City of Glen Rose Meettng Minutes from April 13 2009Somervell County Salon-Glen Rose, Rainbow, Nemo, Glass....Texas


City of Glen Rose Meettng Minutes from April 13 2009

21 April 2009 at 11:09:05 AM

Courtesy of Mygnonne T  - (and here's audio and video from that meeting)


APRIL 13, 2009 - 5:30 PM
Copy of Agenda:   
 1.       Citizen Comments: This is for citizens to comment on any subject concerning city business that is not on the current agenda. Members of the Council may answer direct questions, but no action may be taken at this meeting.
 2.       Approve minutes of previous meeting(s). 
 3.       Discuss and possibly reach agreement on future of old Tailor Building in Heritage Park.
 4.       Consider and possibly approve expansion of the Preservation District, as requested by the Historic Preservation Board.
 5.       Approve new Official Zoning Map.
 6.       Update on Riverwalk progress.
 7.       Update on 4B Economic Development Tax Corporation committee activities.
 8.       Update on Texas Department of Transportation’s progress on flood control problems in Stadium Addition.
 9.       CVB Report.
10.    Executive Session: Pursuant to Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 - 551.074 {Revised by SB1851, 1999 Legislative Session}, Council will adjourn into Executive Session to discuss real property.
11.       Possible action on Executive Session.
Action on Agenda Items:
 1.       Citizens Comments: Darrell Best, coordinator of Christmas in Action, thanked the City Council and City employees who participated in their community makeover effort on March 18. He said that without them to take down some trees and make several trips to the dump, work would have not gone as smoothly as it did.
            Craig Dodson said that he had observed that both the City and the County say they are attempting to improve the lack of communication between them. He said that during that day’s Commissioners Court meeting, the City representatives left as soon as the discussion they were interested in was complete. He said that in his opinion, it would have been better had they stayed for the remainder of the meeting. He added that as a developer, he had a question that could possibly have been answered by a City representative.
Regular Meeting
April 13, 2009
Page Two
 2.       Minutes: Mr. Stricklin moved to approve the minutes of previous meetings as submitted. Mr. Bryant seconded the motion, which passed 4/0.
 3.       Old Tailor Building: Mr. Bryant asked for this item to be put on the agenda, and he wondered if any progress has been made to restore the structure. Karen Richardson said that Lila Carter has been working on a $2,000 grant through Leon-Bosque RC&D, and Billy Huckaby has pledged a donation from the CVB. Mickey Garrett worked up a bid for restoration costs, which are estimated to be in the neighborhood of $20,000. So far they have raised around $12,000 and will most likely look to the City and the County for the remainder of the cost. The County has put up some old fencing around it to keep vandals out, she said.
            Mr. Bryant said that since the City paid to have the building moved, at this point we need to save what we can and go from there. He referred to Mr. Dodson’s comments about the City and County working together, and noted that the building is now sitting on County property. He added that he was disappointed that the County has not approached the City about reconstruction of the structure. Mr. Bryant added that he could not help but think of Commissioners Court a few weeks back when Judge Maynard remarked that he felt that the City just dumped the tailor building on the County. Judge Maynard replied that somebody dumped it on the County, but he did recall saying the City had done it. He said that the commissioners agreed that the structure could be placed in Heritage Park with the understanding that it would be rebuilt, but nothing has been done to it since. He said the big problem they have had is people staying there at night. He mentioned that there had been discussion of bringing the building back to its original location on the Square. If that occurs, he said, the County could not participate because it would be on private property.
            Mr. Bryant said that the building is part of our Heritage and it would seem that the perfect place for it would be Heritage Park. But if the County is unwilling to accept it or take responsibility for any of it, then it lays it off on the City again. Judge Maynard said that when the County was asked to put it there, they said they would provide a spot for it, but they would not provide funds for it. Mr. Bryant said he was unaware of that fact. Judge Maynard added that it would be better for the County to wait for the new budget.
            Mr. Stricklin said that the City donated $5,000 to pay for having it moved, and that was the extent of the City’s commitment. Judge Maynard mentioned that the entire project was started by a person who eventually backed away from it. 
Regular Meeting
April 13, 2009]
Page Three
            Mr. Bryant said that as a county taxpayer, he could understand why the county would not want to participate in restoring the building, but asked Judge Maynard why they would not want to. The Judge replied that they need to know what the plan is. Mr. Bryant asked if everyone worked together, could they count on the County to participate? Judge Maynard said, “We pay for everything else; we just as well pay for that, I guess.” Mr. Bryant asked him to clarify, and the Judge said they pay for all the other parks and all the other issues like this. Mr. Bryant said, “If Heritage Park is such a problem and nuisance, we would be glad to take it off your hands. How does $1.00 sound?” Judge Maynard said, “ We have to have a true value. Surely you know enough about City government to know that you can’t get something for nothing.” He added, “We just spent $30,000 on the buildings that are over there, that have started to deteriorate.”
            Ms. Mitchell asked Judge Maynard who Heritage Park belongs to and he said, “It belongs to the County.” She said she thought it belonged to the taxpayers of Somervell County. Judge Maynard quickly agreed that the park is owned by the taxpayers. Ms. Mitchell said that as a city resident, she pays county and city taxes. She asked, if her family comes to the park and there is a riverwalk, are they allowed to use Heritage Park and go to the Riverwalk? Judge Maynard said, “That isn’t what y’all asked for this morning.” He said that plans were to exclude Heritage Park from the Riverwalk, and that he suggested joining it. Ms. Mitchell said that was not what he had suggested at another meeting. He replied that it was not a suggestion ~ it was, “We think that’s what it is going to be.” Ms. Mitchell asked the Judge to explain why the county and city do not work together. Judge Maynard said he did not know, that they make every effort they can. The only thing they asked, he said, is to keep them informed. “Don’t go up and dig up a road just because it’s here; don’t put a monument on our property which wasn’t our property; don’t bid out a parking lot without contacting us first.” He added that the reason he comes to the Council meetings is that it is the only place he can get any information. He agreed that progress is being made, and that Ronald and Moose have been in touch with the commissioners. Ms. Mitchell said that she intends to attend Commissioners Court meetings in the future, and added that she is new, but she wants to learn as much as she can. Judge Maynard said that if something involves the county, then they need to be informed. He again stated that the bid was let on the parking lot without them ever being contacted. He added that the contractor came to them when he was about to go to work on it. The Lions Club met, he said, and viewed a Power Point presentation on the Riverwalk, but the Commissioners Court has never seen it. Ms. Busch reminded them that they were straying from the agenda item.
Regular Meeting
April 13, 2009
Page Four
            Ms. Mitchell summarized by verifying that Judge Maynard needs to be in on any decisions made from Big Rocks to Heritage Park. The Judge replied that he is only interested in Heritage Park, but the shock that they had was that Heritage Park was planned as the entrance to the Riverwalk.
 4.       Expansion of Preservation District: Ms. Richardson prefaced her request by saying that Derek Satchell of the Texas Historical Commission has made some suggestions for changes to the Preservation Ordinance which will be presented at a later meeting. She then called attention to the map of the proposed expansion of the District area, which will be widened and extended down Vine Street to encompass the First United Methodist Church, then down Mustang Street and across the Paluxy River to include Heritage Park, returning back across the river to Grace Street, then south to include Barnard’s Mill and across Barnard Street to surround the Gibbs home, following a line behind the properties adjacent to the Gibbs property and continuing to Hereford Street, going west on Hereford to Vernon Street and returning to the original district line. She also pointed out the attachments to the map, which lists all historical properties within the district, as well as all petrified wood buildings in the City.
            Mr. Stricklin voiced his concern that county properties (Heritage Park and the Citizens Center) would be asked to comply with Preservation District codes, but Judge Maynard appeared to have no problem with that. Mr. Dodson asked if inclusion in the District would necessitate zoning changes, and was told that no changes in zoning would be made.
            Mr. Stricklin then asked if the Preservation Board intended to notify property owners who would be new to the District. It was decided that Ms. Richardson would prepare a draft of a courtesy notification letter, which would be prepared and distributed by Ms. Thomas prior to the next regular meeting. Mr. Stricklin moved to table this item until the May 11 meeting. Mr. Bryant seconded the motion which passed 4/0.
 5.       New Zoning Map: This item was tabled due to discrepancies being discovered on the new map.
 6.       Update on Riverwalk: Mr. Bryant apologized to Ms. Drake for what she was made to endure at Commissioners Court a few weeks ago. She replied that she viewed it as a positive step toward consciousness toward communications. 
Regular Meeting
April 13, 2009
Page Five
            She reported that she and Michael Buckley had met with the commissioners that morning and presented the new, revised plan, which bypasses Heritage Park and opens the walkway on Grand Avenue. At that time, Judge Maynard said he’d rather the park be included. The commissioners voted to approve both walkways. Mr. Buckley said that given the new changes, the bidding process may be delayed by a few weeks.
 7.       Update on 4B Committee: In the absence of Connally Miller, Mayor Miller reported that the Community Input meeting went well, with a larger crowd than has ever been seen in the Council Chambers. A decision on whether to fund the water park as a 4B project was postponed pending a feasibility study on Oakdale Park. Other requests for funding were also heard during that meeting.
 8.       TXDoT Progress on Flooding: Nothing to report.
 9.       CVB Report: Mr. Stricklin presented an excerpt from a Dallas newspaper showing that our local golf course, Squaw Creek, was named in the top 100 courses in the state, #1 in the medium price range and #13 in all municipal courses.
10.       Executive Session: Pursuant to Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 - 551.074 {Revised by SB1851, 1999 Legislative Session}, Council adjourned into Executive Session to discuss real property at 6:15 PM.
            Regular Session resumed at 6:33 PM.
11.       Action on Executive Session: No action was taken.
With no further business to discuss, Mr. Stricklin moved to adjourn. Ms. Mitchell seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 6:34 PM.
______________________________                 ________________________________
Pam Miller, Mayor                                                    Peggy Busch, City Secretary

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