday concerning DADS (Dept. of Aging & Disability) not overseeing the abuse that took place in Glen Rose Nursing Home concerning Luke, and how guardians are allowing their wards to die without giving them the proper medical care that is needed, This is nothing more than pre-meditated murder.  Sanctioned under the guise of guardianship and condoned under the color of law.  This must stop!

We as mothers feel the need to protect our children, men unfortunately, as I have experienced are only out for revenge.  Whether it's because you divorced them or took them to court for non payment of child support, they still seek revenge years later.  Fathers know the only way to hurt a mother is through her children.    What I want to know is; do you have custody of your children now?  Is the father trying to get custody?  Is that what this case is mainly about?  Are you afraid of losing your children?  You may e-mail me privately at  Perhaps we can put you in contact with someone who can help you. 

My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Susan McLendon

Mother of Luke Forrest Humphrey

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