So.. .The 4b Tax Committee TABLED Their Decision about the Water Park North of Hwy 67 Glen Rose


So.. .The 4b Tax Committee TABLED Their Decision about the Water Park North of Hwy 67 Glen Rose

7 April 2009 at 10:36:27 AM

at least until next week.


I swear there were more people at that 4B meeting last night than I have ever seen in that City Council Chamber room. I counted the seats in the room and there were 10 in each row, with 4 rows ... AND there were people sitting in chairs or on the floor and people standing in the hall who couldn't even get in. Most people signed in but it didn't mean they necessarily were going to speak up for or against-for sure, though, everybody had an interest in what the 4b committee would decide to do about the proposed water park project.

First shot out of the box, Connally moved the executive session to AFTER the public comments, which seemed only appropriate.I'm including here the audio (MP3-right click to download to your computer to listen) to. I'm also clipping a few selected Youtube comments, will put those on a separate post when I get done with them.  I'll also be putting some more pics up on Flickr

Nobody got heated and started shouting. Seems more like people would like a swimming pool and rec area than they necessarily wanted the water park. Joan Taylor mentioned the Burnett rec area.  (That's Burnett as in Burnett, Dern It!)  One person expressed concern about kids going across Hwy 67.

Another mom said she wanted the pool because she drove her kid to Cleburne. Made me wonder-is it that Cleburne has an indoor pool? I had to go look up Splash Station and read what they have: Apparently they have an air dome over the pool. Admission for each person is $3.00. Here's some comments about it.  Of course, i"m not sure that Larry Smith is modelling his pool after Splash Station, I'd like to see the tentative plans that are apparently already drawn up, what the facilities would be, what the admission charge would be, whether the land would be donated or not (and swapping land with the county doesn't count). Of course, with the city operating it, they can always go in and change the rules and prices, as Cleburne has done.  I also personally don't see the need anywhere to have a Lazy River feature-WE HAVE THE BRAZOS RIVER! Hello! We already have cooler stuff than Johnson County does! Also, if we consider Oakdale, if the reason some don't use the pool there is that it isn't open year round, what would the cost of an air dome be over that? I mean, one assumes the Larry Smith plan would have an air dome or something to make the pool accessible year round, so we're talking the same comparison in either case.

Rick Villa made the motion that a feasibility study be done on Oakdale. I think that's a terrific idea!

Anyway, when the committee came back from executive session, they tabled the motion to pass the water park.

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1 - Joan Taylor   10 Apr 2009 @ 9:22:29 PM  Thank you for sharing your information to the general public. There seems to be a lack of communication even if there are two newspapers we still do not get the citizens views nor do those who do not have the time or energy to attend these public meetings see our public officials at work. I do wish the 4-b tax committee had introduced themselves. The meeting went well and there were many good solid ideas. BUT - We need to finish one project before starting another and we do need to have a place for that is not only children but one adults can enjoy. Swimming pools, tennis courts, meeting rooms, and the list goes on. Adult sports, gymnasiums for adult basketball and I could keep adding to the list. Oh yes, we need a place that can be used no matter what the weather might be~ Thanks for your interest. Glen Rose - a good place to BE!

2 - salon   10 Apr 2009 @ 10:08:23 PM 

Joan- I don't know if you saw the excellent survey that another commenter put up link here.  Apparently the survey that was going around was NOT from the 4b tax committee nor the City of Glen Rose. I think a survey along the lines that Oldbridge proposes would be a great idea-something neutral that presents all the options but it would have to go out to everyone, not just those that happened to see it. I continue to think that a town hall meeting in the same vein as the Chalk Mountain meetings with presentations discussing pros and cons, etc would at least give more people a chance to actively consider the issues. (I really like Oakdale)

Latest Blog Post by salon -Finally Trump Issues an Executive Order to Fix the Mess HE Created -How Will He Fix it for the Missing Children?
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