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Chances are the only reason you're on this page is because you posted "You Suck! You Must be a Commie, or a Terrorist or a Lesbo" or "How Old Are You Anyway?" or "Blah Blah Blah -Here's a Link to the Stuff I'm Selling" or you wrote the equivalent of a rambling diatribe that went on for half a page instead of, oh, say, linking to your own blog if you want to write a thesis... and you wonder why your post didn't show up.

Here's maybe why.

Speech is free but Somervell County Salon is moderated. Somervell County Salon is like a fun, privately-owned club where people come to discuss things. It is online news and a BLOG, meaning that it reflects in a basic way the opinions of the front page posters who post on this site. We like you coming here to read and want to hear your comments, but it's also our property. (Written in *editorial we* style by  the site salon.glenrose.net owner and  manager, *salon* who wants an inclusive blog community that all feel part of, as long as..... ) You don't have to agree with us, but we think you should have to reply with some modicum of logic and reasoning. You can't come in here and trash it. You also can't come in here and whine about your free speech rights after dumping garbage on the floor. You can say anything you want on your own blog, where you can also dump your garbage. Not here. And if you don't like your post being deleted, we aren't necessarily going to get into an argument with you about why we did it-your comment will likely be removed without reply from us.

Don't forget we have a life and are not sitting here 24x7. We enjoy your comments-but we may be out canoeing in the Brazos or watching a movie or letting our carpal tunnel take a break:)

Want to insult somebody when you're living the dream of being back in grade school? Including lots of gratuitous foul language? Can't do it here, your post will either be deleted before getting published, or if you're a regular, it will be deleted when we see it.

Please try to warn if you're going to post something others might think is offensive. We particularly don't mind if comments not in good taste are offensive, as long as they're funny. We think McBlogger is funny. Others might not and should be warned. On the other hand, if we think you're offensive and you're also not funny, your comment may be deleted.

Oh, the site owner, salon, while not FROM Texas, has kin all over the place, lived her a good percentage of her life, including as a child, and her grandparents, mom, and one of her kids was born in Texas. So if you try that trite "Leave the State (or US) if you don't like X", your comment will be deleted because you don't get to be rude like that here.

Do we think you're a troll and you're intending to cause trouble just because? We know the difference between somebody that is trying to discuss even when we don't all disagree and somebody who is the type that likes to hang behind the fence and throw rocks.  And if you want to be hateful, don't forget we log IPs.

You also can't troll the site by posting under multiple anonymous names instead of just one, especially if you're a registered member. Pick a name and stick to it. If we at all think you are attempting to comment multiple times with multiple fake names, you may be banned from the site

If you a. have your own business b. are trying to get traffic to your website just because by copying and pasting promos into every site you can or c. are being paid for a marketing firm or the government to do rebuttals... and we figure it out, we're going to delete your post.

You can't copy and paste entire articles from some other site. You just can't. That is called violating copyright laws. If you want to use a few fair-use paragraphs to make a point and then put in a link to the rest, have at it. We also like it if you want to link to your own site where you have written the rest of your long and hopefully cogent arguments for why you think the way you do. But you can't do it in the comment section here.

Go login to post. Or you can post anonymously-ALL anonymous, non-logged in comments are always moderated, meaning you will wait till we get time to see if we'll okay it.  Give yourself a fake username, we don't care.

Thanks! salon@glenrose.net

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