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Obnoxious Letter O Day-From Fossil Rim

9 April 2009 at 8:27:11 PM

Let me start this out by saying that I very much like Fossil Rim. I don't mind too much when people park on the road, or think that 2008 is a one lane road and drive down the middle or the worries I sometimes have that people exiting the park won't obey the stop sign and will hit my car. It's really good that a lot of people come out to visit. That said, I don't pay too much attention about what event may or may not be going on at Fossil Rim, I usually only notice the traffic or more cars in the lot. The only reason recently I noticed that it must be spring break and people were visiting Fossil Rim is that, when I was driving by one day, I saw people working to help park the cars, and there were a LOT of cars on the road. I did write about it at the time because I thought it was cute.

Today was a high wind day and one hopes to goodness that there are not people who are burning brush piles. I saw a Burn Ban sign on the edge of Somervell and Erath county when I was driving to Stephenville the other day so I know it's against the law to be doing it. I would also hope that if anyone was burning anything today that they are picked up by the sheriff's office for breaking the Somervell County Burn Ban. And if anyone is THINKING about burning, one would hope that person would call the sheriff's office to find out if it's all right to do it. Like, you can't EVER burn stuff in a burn barrel, but controlled burns when there is not a burn ban on are okay. Or if you have to weld a fence, you should always have a spotter. Sometimes fires start from other reasons, though. I saw a huge bonfire one night nearby that scared the fool out of me. And one of the neighbors who had made a pond around the first of the year and had some cleared trees, had his pile set on fire by what we presume were some NY Eve revelers; the dang thing was still smoking a month later despite rain and frost in the meantime.

There was one day back in March where we smelled smoke and heard sirens and we KNEW there was a fire near us. I don't remember if the burn ban was on or not, but the fire was taken care of by the Somervell County VFD. The wind was actually going towards us, so we would have been in danger ourselves of having a fire here. Apparently that was the fire that is referenced in the letter I'm fixing to post. I saw in the Fire Logs from the VFD that there was a fire on March 18 2009 on CR 2009-looks to me like the place the fire was on the road that goes past the Fossil Rim Overlook.

All of the previous is to say that it is a heck of a nerve for a private company to try to tell the landowners around his business he manages what they can or can't do on their own private property. It *is* the business of the law and local government to do so, and that includes the county judge and commissioners, who set the burn ban and then expect the sheriff's department to enforce it and set penalties.

Here's the letter that was sent.

Is the sound of sirens for someone who is being helped by ambulance disturbing to the visitors? Is it not possible if there are visitors who hear the sirens and smell the smoke to be calmed by one of the Fossil Rim workers? I noticed today in the fire emergency that Parker County had that some surrounding areas from Weatherford evacuated and I'm sure that if a fire reached that level of emergency, this county would do likewise.

Don't get me wrong. IF the person whose fire was being tended to on 2009 was violating the burn ban, he or she should be penalized. IF that's what happened, it was the wrong thing to do. But it's not up to Fossil Rim to try to dictate how people should live as long as they are not the government in charge of making rules for our private lives.

Update: Another person who lives near here told me 2 cents more.

I want to get a huge smoke machine with a fan on it that would carry it all to Fossil Rim and run it every weekend.
 It makes me want to buy the land right across the road from the entrance just to burn brush on.
 Who thinks they can tell someone what to do on their own property.

Apparently Fossil Rim

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1 - humanbeing   10 Apr 2009 @ 8:25:01 AM 

Dr. Condi's letter read to me as a request for consideration from FR's neighbors, not as someone trying to dictate how people live their private lives. But then I am not sympathetic to burning and am quite radical in that regard: burning of brush piles should be illegal. Leave them for the wildlife, compost or take them to the Convenience station for mulch.

Is the burn ban in effect? I can't tell. There was quite a bit of burning in my neighborhood 2-3 weeks ago and someone told me the burn ban was lifted. I had ashes floating around my house.

Several years ago a contractor nearby at a new house site was burning scraps. The fire got out of hand and burned onto the back of my property. Fortunately, someone managed to put it out before it did major damage to my place. But no one involved bothered to inform me or apologize.

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2 - salon   10 Apr 2009 @ 8:40:29 AM 

Whether the letter was asking for consideration or not, sending it at all is heavy-handed and inappropriate. Do I send letters telling Fossil Rim that they should do something about all the traffic that not only slows down but in some instances blocks the road? I have almost been hit in my car twice by people coming out of Fossil Rim because they aren't paying attention. Quite often the people driving down the road are driving slowly, probably because they're trying to figure out where to go, or they want to gawk, from the road, at the buffalos. The other day we were behind a person leaving Fossil Rim who drove straight down the middle of the road all the way to Hwy 67-I suppose he or she thought that, since this was the country, that traffic laws didn't apply.But I'll bet this is the first time you have heard me complain about it, because I usually just slough it off and chalk it up to them having a private business that brings tourists, some of whom are not considerate themselves. I don't because my attitude is Deal with It! And that's what Fossil Rim should do.

I happen to agree with you about burning stuff. We have done it before, it's been a few years, but the sparks made me anxious the whole time, even with a hose nearby. But the fact is that it is legal, as long as it's not done under the burn ban and with certain other conditions that involve letting the authorities, etc know you're doing it.

I was told last night that C J was burning on her property and it apparently reignited and burned some more. That's a little amusing considering that letter.

On consideration. You're right. The person who burned the back of your property was a clod and inconsiderate. He should apologized and if needed, made restitution for damages. But that was an individual basis.

Latest Blog Post by salon -Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Sessions (2) Dec 23 2019
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