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hah! Rick Perry tweeted this HUGELY offensive meme -SO Presidential

Screenshot of the now deleted Tweet from Gov. Rick Perry. — Gus (@Gus_802) September 1, 2014 The responses to this were pretty hilarious. AS IF this lady indicted Gov Perry. What a totally stupid thing to post to his twitter account but then, we're not surprised, are you?  Update: Rick Perry said "A tweet just went out from my account that was unauthorized. I do not condone the tweet and I have taken it down."   @GovernorPerry can't control his own twitter account but he wants to lead America? — Sara.....
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READ the PDF- THIS is Rick Perry's Texas
Texas Education Funding Ruled Unconstitutional... AGAIN

Texas Tribune (look at this link also for PDF links to the actual judgements and court opinion) In an almost 400-page opinion released Thursday, District Court Judge John Dietz of Austin said that the state's school finance system is unconstitutional not only because of inadequate funding and flaws in the way it distributes money to districts, but also because it impos.....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused 8/29/2014

Republican party still has a problem with women. NO DUH But not among Republican young men who are already old men AND Rick Perry can't count past two AND doesn't know what his own indictment charges are. Here's video Rick Perry can only county two and doesn't actually know WHAT the charges are against him YES. Apparently it's agains the Texas constituti.....
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Smackdown for Rick Perry- Texas Judge Rules to STOP key part of Texas abortion law

First, let's remember that Rick Perry called an expensive special session JUST to try to prevent women from getting legal abortions.  DMN U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel sided with clinics that sued over one of the most disputed measures of a sweeping anti-abortion bill signed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry in 2013. The ruling stops new restrictions that would have left seven aborti.....
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How the Heck Can Tax Rate Be Set When the Budget Isn't Done?
The Mystery of the 501a Floating Budget Amount

The Mystery Magicians at the Somervell County Hospital Board apparently believe that fishing a number out of a hat instead of actually looking at an approved budget that actually follows the law is the way to set a tax rate. Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Looks like the same seance attenders that cause Ray Reynolds to say that his not following the *letter of the law* re: the 5.....
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Rick Perry the Liar-Oops-Remember how he said he didn't make phone calls or initiate any deal about Lehmberg?

From fMay 2014 Gov. Rick Perry, who has avoided any comments on a grand jury investigation into coercion and misuse of office, said Tuesday that he did not personally make phone calls or initiate a deal to push Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg from office.....Asked if he personally had made any phone calls about the quit-or-lose-funding deal, he said no. Asked if he initiated.....
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Rick Perry the one who appointed Michael Williams to be TEA Commissioner
Texas Lower Education Standards- Michael Williams Tries to Defend Them

Pressed to explain why the state had delayed a transition away from lower passing standards on state exams, Texas Education CommissionerMichael Williams told state lawmakers Tuesday that classroom instruction in the state had failed to meet the rigor demanded by the new tests.  "I’m not going to say it’s blame, but I am going to say that it is a funct.....
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Laughing at Oops Rick Perry O Day
Hmmm. Judge doesn't like Rick Perry Threatening the Grand Jury

Po Po Old Mentally Challenged Rick Perry, Can't Threaten People, What WILL He do?  Judge Julie Kocurek of the 390th District Court, a Democrat, said Perry’s Saturday statement, issued a day after the indictment, could be construed as a threat and possible violation of the law. Kocurek, as the administrative presiding judge of all criminal courts in the county, said that “.....
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We TOLD you glasses don't make him smart
Ricky Perry Whining About Paying His Own Lawyer Fees Instead of Taxpayers

Indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday that he believes taxpayers should have picked up his legal tab but opted to use campaign funds "to keep from having folks grouse about it." Yeah, us damn taxpayers. If only we weren't complaining about having to pay Perry's legal fees for his being indicted, he'd be able to keep on using taxpayer money to pay his HIGH PRICED .....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused - 8/27/2014

Ah, I LOVE this. Game of Thrones  
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