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Obama, Democrats push for new immigration reform

22 December 2013 at 10:47:51 AM

The big news in D.C. is that Democrats are vying for a better foothold for the 2016 national elections and pushing for new immigration reform would get them mega votes that they need to win.

Do we really need immigration reform?  or, do we need to enforce the immigration laws we have.

This is an emotional issue for people even more than a social, economic and political one.  We Americans should really consider how during the past several decades immigration has affected our nation and we really need to think what new immigration reform will do in our future.

No doubt Obama is trying to leave a legacy.  He tried to do so with the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, but the new health care law has been creating havoc throughout the nation, even before the new law takes effect on January 1, 2014.

As for new immigration reform:

During the past 50 years we have been lax to enforce our immigration laws.  The reasons for this are varied, including political, economic and humanitarian issues.

The U.S. doesn't need immigration reform.  We need better enforcement of our current immigration laws, the ones our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents had to abide by.  Why should illegals get a free ride being here illegally?  Our ancestors didn't get any free passes.  They came here legally, followed the laws, learned to speak English and assimilated into American culture.  They didn't try to get Americans to assimilate to theirs.

At least that's what I believe.  How do you feel about the immigration issue?




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Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
1 - concernedcitizen   22 Dec 2013 @ 6:53:22 PM 

PStern--thank you for voicing a concern that many of us have!  Our great nation was built by our parents, grandparents, great grandparents..........no one has the right to tear down what they built up!

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
2 - concernedcitizen   24 Dec 2013 @ 11:56:12 PM 

Look up "new world order", Bilderberg organization, and violation of the Federal Logan Act!  Very eye opening and frightening!

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
3 - concernedcitizen   25 Dec 2013 @ 9:29:49 AM 

Rick Perry has association with above mentioned Bilterberg Group (misspelled in earlier post)!  Check it out!  He is a very rich man NOW!

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
4 - pstern   25 Dec 2013 @ 8:25:33 PM 

Yes, I've been aware of the Bilderberg group for quite some time.  You are right... it is eye opening and scary!

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
5 - salon   28 Dec 2013 @ 10:00:49 AM 

I'm for immigration reform. I agree that the laws on the books regarding immigration ought to be enforced, but also believe the reason they aren't is that it's in the interest of states like Texas to wink at having people who are one step above slaves to do, for example, agricultural work. (Remember George Bush pushing "guest workers"?). The Obama administration has done a record number of removals in 2013, including deporting those with criminal records.

Pew Research study on immigration, which is entitled "A Nation of Immigrants". My own ancestral family members,  every single branch, are immigrants to the United States. I think most people's background is generally the same type of thing. In fact, just like with Australia, other countries shipped their criminals, convicts, and unwanteds to the Americas, using North America as a penal colony. According to this timeline for Ellis Island, the states didn't turn over immigration control to the federal government until 1890 (Ellis Island)

That report shows that the US peak for an immigration wave was between 1890 to 1920, from European arrivals and that the the immigrants share NOW of the total population is still below that peak number.

Immigrants are not getting a free ride. They don't get welfare benefits and do pay taxes, such as income, sales and property tax.

It seems to me that underlying at least some of the concern people have about immigration (and I'm not saying this applies to you specifically, just generally) involves attitudes about not having more of some other race or nationality than the one that is predominant. In Texas, for example, the demographics are changing -in 2007 36 % of Texas residents had hispanic ancestry. According to the comptrollers' site, by 2020 hispanics will outnumber the white population. That, of course, isn't simply undocumented hispanics, but hispanics legally or illegally here. Anyway, I join you in thinking that immigration reform isn't a huge priority but would I think differently if I was foreign born? Probably

Latest Blog Post by salon -About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
6 - pstern   29 Dec 2013 @ 12:07:39 AM 

I agree with a lot of what you say, but the fact that such immigrants are permitted to remain here illegally, work here and are now looking for the same rights as American citizens while NOT being citizens is a "free ride" of sorts.

Millions of immigrants continue to come to the US as our parents, grandparents, great grandparents did before them.  They go through the steps to be here legally.  Anyone who does not do the same is looking for a free ride.  They are circumventing the legal system.

Many of the first settlers from Europe were criminals as were those persecuted re: their religion or sect.  Many were given the choice between staying in jail (or being executed) or go to the New World.

Not enforcing our immigration laws during the past several decades and being overly politically correct has cost Americans dearly.  While we still are getting criminals from other nations, many more of those coming here illegally simply want a better life and they work hard here; however, the bottom-line is that they are here illegally.  They opted to circumvent our immigration laws while Congress and various states continue to look the other way.  It is not right. 

We now have a 2-tier immigration policy: the group who comes in legally, taking the steps necessary to become part of the American community; and those immigrants coming in illegally who opt not to go through the same steps as the others but want the same rights as citizens.

Reform or amnesty should not be considered simply "because there millions of illegal immigrants here and it's easier to let them stay than to boot them back to their country of origin."


Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
7 - salon   29 Dec 2013 @ 9:01:03 AM 

Not true that the govt simply looks the other way (except possibly on hiring cheap workforce without pressing for documents). This administration deports.

I also liked most of this bill that the Senate passed this year, even though House Republicans refused to bring it up for a vote.

For Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. — one of the members of the Gang of Eight — the Senate vote could bolster his prospects for a presidential run in 2016. Rubio has said he did not take on immigration for the politics of it but did so because, as the son of Cuban immigrants, he grew up around immigrants and feels its critical to fix the broken system.

"This is not just my story. This is our story," he said Thursday while recounting the difficult road his parents faced as new immigrants in America. "No one should dispute that, like every sovereign nation, we have a right to control who comes in. But unlike other countries, we are not afraid of people coming in from other places."

The bill would allow the nation's unauthorized immigrants to get temporary legal status after they passed a criminal background check, paid a fine and paid whatever back taxes they had outstanding. If they successfully maintained a clean record and held a job, they could apply for a green card in 10 years and U.S. citizenship three years later.

I think that's fair.

That "pathway to citizenship" was key for Democrats pushing the bill. Republicans demanded the bill include more manpower and money to secure the border. In an amendment brokered by Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., and Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the government would spend $30 billion to double the size of the Border Patrol to nearly 40,000 agents. An additional $8 billion would be spent on drones, helicopters, airplanes and surveillance technology to better monitor the nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

The bill would expand the federal E-Verify program nationwide, requiring all U.S. business owners to use it to check the immigration status of all new hires within four years. Another amendment by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, would require the United States to begin fingerprinting all foreigners departing U.S. airports to better track who's left the country and who has stayed past the expiration of their visas.

Although in general I'm against tracking people, this last part also seems to be common sense, if we are concerned about people that come here and then get lost in the system after their visas expire.  I also like that e-verify would be strengthened.

Immigration is, frankly, not something I care about to the extent you do, not my issue. But seems to me that the House Republicans tying this to border security is a weak dodge. You no doubt have been burning up the phone lines to Cornyn, Cruz, and your House Repub to ask why the fool they aren't working TOGETHER with all of Congress to get something done, even if it's a compromise.

Latest Blog Post by salon -About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
8 - pstern   29 Dec 2013 @ 11:13:26 AM 

Of course the government looks the other way.  If it didn't look the other way there would not be more than 20 million illegal immigrants in our nation, demanding rights.  That said, I agree with much of what you said about tracking people.

Government makes token efforts to curb illegal immigrants as well as illegal drugs.  Obviously the governments (Federal and State) do not work hard enough to complete the job.

How about Texas looking the other way by enabling Rick Perry to allow our tax dollars to buy education for illegal immigrants and the sons and daughters of illegals?  If that's not turning the other way, I don't know what is.  And yet, Perry says he believes in controlling the borders better.

I think illegal immigration and the immigration issue as a whole is a lot bigger than you and many others think.  Yes, immigration laws could use modification, but not to permit illegals to remain here without consequences.

Yes, I have written many letters and commentary on the issue and have sent them to many legislators and news media.  Many of my commentaries have been printed.  But little, if anything, has been done to resolve the issue.  The repercussions from not resolving immigration issues will become worse.  You will see it in the near future.

You and I seem to disagree on the importance of this issue.  You don't see it as an important issue and I certainly do.   The fact that immigration bills still are floating around Congress shows that members can't work together quickly to get it done.

I see it is as a symptom of our society.  We don't often hold people accountable for their actions.  It occurs with illegal immigants, on Wall Street, in our daily lives and with our leaders.  Accountability is needed across the board.  We have laws to hold people accountable, but we need to enforce them better.

Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
9 - pstern   29 Dec 2013 @ 12:44:22 PM 

@concernedcitizen:  It's Bilderberg.  You had it right the first time.  yes



Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
10 - salon   30 Dec 2013 @ 9:29:45 AM 

Yup, you and I disagree about the importance of the issue, but do agree on e-verify. I like the fact that the Senate worked together on both sides to get a bill done this last year. I don't like that the House Republicans refused to bring it up. Nobody is going to get everything they want but at least there's an attempt to go forward and I support President Obama and ALL of Congress working on the issue.

Latest Blog Post by salon -About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
11 - pstern   30 Dec 2013 @ 10:10:45 PM 

Working on issues TOGETHER is needed, but too often it is the ideas themselves that are questionable or even bizarre.  Congress can't even resolve simple issues.  It's beyond scary when they look at the urgent and/or difficult ones.


Latest Blog Post by pstern -Who funds ISIS?
12 - concernedcitizen   31 Dec 2013 @ 5:16:04 AM 

This is a simple concept that we citizens exercise on a daily basis. We secure our personal borders by locking our house and vehicles. Our tax dollars pay for daily securing of our national borders!  We are not going to Mexico in mass and demanding they change their system----they would promptly remind us where we were!

 Over 30 years ago my father drove up on 2 illegals trying to slaughter one of his calves in the pasture. He exited the old farm truck with shotgun in hand and started yelling at them. They promptly told him they "no comprehendee".  He held up gun and asked them "do you comprehendee this and me calling sheriff?".  They jumped up and ran off!  He never had any more problems!  Word does get around!  My Dad would be closing in on 100 now but would do same thing all over again. Men were men back then. Their word stood for everything they were about and they did not put up with crap!  We don't need to either!  Laws are in place---they just need to be enforced!!!!!!

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
13 - concernedcitizen   31 Dec 2013 @ 5:24:10 AM 

I forgot to mention, I also secure my personal borders with gun in hand!

Latest Blog Post by concernedcitizen -Williams convicted of Capitol murder--now awaiting sentencing
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