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the state of taxes
Taxes out of control...

Texas should be renamed Taxes!   Taxes are destroying Americans.     In Texas it’s property taxes that need to be significantly lowered. While the GOP is very fond of saying "No new taxes," the reality is that even it raises fees and penalties and pushes for toll roads. No matter what Republicans say, they ARE raising taxes by these means and by various and frequent road, schools and other bond packages that increase taxes further.  Business taxes are high and there also is a push to levy a Personal State Income Tax.  That would .....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 16 2014

Uh.Oh. Ole Rick *Graft is My Middle Name* Perry has gotten a lawyer and guess who's paying for it? If you said YOU AND ME , you would be right! How much, why that good ole lawyer charges $450 per hour!  There's a certain irony in the below. NO MONEY FOR YOU but $450 per hour for ME !  Austin attorney David Botsford is being paid with taxpayer dollars. Perry spokeswoman .....
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EFH Missed the deadline for filing annual report (April 15 2014)

Bloomberg News. The failure to submit the 10-k today puts Energy Future in breach of covenants with its creditors, the Dallas-based company said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Energy Future said March 31 that it missed $109 million in debt payments and has until May 1 before it’s in default.
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Paul Harper's Agenda to keep the Glen Rose Medical Center OPEN!
Paul Harper's Agenda to keep the Glen Rose Medical Center OPEN!

Today Paul Harper announces the Agenda to keep the Glen Rose Medical Center OPEN! Eliminate the new property tax - The hospital should be able to run within its means, not on the back of the taxpayers. The tax, which would be higher had we the petitioners not gotten involved when we did, is currently 10.5 cents. Remember that three people who are on the ballot voted already to.....
pharper | 1:28:18 PM | 1 comments (Views:488)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 4 2014

The Supreme Court officially comes out as incredibly corrupt or stupid. Our democracy, such as it was, is over, because now it's fine for Big Money to buy government in whatever amount they choose. That helps the wealthy who want to influence elections, the rest of us?  Having earlier argued that there was a First Amendment issue to be found in the aggregate limits because they hinde.....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 1 2014

Really busy again the next 2 weeks so posting will be sparse. Found a few things I absolutely LOVE Don't mess with nature    Breakup with Facebook   Love this-German labor ministry bans after hours email from managers to employees
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DMN - Greed Doomed the TXU Buyout

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Must be tough when you can't pass off your swill idea
Somervell County Judge Mike Ford Whines at the Commissioners

Letter sent very recently to all the Somervell County commissioners, from an Open Records Request Wonder how often Judge Mike Ford feels the need to scold adult commissioners who don't do his bidding and follow along with his bad ideas? My personal opinion is that the commissioners represent, first, the people in their precinct, and do not have an obligation to vote AS A COURT just t.....
salon | 2:11:15 PM | 2 comments (Views:605)  

About that dang PFC board that the Somervell County Commissioners voted to create

Does anything prevent the commissioners NOW from getting it on the agenda and then voting to do NOTHING ELSE with it? Do the commissioners really have to wait, as Mike Ford suggests, for the board to actually get created before being able to dissolve it?  
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Shadow Government
Whether There Should be Expectation that Money Runs A Town... And not Government

I'm all for civic groups that want to do good deeds for a town. The Lions Club, for example, has a project to donate eyeglasses, which seems pretty worthy to me. But once an organization thinks that public government is not good enough and THEY need to step in to do the job, something is wrong. And that something is called, in my book SHADOW GOVERNMENT. I still feel EXACTLY the same way I did .....
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