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Education- the inculcation of the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent- John Maynard Keynes
- (Added by:  salon )

Memorial Day- President Obama Honors Our Fallen Heroes

salon | 5/25/2015/11:28:32 AM |  0/Comment (Views:79)  

Brian Birdwell Attempted to Restrict Military Veteran Benefits (Texas Legislature)

El Paso Times The Hazlewood Act covers college-tuition costs of Texas veterans. It also allows them to pass along their unused benefits to their children or their spouses. Citing growth in the expense of the program, Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, and Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, proposed only allowing veterans who have served at least six years in the military to transfer their benefit......
salon | 5/25/2015/11:25:11 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:73)  

Ireland Votes for Marriage Equality

BBC- Historic Vote   Dublin, if this doesn't tell you My opinion nothing will. #MarRef — God (@TheTweetOfGod) May 23, 2015   .
salon | 5/23/2015/6:13:06 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:158)  

Rand Paul Does the Right Thing Re: Patriot Act Extension- OBJECTION!!!!

This is great. Against general warrants.a Must Watch   .
salon | 5/23/2015/1:26:50 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:149)  

Liberal *Agenda*

Although this blog, Somervell County Salon, has various top level posters and commenters, and we don't all share exactly the same opinion, my blog trends liberal. I, *salon*, am a liberal and have always been proud to be. Because I don't believe that people can be defined in black and white terms, I also consider myself fiscally conservative. I wrote about this some years back You Say Libe......
salon | 5/23/2015/10:06:48 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:161)  

               Top Month
 1  Dr Peters Threatened a Somervell County Hospital District board member with Misquoted Bible Scripture   2  What about that Rehab Center That Wants to Go Downtown at Inn on the River Property? (Glen Rose)    3  Chip Harrison Voted In as Somervell County Hospital Board President 6-1 tonight   4  Vote for Jimmy Thompson for Somervell County Hospital District Election 2015    5  Snake Oil Story O Day- Darrell Best and the Hospital District Meeting Attendees   6  Chip Harrison, Board President of SCHD, Sets Tone for Rudeness at meetings    7  Somervell County Hospital District Election Results   8  So... 4.0 Earthquake from Venus Felt in Glen Rose (Somervell County)   9  Rick Perry's Crookery Continues- One of the Judges Hearing his Indictment Case Worked For His Campaign   10  GRISD Intermediate Gifted and Talented Class Presents re: Animal Shelter at Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 

Bullet Train in Texas-Supposed to be paid for by private money, no taxes

However, it's certain that eminent domain would need to be exercised for the route. I like the idea of having a bullet train between major cities.  .
salon | 5/22/2015/6:52:21 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:157)  

Duggars are not only bizarre but immoral- Son Josh Duggar molested his sisters

Ugh. It's not just that the Duggars are the biggest moochers in the world while wanting having endless children subsidized by a voyueristic television show, it's this. The Duggar family apparently knew about their eldest son’s alleged sexual misconduct since 2002, the police report states, but did not take action until a year later. And a formal investigation into the allegation......
salon | 5/22/2015/12:07:14 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:239)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 5/21/2015

All this rain. Rained again last night, yard is flooded again. One thing for sure is that all this dramatic thunderstorming weather has made the dogs more nervous than they used to be, although there's also a possibility there are snakes afoot; been really peaceful having them in the house enjoying a respite.  Amazing. Actress and Ageism The Duggars are sure some crazy people. ......
salon | 5/21/2015/3:37:50 PM |  0 /Comment(Views:200)  

I assume Michael Honea calls the men he works with *boys*

I know I call my donkeys and the horse that is here that belongs to my friend "boys". But in a professional atmosphere, does Michael Honea call his male coworkers "boys"? If not, then why are the female coworkers "girls"? Does Honea really have a pool of elementary school age females working at the hospital?  Now, I ocassionally, in a social context, in th......
salon | 5/20/2015/10:51:11 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:282)  

Doesn't Glen Rose Medical Center get an 1115 Waiver? Shame on Greg Abbott and Rick Perry

Texas, first under then-governor Rick Perry, and now under Governor Greg Abbott, opposes expanding Medicaid coverage. Wrote about this yesterday with regard to Ray Reynold's opinion on this. Not only is it shockingly heartless not to provide for those who are poor and uninsured, but the state of Texas doesn't step up to cover the pool. What the federal government did in 2012 was offer a pr......
salon | 5/20/2015/9:52:21 AM |  0 /Comment(Views:207)  

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Memorial Day- President Obama Honors Our Fallen Heroes
Theft in a small country town.
Somervell County Hospital District Election Results
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