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salon > Update: It's taken SIX DAYS but FINALLY today Madeline Albright apologizes. Sheesh I absolutely believe what I said, that women should help one another, but this was the wrong context a.... (Horrid Hillary Clinton Campaign Tactic O Day- Threaten Women With Hell If They Don't Vote For her)

freshnup > interesting.  I didn't realize this kind of thing was going on (Complaint filed against Somervell County Auditor for allegedly violating Texas Open Meetings Act)

freshnup > Interesting stuff.  Thank you for reporting this. (Video- Somervell County Hospital District Meeting 2/10/2016)

salon > That video apparently no longer valid but this one is   (Rich Hillary Clinton Speaks Out For Her Ilk- *God Bless Us. We deserve all the opportunities*)

Featured Recent Post
On New Years Eve Day 2015-Some Things From this last year that have not changed
Thursday, December 31, 2015 by salon (Views:488)

and I think they should be.  1. Glen Rose Medical Center continues to employ, in a position of authority, a woman, Liz Morgan, who stole money from a church, over a period of at least 3 years&nbs..... Read More 

Some Call it Walking It Back
John Lewis Clarifies His Remarks about Bernie Sanders (2/13/2016)

Saturday, February 13, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:18)

Have to say, as a Bernie Sanders supporter as well as someone who has always admired John Lewis, I found his comments the other day about Sanders, and the Clintons to be offensive and misleading. I don't know that he meant them to be that way, although he should have figured that the combative way he spoke about Sanders was bound not to sit well with those who admire Bernie. The issue isn'..... Read More 

Rigged System
Ironic for the *Democratic Party* to Use SuperDelegates Which are VERY Undemocratic

Friday, February 12, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:47)

What the heck. How Bernie won NH but Hillary Clinton walked out same number of delegates BECAUSE of superdelegates CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Wasserman Schultz on Thursday, “Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by 22 percentage points, the biggest victory in a contested Democratic primary there since John F. Kennedy, but it looks as though Clinton an..... Read More 

Community Journalism
On Multiple Media Sources in the Modern Society (2016)

Friday, February 12, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:58)

I have long believed that the days of having only one qualified source for information is over. When, in the past, there was only one printing press in a community, and everyone relied upon, besides gossip or postal letters, that one press to disseminate information, people of a given community only knew what they received from that source. With the advent of television, there was again, initially..... Read More 

More technically, City of Glen Rose LOSES their appeal
Reinkes WIN In City of Glen Rose's Appeal Against Them in City of Glen Rose v Reinke

Friday, February 12, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:383)

specifically "City of Glen Rose, Texas and the Zoning Board of Adjustments of the City of Glen Rose, Texas v. Ernest and Shirley Reinke". To be technical, the Reinkes won their case against City of Glen Rose in the trial court, the City of Glen Rose decided to lodge an appeal, and the City of Glen Rose has lost the appeal.  The next question is, who will be paying all the court c..... Read More 

It's Not Over- Bernie Sanders Ad

Friday, February 12, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:47)

    ..... Come Comment! 

Bernie Sanders Brain Dump 2/10/2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:69)

About the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill April 1994   Ta-Nehisi Coates willl vote for Sanders   ..... Come Comment! 

Bernie Sanders New Campaign Ad-Together Vote

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:176)

This is a wonderful campaign ad. Bernie Sanders!!!!!!!      ..... Come Comment! 

Video- Somervell County Hospital District Meeting 2/10/2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by salon----comments 1 (Views:200)

Agenda Full Video Here are some specific video clips Rough Transcript, please watch video to see exactly what was said.  Paying interest and extending due date on 2 loans from Interbank. Reynolds. Due to us receiving only 1/2 of our payment from Luminant on the property taxes. We think that the worst case is we'll get rest of money in May so bank willing to ex..... Read More 


Tuesday, February 09, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:74)

Still waiting for the numbers coming in, but so far he's winning double digits over Hilary Clinton. Clinton conceded... ..... Come Comment! 

I Guess She Thinks Women Should Support Clinton Just Because Sex
Gloria Steinem Unmasked As being Sexist -Not Surprised She STILL Supports Hillary Clinton (2016)

Sunday, February 07, 2016 by salon----comments 0 (Views:136)

Wrote about how she utterly lost credibility back in 2008 when Steinem supported Clinton then too. From Democracy Now at the time So what is Steinem up to now? Still supporting Hillary Clinton except that the decided to trash young women who support Bernie Sanders as doing it *for the boys*. What a minimizing, dismissive, and SEXIST attitude! Long ago I used to admire Steinem,no more. ..... Read More 

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  1  Liz Morgan, Director of HIM at Glen Rose Medical Center, Suspended Indefinitely (Feb 2016) (914) 
  2  Complaint filed against Somervell County Auditor for allegedly violating Texas Open Meetings Act (558) 
  3  Fancy Dinner for Glen Rose Healthcare Inc But Glen Rose Medical Center Can't Make their Bond Payment? (Feb 5 2016)  (475) 
  4  Reinkes WIN In City of Glen Rose's Appeal Against Them in City of Glen Rose v Reinke (383) 
  5  4 area wrecks yesterday (Jan 31, 2016) - Glen Rose, Cleburne, Lipan (301) 
  6  Chip Harrison Needs John Parker to Help Him Sign Documents as his *Partner in Crime* (274) 
  7  Smoke-Filled Backrooms .....  (268) 
  8  Ron Hankins *You gotta pay for it somehow* -Um. Why is that, Mr Hankins?  (230) 
  9  Video- Somervell County Hospital District Meeting 2/10/2016 (200) 
  10  Video-Open Carry Discussed re: Somervell County Hospital District board meetings (181) 

Flashback Post
Some Glen Rose Medical Center Salary Information Buried in Part of the 501a Budget Listing (2015)
Friday, October 02, 2015 by salon (Views:697)

Rough transcript Harrison: Budget and finance committee have presented to the board the budget that we've worked on in our budget workshop ..... Read More 

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