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Audio -Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Session April 20 09

26 April 2009 at 10:41:19 AM


The quality of this audio goes up and down, so be warned, largely because some of the comments made during the meeting were not made near the recorder nor into the microphone. For example, Mayor Laura Miller got up to speak but it's difficult to hear her comments. What I did was adjust the entire sound of the meeting up to boost her sound as well, so part may be LOUD. I also provide a rough transcript here of her comments. (about 2 minutes and 53 seconds in to the recording). One other side note about the recordings themselves-the recordings, done by the county,  are done with Voice Activation set. If you've used a tape or digital recorder, you know that what this means is that the recorder sort of goes into a pause mode when there's no sound and then starts up to record when it senses sounds. Unfortunately what this can cause is a missing word or two while the recorder starts up again and it creates a large number of small files instead of one file. So, where you see "missing" in the transcript I did below, it's due to the VA)

Letter from the City Council. Judge Maynard recommends that the commissioners do not reply to it. Miller speaks from the audience. "That letter is not from city council, it is from me. ..[unintelligible] unprofessional things were said about the city and things but when it says we that's me, that's opinions from members throughout the community, that's opinions from the members of the 4b committee, that's opinions from the members of the riverwalk committee, so that was my feelings, that was not from the city council. So I just want to make you all are aware of that .... put aside everything and do what's best for the citizens of Somervell County because as residents of the city we are still residents of the county. That's what I want but I just want you to understand that that was from me, as mayor, after all, I have a right to write this letter, it was not written from the city council." Maynard "Well, you're a teacher, you know about the language as we as acceptable as an individual person.. except that one city councilman told Commissioner Ford that you voted 3-2 not to send the letter to the newspaper, so that's where we thought it was done in some type of meeting." Miller-"No, it was not". Maynard "Okay. That's what we were told." Miller"No, that was incorrect" Maynard "And, uh, all we want is communication and .. I think (I can't see Pam) not to carry this on but I think y'all would feel the same way if we showed up this morning and started building a parking lot in y'all's park over here without contacting y'all. " Miller "And we do understand that". Maynard "And it was three incidents, it wasn't one incidents, it was three consecutive incidents". Miller "And sometimes some communication has come forth... we are both guilty of doing [unintelligible] incorrect". Maynard "Right". Miller "You were just talking about the water meter. That was incorrect. You've had people parking on ... ..[missing] our whole goal is to work together and to do what's best for the citizens of the county and city because we're all one entity, different entities but of course we're all here for the same purpose. That letter was from me and it was not from the council". Maynard "And our question was the inaccuracy. It was not whether you used the parking or not, it was to build a facility without checking to see if there was adequate parking. At no time, and the question by Mr Wirt was, would y'all allow a business to build here  in this community without having adequate parking. You were building a riverwalk without adequate parking and that was our question and the reason we addressed Ms Drake, we addressed the city and she stood up as the respresentative. She and I have discussed this, there's nothing between she and I, she feels like it's been carried way too far. All we want is to be known if you're going to build something in what we are custodians are, it's all the citizens, but we're the custodians of county property, you're the custodians of city property and if you're going to come in you've plowed up a road, you've started building a parking lot without notifying us that you put out for bids to put sidewalks through, I meant, all we want is, just, you know, we want to get along, and I think if we reacted from your letter this would become a full blown war rather than a communication... " Miller "That's why it was not put on the city council meetings .. [missing] because we don't want a war. But I do have strong feelings about what I said and in the letter I think I expressed it. I wasn't beating around the bush, I was trying to be honest and truthful because that's what we want to be. and we will do our best, .. unfortunately in order to come to the commissioners court meetings because of the time, we had to take off work and Ronald took a day off today, cause there's things going on that he's doing, Chris has to take off work {?} has to take off work and I have to take off work, so we're not [missing] and you have to understand that. People work . This is what y'all do for your job and we appreciate that very much but this is not .. Being on the mayor or city council is pretty much a volunteer job. You know the council people get $10 a meeting and I get $150 a month so its not like we can live on those things.. so "Maynard "This is my 26th year of being a public servant for Glen Rose and Somervell County. Only the last ten has been a paid job so I understand the volunteer part. And when I took the volunteer job I knew that there was times I would have to do things and I don't accept this as an excuse for not showing the court the respect of at least telling us what you're doing .. you know, you just screwed up and didn't do it and now it's history. I thought after you got through beating me up last Monday night that you'd be through and we could put thing to bed but you saw fit to send this letter". Miller- "And actually this letter was being written but I want to [misssing] what I said. I thought about it and I prayed about it and felt like this is what I needed to do. So as far as I"m concerned, you have my letter, you have my information, now hopefully everything can be put to rest". Maynard "And we take it, I guess, you said you didn't want any input from us in the future without asking for it, so that's the way it'll be. " Miller "I don't think I said input". Maynard "You said guidance. Well, guidance is input, I think, isn't it? " Miller "And that was in response to, I believe it was, [missing] that maybe we needed guidance from yall to let us know what to do. And so, if we do need guidance, then we will certainly ask for that." Maynard "I thought maybe it was when I talked to your architect about reconsidering putting the walkway across the weir, you know.". Miller "No, that was actually in response to Lloyd's comment". Ford " Well, I"m very appreciative" Maynard "I am too" Ford" of making the effort to come today and as far as, from my perspective, I think we've all had our say [missing] time to move on. I wouldn't recommend any action". Maynard "I don't. No action".

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