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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/25/2014

Weird. A friend of mine was telling me something about the City of Glen Rose meeting that happened recently and I thought I'd go look at the agenda and ask for audio. When I went to the city of glen rose site, I got a 404 error. Is there a new website other than Anyone know? Looking for the agendas and other info.  Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving, fixing to be really busy with family and cooking over the next few days. Here's a poem I love (and in my head hear the music for, do you?) Over the River (Thanksgiving Day)  Over the river and .....
salon | 11/25/2014/9:30:06 AM | 0 comments  (Views:70)  


Roger E Marks Foundation Back to being legal- Mo Sheldon Still Registered Agent

Checked this last year and found that the Roger Marks Foundation, as listed on the Texas Secretary of State's website was not a legal entity because some required taxes had not been paid. Fixed now. From the Texas Secretary of States website screen caps done 11/17/2014. Couple of interesting things. One is that the board documents have flipped BACK to how they were in 2007. For example,......
salon | 11/24/2014/7:40:51 PM | 1 comments (Views:108)  

Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/24/2014- Thanksgiving Holiday Ahead!

Here comes my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. On the leadup to it, have been making smorbrod with herring, cheese on rye. Delish! Later this afternoon going to start some holiday cooking, including making pecan brittle, carmels, and toffee.  Weird bureaucratic stuff. I wondered about something I read on a different post and called up to a Texas agency (TMHP)  five different times, spo......
salon | 11/24/2014/2:44:38 PM | 0 comments (Views:68)  

Addendum to the Bill Cosby claims by women...

***Addendum... the 7 claims have become 10 claims and one of them is Lou Ferrigno's (body builder and The Hulk) wife.  It's all pretty crazy. BTW, Ferrigno is still alive!  I say that because there has been social news cirulating that tells people he died in a recent car crash, but that's all bogus.  Lou is still alive and well, but apparently  his wife isn't......
pstern | 11/22/2014/10:22:53 AM | 1 comments (Views:109)  

US Politcs

my response to Speaker Boehner...

Dear Speaker Boehner:   You said, “Instead of working together to fix our broken immigration system, the president says he’s acting on his own.  That’s just not how our democracy works.   The president has said before that ‘he’s not king’ and he’s ‘not an emperor,’ but he’s sure acting like one.  And he&rsqu......
pstern | 11/20/2014/7:39:40 PM | 0 comments (Views:96)  

Bill Cosby......

Bill Cosby. I actually quit being a fan of him some years back anyway when he became so arrogant and self-important.AP pulls out more footage from Nov 6.  Sounds like he is trying to bully the AP reporter into scuttling Cosby's reaction to rape charges. His lawyers have told reporters "Proceed at your peril" From Radar-audio of what Bill Cosby said in 2005 &ld......
salon | 11/20/2014/11:05:24 AM | 3 comments (Views:115)  

US Politcs

re: Obama saving illegals with amnesty....

There are some very angry commenters on Fox News about Obama going to use Executive action to provide amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants.  He is scheduled to make a speech on it tomorrow on national TV.     .
pstern | 11/19/2014/11:46:21 PM | 1 comments (Views:102)  

Sexist World Where Only Men Count

Barbie Wants to be a Computer Engineer But Can't Figure out how to Reboot Computer

Happened upon this yesterday at The Consumerist.  Barbie "CAN BE A COMPUTER ENGINEER" except that she requires men to do the actual programming work for her, is incompetent, and then takes the credit for what someone else does and she cannot do.  She then proceeds to give her computer a virus while failing to email her design ideas to the boys who must help her, and c......
salon | 11/19/2014/10:12:47 AM | 0 comments (Views:144)  

Texas Politics

Rick Perry finally has a bad hair day...

Poor Rick, having a bad hair day..                     Will Rick get to the barber?  Stay tuned...             .
pstern | 11/18/2014/6:54:04 PM | 1 comments (Views:123)  

Rick *Ooops* Perry News O Day- Criminal Charges Against Him Still Stand

Austin American Statesman A state district judge refused to throw out the criminal charges against Gov. Rick Perry, ruling Tuesday that special prosecutor Michael McCrum had been properly appointed to the case And, related to that, the prosecutor is not going to be thrown out. (Texas Tribune) The special prosecutor pressing criminal charges against Gov. Rick Perry wil......
salon | 11/18/2014/4:48:06 PM | 0 comments (Views:117)  

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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/25/2014
Addendum to the Bill Cosby claims by women...
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