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Quick Housekeeping and Navigation Note for Somervell County Salon

As mentioned last week, Somervell County Salon has been up and running as a news and commentary site for over 9 years. As you might imagine, I started it, and it's been run and programmed by me (SQL Server and classic ASP code), a female. Hah, can you imagine, in Texas, a MAN naming a site Salon? Of course, I mean, salon in the french sense of a periodic gathering of people for the purpose of socializing and discussion. Anyway, although we have had, at various times, others who were main posters, these are the main posters at this time. You can easily see on each post which person is repre.....
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Re: 501a Slush Fund- Ray Reynolds Says he is not following the *Letter of the Law*

Video Now, let's think about this, The contract, which 4 of the board members at the Somervell County Hospital District choose to vote against following, specifically spells out that giving money to the 501a is optional, that the doctors request money, that it has to be granted to them, and then that the doctors have to come back and SHOW that they used the money as they said they .....
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The Zoo at the Somervell County Hospital District Board Meetings

because, in my opinion, Chip Harrison, board president, doesn't control the meetings and require both the board and the audience to be professional, to be quiet or leave the room if they can't seem to exercise some self-control.  Nothing wrong with heated and spirited conversations at the board level, but this is ridiculous.  (Have said before, I have only attended one poste.....
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Pledge of Allegiance History Quiz

How Well Do you know the history of the Pledge of Allegiance I got all the answers right! 
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 9/12/204

You know those dividers in the grocery store that separate your food from the person in front or behind you?  Can Radio Shack save itself? Hah! This wine in a can ad made me laugh Arnold Schsarzennegger Smudges His's Wife's Face Off His Official Portrait Republicans in Senate kill Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon court decisons (W.....
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Updated with Approved Meeting Minutes Link
Ooops! Glen Rose Reporter Got It Wrong re: August 21 2014 Tax Rate discussion -Correction Ahead

I wasn't at the Somervell County Hospital Board meeting on August 21 2014.  My information comes usually from watching the video that's been recorded, from open records, or plain old discussions about what happens at the meetings. I didn't look for some days at the video of the part of the discussion about setting the tax rate because, frankly, I don't like watching the rude a.....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sep 10 2014

Hah! So one or our readers who lives in Robertson County sent this link to new website BoogerCountyMafia Looked at the Apple Iwatch presentation and read some reviews, looks okay but I still don't want to wear a watch. Frank Sinatra's views on organized religion Today is Internet Slowdown day Ah, I'm kind of enjoying the back and forth of the NFL vs AP re Ray Rice Video. &q.....
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Why CAN'T Kirsten Gillibrand Talk about Sexist Congressmen IF She WANTS?

When I read about Senator Gillibrand writing a book and describing some rude behavior by male Senators, I thought it was great of her to expose the sexist idea that women in politics ought to conform to a man's physical dream ideal. Time Magazine She still considers herself the “loud mouth” and “fog horn” her father teasingly called her as a child, but Sen. Ki.....
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Rick Perry Laugh O Day-His Lawyers invoke Roman Emperor and Louis XIV-hah!

Reuters Lawyers for Rick Perry invoked a former Roman emperor and 17th-century French King Louis XIV in a motion filed on Monday seeking to dismiss abuse-of-power felony charges leveled against the Texas governor. Esquire  Let's see. Perry stands accused of trying to force out the director of a public integrity unit that was investigating how much money got disbursed from.....
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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Sep 9 2014

I love this time of year. Weather is cooler in the early morning and I hear, at Fossil Rim, the red deer making their rutting sounds. I hope to see at least one more round of crape myrtle bloomings. Hub and I have some outside work to do, including scooping out the pond- over 10 years of ducks, geese,and erosion have put in a foot or more of sludge. Can't wait for that to be done, since then w.....
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