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  1  GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation (1947) 
  2  Lawsuit Filed Against Happy Hill (North Central Texas Academy) Byron v. Happy Hill Farms Childrens Home, Inc. et al (1121) 
  3  Turk Lawsuit Update- Turks Filed an Amended Complaint (11/16/2015) (420) 
  4  Update on City of Glen Rose & Zoning Board of Adjustments v Ernest and Shirley Reinke (238) 
  5  George P Bush has Overreached in Role as Land Commissioner- Bosque River Chapter of DRT Expresses Disappointment  (228) 
  6  Hey, Somervell County- Reminder that the Hospital District spending YOUR tax money in Hood County (218) 
  7  Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Refugees - November 17 2015 (214) 
  8  Fight for 15 - Waffling *Evolving* Hillary Clinton- What do the Polls Say? Bernie? she'll be Following (212) 
  9  FINALLY! Dr Karen Burroughs and Brett Nabors get a REQUIRED cert on Public Information  (205) 
  10  Somervell County Special Election Returns Nov 3 2015 -Constitutional Amendment Election (194) 

Bigot Gun Nuts in Irving-No sense for the mentally ill

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So disgusting. I'm trying to imagine the outcry if any Muslims paraded in front of a church with weapons. I agree with most of this DMN editorial except for the part that seems to excuse people parading around in restaurants with guns. Nope. If I go out to eat somewhere and see guns, I'm leaving and finding another place to go .. permanently. Imagine leaving Sunday church services wit..... Read More 

salon | 11/24/2015/10:03:39 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation! (Views:82)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/24/2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tips and Letters: Somervell County Salon sometimes gets email tips or letters sent in about subjects that are of interest or concern to community members.The latest one has some assertions that require being researched to verify if true or not, will write about in the future after I get a few facts. If you have something that you believe isn't getting the attention it deserves, you're welc..... Read More 

salon | 11/24/2015/9:06:13 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:71)

On Terrorism and Religion

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Although it's always easier to trot out a bumper-sticker meme of an opinion after something noteworthy, even horrendous happens, i'm going to try to resist that urge here. Some time back, I spent several years examining my own christian beliefs and assumptions to see whether they held up, and they didn't. I pretty much decided that, while others can believe what they want, so can ..... Read More 

salon | 11/22/2015/11:47:55 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:106)

Roger Williams Self-Serving Transportation Bill Amendment?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Roger Williams faces questions on auto dealer amendment (Texas Tribune) Apparently he, although a second generation car dealer, just can't see how this could be a conflict of interest. Right The provision, an amendment offered just before midnight on Nov. 11, would allow dealers to rent or loan out vehicles even if they are subject to safety recalls. Rental car companies, m..... Read More 

salon | 11/21/2015/9:41:11 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:102)

Bernie Sanders Won't Seek Reckless Adventures Abroad, Unlike Hillary Clinton

Friday, November 20, 2015

I watched most of Bernie Sanders speech yesterday on "Democratic Socialism". At one point he clarified that he was not a pacifist with regard to war, but believes wars are undertaken as a last resort. And he contrasted his position with that of Hillary Clinton, who voted to invade Iraq. A lot of us believe that the Bush administration, with the help of people like Hillary Clinton who sup..... Read More 

salon | 11/20/2015/10:02:25 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:138)

City of Weatherford to Take Christine Jurzykowski to court over water pipeline

Friday, November 20, 2015

Weatherford Democrat The city will take to court a Lake Weatherford landowner who is refusing to allow the city to access her property to survey the property and place a water pipeline.  The city council Tuesday voted to hire attorneys to proceed with filing an injunction or take other action against the property owner of land located in the 1100 block of West Lake Drive.  The..... Read More 

salon | 11/20/2015/8:41:07 AM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:151)

Truly Awful- Jared Fogle's Shrink Blames Subway Diet on Fogle's *Mild Pedophilia*

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What a horrible excuse.  Former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to child pornography and additional sex crime charges on Thursday, though it was defense psychiatristDr. John Bradford who initiated gasps in the court room. According to Bradford’s analysis, Fogle became "hypersexual" after losing more than 240 poun..... Read More 

salon | 11/19/2015/12:13:54 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:168)

Brian Birdwell the Nut Wants Guns in Classrooms-Asking Texas AG to clarify

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Please, please tell me that someone rational will run against this guy the next time he's up for re-election.  Incidentally, not only does this nut want guns in classrooms but dorms. Here's the viewpoint I'm with, becuase, um, we are no longer in the days of vigilante cowboys. Many professors, especially on the University of Texas at Austin campus, have seized upon that cl..... Read More 

salon | 11/18/2015/8:19:19 PM |  Comment(s)! 0 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:127)

Video-Somervell County Hospital District meeting 11/17/2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apparently this was a do-over meeting.  Several interesting things about this. First, the part I have circled indicates that Somervell County taxpayer money from Somervell County's hospital district will be spent for improving the facilities in private gated community Pecan Plantation for the benefit of people who live in a different hospital district and pay no taxes. (Hood Co..... Read More 

salon | 11/18/2015/11:15:50 AM |  Comment(s)! 1 Come Join the Conversation!  (Views:177)

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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salon > from the WacoBikerJustice site which has all the relevant documents. On November 11, 2015, a second emergent motion to vacate the gag order was entered by Matthew Clendennen's attorney. It's b.... (10th District Appeals Court (Waco) Orders Judge to Lift Gag Order in Twin Peaks Case )

salon > Question for anonymous. (You can, incidentally, do an anonymous comment below this, it simply waits in a pending queue till approved to weed out spam, etc). You mention a woman-are you saying that a p.... (GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation)

LuAnne leonard How in the world can a community support their tax dollars being spent on a facility located in ANOTHER county, especially when the tax payers cannot access the facility? It should be a no-brainer .... (Video-Somervell County Hospital District meeting 11/17/2015)

salon > Received a comment regarding this via the alias  ********************** I am not on here to debate whether or not this website is a rag, or not worthy of reading. But.... (GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation)

salon > Looked up the brief from the Reinke's.  (What about that Rehab Center That Wants to Go Downtown at Inn on the River Property? (Glen Rose) )

salon > Apparently Somervell County Hospital District is having a *do-over* meeting.  (Hey, Somervell County- Reminder that the Hospital District spending YOUR tax money in Hood County)

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Courts ... stand as havens of refuge for those who might otherwise suffer because they are helpless, weak, outnumbered, or ... non-conforming victims of prejudice and public excitement.-SCOTUS Hugo Black
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