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Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light- George Washington
- (Added by:  salon )

Why Should ANYONE Listen Uncritically to ANYTHING Ron Hankins Says?

Ron Hankins has a propensity for spouting off utter nonsense that is not based on fact and shows a contempt for the democratic process. I don't know if he's deliberately trying to be misleading or he just doesn't keep on what's actually true and current. Maybe he should ask his magic hat or try putting on a gimme cap instead.  Here's a question for YOU, dear reader. Do you believe that candidates for office ought to publicly say WHAT their positions are, ie, have an agenda for what they hope to accomplish? One of the main things I read ALL THE TIME on various intern.....
salon | 5/29/2015/11:41:07 AM |  0/Comment (Views:325)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 6/2/2015

SUNNY! SUNNY! and muggy as heck. Once the weather cleared up, I started walking again 3 miles a day, feels great to be outside instead of inside watching clouds out the window.  I've got a project I am going to work on tomorrow, which is to make a baffle on the dog pen to prevent one of the dogs from hoisting herself over the fence. I have moved one of the dog igloos away from a corner......
salon | 6/2/2015/3:47:22 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:51)  

Should Candidates Let you know What Their Positions Are? Ron Hankins Doesn't Think So

Along with some other very misguided people who don't believe, first, in democracy and second, in voters trying to make informed decisions amongst candidates about WHO or WHICH ONES to vote for.  Let's examine that first one. When the first hospital district election took place, there were a bunch of people running but only 7 positions. How DOES someone decide who to vote for? In m......
salon | 5/31/2015/11:08:28 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:209)  

Freedom of Conscience-Should This Rather Be called license to be a bigot?

Arkansas Times WWJMD (What Would James Madison Do)? It was Madison who insisted that both the laws of his native Virginia and the Constitution of the United States protect individuals from government alliance with any church, with religion in general or against any religion. People of many faiths had to be free to believe as they chose or not to believe at all, without state coercion. B......
salon | 5/30/2015/4:09:37 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:155)  

Dr Karen Burroughs Apologizes for Altering Paul Harper's Agenda Item Re: Ray Reynolds Eval

from the 5/28/2015 Somervell County Hospital District meeting   .
salon | 5/30/2015/3:08:28 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:253)  

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 1  Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 6/2/2015 

What Ever Happened at this Charles Harrison House Foreclosure Sale?

notice was dated April 13, 2015, posted in the lobby at Somervell County courthouse. .
salon | 5/30/2015/3:04:16 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:215)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 5/29/2015

Tired of the rain. Supposed to maybe rain tonight and tomorrow and FINALLY SUNDAY might actually be dry. Hub did some lawn mowing today but not all since the yard is soggy. On the good side the veggies I'm growing in the yard in containers look great!  Funny or Die makes fun of the Duggars, who are a ridiculous moocher family The Duggars Respond To Sexual Abuse Scandal from Funn......
salon | 5/29/2015/8:42:25 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:169)  

About an RFP to Lease out Glen Rose Medical Center

from Somervell County Hospital District meeting 3/28/2015   .
salon | 5/29/2015/5:45:12 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:220)  

Gee! Glen Rose Medical Center Can't Pay Bills but Is Going to Increase Salaries

Most of the people on the board voted for the salary increase. Note in the first video that Ray Reynolds indicates that next month he will be coming to the board asking for another loan. Not on this video but on one I was watching the other day, it's pretty clear that taxes are going to rise the next time the budget gets discussed. You simply can't operate a hospital with not enough money,......
salon | 5/29/2015/5:42:37 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:219)  

About Ray Reynolds Evaluation- Chip Harrison Just Wants To Get It Over With..

I can't tell from watching this whether the evaluation will take place, via forms, in secret executive session or will take place, as in January Ray Reynolds wanted, in open session so that ALL can hear comments. Also looks like Chip Harrison worked to add additional evaluation participants rather than only the board. Harrison seems very protective of Ray Reynolds, who, after all, is an employ......
salon | 5/29/2015/5:17:53 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:201)  

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015


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