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Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and naming for you; it means learning to respect and use your own brains and instincts; hence, grappling with hard work. – Adrienne Rich
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/29/2015

I've had a GREAT weekend! Went down to Austin and recorded a cousin of mine singing gospel music, spent time with more family, got stained glass materials, ate Indian food and went to Quack's, and saw one of my kin's WONDERFUL vineyard (plus he gave me a bottle of wine from grapes he grew). Also trying to fix some broken pottery today with caulk- slow going because each pot is in multiple broken pieces.  This is a WONDERFUL ad from Spain. More on Mike Pence the bigot Wow. Just wow. North Carolina wants to do GPS tracking on HUMANS for the REST OF THEIR LIVE.....
salon | 3/30/2015/1:30:45 PM |  0/Comment (Views:55)  


Deadline to comment is April 18 2015
Animal Crematory in Glen Rose? TCEQ has a pending permit application

Diann Giffin has put in a permit request through TCEQ for an animal crematory, on CR 313.   TCEQ Permit # is 130685  -It's an air permit, presumably for smoke.  Regulated Entity Information RN Number:RN108127523 Name:  ANIMAL CREMATORY Primary Business:  ANIMAL CREMATION Street Address:No street address on file. County:......
salon | 3/30/2015/9:44:31 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:74)  

Sheesh. If it's a choice between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, it's CLINTON hands down

I'd like to vote for a woman. Really. But I don't want to vote for a woman JUST BECAUSE. And I won't vote for a female Republican.   .
salon | 3/29/2015/11:02:34 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:70)  

Mike Pence is a bigot
Indiana wants business to be able to discriminate against others

I've seen the #boycottindiana tag on Twitter. I don't ever go to Indiana so I can't see any reason I have to specifcally boycott going there but if I did have a reason, I would not go there. I can't imagine what Mike Pence was thinking when he signed the Religous Freedom Restoraction Act.  Religion has been used as the lynchpin to justify slavery, discrimination against b......
salon | 3/29/2015/10:32:52 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:82)  

Musings | Ruminations

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/27/2015

I had ordered some billboard material to cover that small barn shed I made some months back for the donkeys. CAME TODAY! I don't think I will get a chance to do anything with it until next week, but I'm pretty excited. Basically, there are some things that need fixing for the horse and 2 donkeys. There's a barn they can all get into but it's just not convenient for feeding them as ......
salon | 3/27/2015/1:19:10 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:165)  

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 1  Somervell County Hospital District Meeting Board Packet for Jan 29 2015   2  When Is it Ever Morally Okay to Threaten Elected Board Members's Livelihood? One Man Thinks It's Fine   3  About Indemnifying Elected Board Members Against Lawsuits-D&O Insurance   4  Hey, Brian Birdwell-You DO realize that Hood County has its own hospital district??????   5  Watching 'The Jinx' and wondering again HOW Robert Durst got away with that Galveston murder   6  Allen Sumners Apparently Just Can't Understand That a Woman Can Own and Manage a Blog   7  Federal Tax Lien Against Glen Rose Healthcare Inc (March 2015)   8  About that Hospital District 'emergency' meeting yesterday   9  Hah! Heard the Carnival Barker Sideshow went on AGAIN at the Somervell County Hospital District   10  On that Attorney General Opinion regarding the Somervell County Hospital District Election Tie 

Politics | PoliticsGlenRose

Hah! Heard the Carnival Barker Sideshow went on AGAIN at the Somervell County Hospital District

Had to laugh. Darrell Best, a public figure in these parts who most recently unsuccessfully ran for Somervell County judge (thank you-there IS a god!),  repeatedly commandeers the microphone WHILE the district is in executive session in order to push his own agenda and work up the crowd. Heard that last night at a Somervell County Hospital District meeting, the Glen Rose Medical Cen......
salon | 3/27/2015/8:41:04 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:342)  

Musings | Ruminations

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 3/26/2015

Got my card for adding USB 3.0 to my computer. I don't think I will have time over the next few days to put it in but excited for when I do to see what hopefully will be quite an increase in speed. Did NOT go the hospital district meeting tonight as, as people know who read this, I feel like the people who attend are ruffians and I'd rather watch the meeting after the fact via video (pl......
salon | 3/26/2015/8:19:00 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:157)  


Some anonymous person posted a ridiculous accusation on my Somervell County Salon Youtube channel. Shows that some people just do NOT understand that the records that are created from PUBLIC meetings can be ASKED for and GOTTEN from public officials, either through open records requests or just flat through ASKING. For those who do not click links, including the foregoing. TEX GV. CODE ANN. &......
salon | 3/26/2015/11:18:45 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:228)  

Politics | TexasLege

Well.. first Laugh of the Day- Open Carry Testimony at the Texas Lege

via Juanita Jeans     .
salon | 3/26/2015/9:00:07 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:158)  

Politics | RidiculousRepublicans

Obamacare is great!
President Obama Makes Fun of GOP critics of healthcare reform

Hah. After all, Affordable Health care WAS the Republican plan CBS American medicine is the best in the world. But waste and inefficiencies in the system have traditionally put your health and your pocketbook at risk. Patients who stay in the hospital longer than they need to could be exposed to infection. Vital information can get lost in the transition from primary care doctors to spec......
salon | 3/26/2015/8:49:19 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:141)  

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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