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 1  UPDATED Lady with Opinion Wrote a Letter to the Editor (Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper) - Ron Hankins Had the Writer Investigated BY THE POLICE!!!!! (719) 
 2  What Happened to the Glen Rose Medical Center Employee, Liz Morgan, Who Took Money (Felony Charge) from Cottonwood Baptist Church (532) 
 3  One More about the Confederate Flag-this time flying in, of all places, New Hampshire  (518) 
 4  So.. High and Mighty Katie Lang Tries to Keep Media Out of a Public Building  (393) 
 5  Dr Steven Vacek Says He Moved to Mayberry (Speaking about Glen Rose, TX)  (357) 
 6  Care About Hospital Safety? Get Fired!!!!! Shelley Turk Was Fired June 26th 2015  (355) 
 7  Thought Ken Paxton was supposed to UPHOLD the US Constitution-over 150 lawyers think so too  (332) 
 8  More on Marriage-George Takai on Internment Camps and Black/White Marriages (262) 
 9  Memory Lane- Fireworks Yes or NO -Fourth of July Freedom of Speech (261) 
 10  Add Erath County Clerk's Office to Texas Counties That Uphold the Constitution  (254) 

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/29/2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm reading "Between the World and Me". Not too many years back I was adamently against reading books on electronic devices, but now most of the books I read are on an Ipad. Nothing better in this heat than being in the A/C and reading a great book. GOP is fighting itself instead of Democrats (Dog.. Eat... Tail)  Just a few days ago, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senat..... Read More 

salon | 7/29/2015/3:56:04 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation! (Views:34)  

Religious News and Notes-from the Distaff Side-Coach Led Prayers Lawsuit (Hall Co GA) - 7/29/2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is it appropriate for a coach to lead high school athletes in prayer? Nope. And in this case of a Georgia school that was sued, the Georgia school settled.  AHA's Appignani Humanist Legal Center announced last week that the case was settled outside of court. The terms of the settlement require the school district to pay the plaintiffs' legal fees, which amount to $22,500, and ..... Read More 

salon | 7/29/2015/8:17:33 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:26)

Rick *PotPieBrain* Perry Says MORE GUNZ-Would a Gun Protect you in a theatre?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I couldn't be any more diametrically opposed to the position Rick Perry is taking, which is to have anyone bringing guns into a movie theatre. Not me. I won't go to movies any more at all if I know that I'm surrounded by people, in the dark, and perhaps behind me, that have openly brought guns in.  I believe most Americans are too smart to elect an irresponsible person like..... Read More 

salon | 7/29/2015/7:56:48 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:27)

So... Ray Reynolds Is Going to Reject the Turks Settlement Offer

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Was watching the Somervell County Hospital District budget and finance committee meeting and kind of stopped short when I heard this. Rough transcript Ray Reynolds. If Dr Burroughs agrees, we'll have a called meeting Monday evening. and the purpose of the called meeting is that we're received a settlement offer of such from Dr Turk, there's been some correspondence about all that ..... Read More 

salon | 7/28/2015/10:31:59 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:133)

Glen Rose Medical Center Owns Property in Pecan Plantation and Pays Taxes to Hood County

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

from the Hood County appraisal district site.  Hah, So our taxes to go to pay taxes, besides for the Pecan Family Medical Center clinic and besides the two MORE clinics Ray Reynolds wants to spend Somervell County taxpayer money in Hood County for, but ALSO for a piece of property in Pecan Plantation. Really??????? I say again, as I regularly do, Hood County residents pay NO TAXES for thei..... Read More 

salon | 7/28/2015/10:15:38 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:53)

Few Interesting Topics on the Somervell County Hospital District Agenda for 7/28/2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Agenda I notice there's an executive session item about a personnel issue. Could this be about Liz Morgan who pleaded guilty to a 3rd degree felony charge and is on probation for the next 10 years?  About an intergovernmental agreement with Hood County to presumably ensure it is legal to operate and spend money in another district's territory. I'm looking forward to hearing ..... Read More 

salon | 7/28/2015/9:49:47 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:60)

Video- Somervell County Hospital District Budget Meeting- Full - 7/28/2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


salon | 7/28/2015/9:32:23 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:51)

Check Registers from Glen Rose Medical Center and Complaint to Attorney General

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back on May 28 2015, I sent an open records request to Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center to ask to inspect, in person, certain check registers for certain dates. Ray Reynolds is the acting Public Information Officer contact for Glen Rose Medical Center. I got no response at all, so on June 11, 2015, I sent a complaint to the Texas Attorney General's office indicating that it had been mo..... Read More 

salon | 7/28/2015/5:23:59 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:88)

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/28/2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Playing with online streaming the next few days.  Saw this in the Waco Tribune. Commissioner Will Jones said the Texas Legislature recently passed House Bill 283, which requires commissioners courts in counties with a population of 125,000 or more to video record meetings by Jan. 1. County Judge Scott Felton said direction from the state hasn’t been clear about whether the meeti..... Read More 

salon | 7/28/2015/1:35:51 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:40)

Today Is  
Thursday, July 30, 2015

salon > @Zach- Pretty great to hear from you in Australia. The above is north central Texas, where today it's expected to get up over 100 degrees and I live in a wind plain. We also have a large barn on a.... (Billboard Tarp for donkey and horse shelter)

Zach Thalman We just have a normal heavy duty tarp for the covering. The winds don't get too extreme but it is good to have something like this to cover them in the heavy rains and snow. We need to get a stable fo.... (Billboard Tarp for donkey and horse shelter)

salon > Most recently, although this was not an embezzlement FROM Glen Rose Medical Center, one of the director level employees, Liz Morgan, who still works, startlingly, with HIPAA and patient records, took .... (What Actions for Glen Rose Medical Center Embezzlers? )

salon > So, I haven't looked for the newspaper this week. Did you get any replies? (Let's get something straight about gay marriage...)

salon > Reminds me of Les Miserables. I'm so glad it worked out for this man, how unfair that he was picked on that way. So you do think it's because he was black? (Theft in a small country town.)

silenceisgolden > This is an update to the post above.  We found out yesterday that the person that was accussed of shop lifting was found not guilty.  He was charged with shop lifting because he did not want.... (Theft in a small country town.)

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[n regard to Jesus believing himself inspired] This belief carried no more personal imputation than the belief of Socrates that he was under the care and admonition of a guardian demon. And how many of our wisest men still believe in the reality of these inspirations while perfectly sane on all other subjects (Works, Vol. iv, p. 327).-Thomas Jefferson
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